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Best Mega Drive/Genesis debugger that supports Sega CD

Started by KobaBeach, June 03, 2021, 05:44:13 PM

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I'd like to mess around with the Lunar games, text wise, and I'm not sure what's the best debugger for that. I am aware that to properly edit the game I'll have to decompress the files in the CD image though. The decompression algorithm should be in the game. As a high level programming illiterate, I could use some help to redo the compression. ^^ I currently have Gens KMod, but y'know. I still have to learn more about 68k, I haven't touched it in years since the time I messed with Markey's tutorial.

Consider it an Unworked Designs 2 Turbo, I'll refrain from fanning the flames by criticizing Vic (best not to let my opinions taint my work, it'd just cause infighting) and only offer anything that comes out of this as a sort of alternative, a faithful, but as least-dry-as-I-can interpretation of Lunar's Japanese scripts, using the English localization terms when applicable (having Alex as Arhes would be too offputting).

I'm also interested on doing Popful Mail and Vay. I'd consider Albert Odyssey Gaiden but Saturn ASM seems like a pain in the dick, at least I'd like to do the first two Strategy RPG SNES titles. I'm enjoying the first despite its simple paint by numbers plot.

I am aware that the Saturn version is being worked on, at least for Silver Star so I'm not touching the PSX version due to that. Also I just like TGCD/non-FMV!SCD aesthetics lol. But dubbing is a concern, as VRAM is an issue. A Yumimi Mix translation had problems with that, it seems, and I don't imagine at least Lunar 2 is any different. I'd gladly go for subtitles for deaf players otherwise.

I'm also open for a hacker to aid me while I play the role of a(n inept) translator, I'll even test the game myself. Bitch I love Lunar.
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Are you sure no one has worked on these games before? I figure someone must have done something with it at some point.

I might also suggest translating the SNES version of Popful Mail if you're looking for a giant at which to tilt.
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I use Gensr57shell for debugging Genesis games, and it works for the Sega CD.

I'd recommend Bizhawk with its Code/Data Logger, but it doesn't work the same way for CD games.