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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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ALL MEGA MAN NES Music Replaced with Enhanced Gameboy Game Music, from gameboy sequels 1 to 4.

(MEGAMAN Enhanced Project)

Megaman -1:   
Title Screen Music Replaced with Megaman-1 Gameboy game theme and after defeating a boss 'weapon get' themes replaced also.

All Level Music from gameboy games Levels replacing all the NES rightful Level themes.
example:  Cutman's Old theme replaced with the Gameboy version's Cutman's Level music theme and so on, the same with every other Megaman boss level.

All the Boss music from Megaman-1 gameboy game replacing the Old NES boss music.

The in-between level inside Skull fortress theme replacing the very final fortress level theme in the NES version.

-Lastly, Somehow the Gameboy version Skull Fortress Map is inserted into the Megaman game between levels with a level map graph with gameboy
fortress music theme.

Megaman -2:   
Title Screen Music Replaced with Megaman-2 Gameboy game theme After the usual building climb scene sequence.  and after defeating a boss 'weapon get' themes replaced also.

All the Megaman 2 music level music replacing all the the Mega man 2 level themes,

all the boss battle music replaced by the gameboy game's version also.

The Skull fortress Megaman-2 gameboy theme replacing the Megaman Nes 2 Skull fortress theme.

The last level music in Megaman-2 gameboy game replaces the very final level's music before the last boss Wily and just before the Boss transport Chambers.   
Megaman- 3.
Title Screen Music Replaced with Megaman-3 Gameboy game theme and after defeating a boss 'weapon get' themes replaced also.

The Skull Fortress Map theme replaced with the Gameboy Megaman-3's Skull Fortress Theme.

Mid level 'game-boy MM3' Skull Fortress in-between level theme replacing the 2nd Skull Fortress level's theme only.

Most the music in 3 is accurate as is.

Megaman- 4. 
Title Screen Music Replaced with Megaman-4 Gameboy game theme and after defeating a boss 'weapon get' themes replaced also.

Final level to Dr. Wily that music is replaced with the final stage in the Gameboy game Megaman 3's Submerged fortress final level theme.

Boss select music of Megaman-4 Gameboy game replaces Megaman-4's NES Boss selection theme.

Any additional unused in-between Music in Megaman-4 gameboy is added an replaces some themes before the final fortress level with the submerged fortress theme.

Wily's fortress theme is also replaced with gameboy megaman-4's games version.

Final Battle with Wily Music replaced also with gameboy game Megaman-4 version.

Megaman- Spinoff for Megaman 5's Gameboy game on the NES.

(Megaman Galaxy) - 1 possible idea title for game.

Some kind of super hack which makes the Megaman 5 Gameboy game 'an NES reality' with everything implemented and copied from
the gameboy game RE-MAKING the Megaman-5 Gameboy game as it's own game spinoff title - and not taking Megaman 5's title on the NES.

The idea is to Use Megaman-6's Rom format to build it on, unless using Megaman-5 rom.
This would be considered a Super hack.
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While playing through Mega Man Zero today I came to realize something...
The Mission Score system, more specifically Elf Usage, is bugged!
Here's what should have been default behavior:
Use Elf in mission or right before the mission, only the amount of elves used then will be counted. So if I use 2 elves in the previous mission, 3 before the current mission, and 1 in the current mission, it should count that I used 4 elves and give me the corresponding penalty.

However that is not happening! Instead, every elf used at any point is counted and gives a corresponding penalty while claiming you used no elves whatsoever. It can go so badly your post-mission Title can become "Buggy", and there are elves and content permanently lost due to this bug (requiring a fresh start to fix it)

So, here's some ideas on how to fix it between Z1, Z2 and Z3:

PLAN A: Elf stays in the Mission Status, but without the penalty at all, in this case serving only as an "extra info". This would involve increasing something else's value so 100 points should be possible in all missions.

PLAN B: Elf stays in the Mission Status, but only elves used during the mission are counted and gives its corresponding penalty. Any used outside the mission is out of the math. That would mean making it so each elf costs 5 points (since the max for no elf used in 2 is 15, that means using 3 would down that to 0)


Quote from: SkyLizardGirl on February 27, 2020, 08:54:51 PM
ALL MEGA MAN NES Music Replaced with Enhanced Gameboy Game Music, from gameboy sequels 1 to 4.
Is there something that leads you to believe that the Game Boy music is enhanced somehow..?

