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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Idea for a Punch-Out (NES) improvement hack:

Change the Star Punch behavior to be more like normal punches (low by default, and high when holding Up), rather than just being a high uppercut.

Adjust fighters to expose vulnerabilities to specifically low or high star punches.


I want to see a small hack for the Japanese version of Final Fight CD that adds the animated backgrounds for stage 3 & 4 from the American version to this version.

But I have a feeling that they are in this version, the coding for them may have got messed up during the development.

If they are in there, is there a way to fix the coding and get them to work?


I wish that Secret of Mana had a Mini Map that was more like SD3's. I dunno how hard it would be for someone to