Someone recently referred to the Mega Man II GB soundtrack as "bizarrely high-pitched, off-key, and extremely grating compared to pretty much any other Game Boy game".
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At the least Game Boy supported stereo I believe while NES only supported mono.

Yes, the GB MM2 is known for being bad, but fortunately Capcom either developed or hired a better studio for the other games to give them more reasonable music.
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In the case of Mega Man II for GB, I recall there was some talk about it here some time ago.

The compositions themselves aren't horrible. It's pretty much that they are too high-pitched. I recall in the previous discussion there was someone on YouTube at the time that had posted what they sounded like when dropped an octave, or something along those lines.

If I recall correctly, I think there was discussion about trying to modify the ROM to change the pitch, but nothing ever came of it back then. Just did a search here and it looks like someone finally did end up getting around to trying to fix it.

Edit: ...and I'm just realizing now that's the same link Jorpho referenced. :)


Hack Ideas: Doug (Nickelodeon) and Hellraiser NES games based off of Nightmare on Elm Street. Will post the Doug sprites soon. Thinking about doing a Hellraiser sprite sheet just for shits and giggles.


 Hellraiser would be great. It's about time someone did a game for it. And I have played the multitude of hacks of Friday the 13th. I would much prefer to see a hack of Nightmare on Elm st.  :thumbsup:
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 :) hi I wanted to put 4 kicks in the karateka hero to see the victory easier


I`d be super happy if someone just fixed the garbled text on levels 4 and 5 of sugoro quest for the nes. The menu gets corrupted on levels 4 and 5 because of a text format bug.


Got interested in looking into it a while back but it's way down the priority list now: a hack that fixes the US release of The Terminator for the SEGA CD. While the Euro version uses the actual audio and voice-overs from the movie for video sequences, the US version merely repeats the Terminator theme on the sequences. Minor tampering with the files shows that the Track01 file (main game code) has compressed *.mov files inside (unreadable by any program I know) but I have yet to figure out if the movie sequences also have the audio in them, or if the audio is used separately.



has anyone ever thought of translating tamagotchi 2 and 3 for the gameboy I enjoyed the first one and I think they would also be fun to play


 4 player NES port of Mega Man Perfect Harmony! Like, YESTERDAY!!! Or how about a MMPH2???  :angel:
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Finally finished the sprites: Game of Death game based off of Kung Fu for NES.


Hello? I hope in the right place and I don't bother anyone. I'm in Italy and currently we are in the quarantine mode (the whole country) because the coronavirus is spreading fast, so I have plenty of time to look around since we are stuck home! Going straight to the point; when I was a kid I really loved (and I still do) Legend of Legaia for PSX. I found out, recently, that LOTS of PSX and old game in general have received Hard Mod, but I didn't found anything Legend of Legaia related. I have several ideas to make the game fresh; some combos are weaker than the first but gives you AP so that you are not forced to use spirit all the time and you can burst things with comboes instead. Getting rid of the max bar for the comboes, so that Noa late game can still be the ones to make more combo, make some bosses stronger, give them twice the turn, all these things and more. I would love to have the original game with its integrity but a 2.0 version, a fresh version, a funnier version.

I hope I didn't bother any of you, or I didn't post in the wrong place, thank you very much for the attention of to whoever will get interested in this.

Hopefully one day we'll have a Legend of Legaia Mod either way!


This is a long shot but I'm looking to find somebody who can perform a screen flip hack for Star Force (arcade). It's an old Tehkan game and they are flipped opposite to most vertical games with no screen flip dip switch, which makes it annoying to play in a cab with a normally flipped vertical screen. It's on the same hardware as Bomb Jack and invzim has already done a screen flip hack for that game (available on request). I contacted him and he said it's entirely possible ( https://github.com/mamedev/mame/blob/master/src/mame/drivers/senjyo.cpp#L48 )but he is a busy guy these days and doesn't have time, totally understandable as he's running a business now.


Quote from: hsialin on March 08, 2020, 07:21:41 AM
I`d be super happy if someone just fixed the garbled text on levels 4 and 5 of sugoro quest for the nes. The menu gets corrupted on levels 4 and 5 because of a text format bug.

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Quote from: sil3nt_j on March 10, 2020, 03:25:01 PM
Finally finished the sprites: Game of Death game based off of Kung Fu for NES.

Thanks to Locke GB7 of spriters resource for the Kung Fu rips and also to vgmuseum. Spent all day working on this, haven't eaten yet and I'm pretty damn hungry :p Time to get tacos. Enjoy.

Is someone already adding those to game? If not I could probably do it on the weekend.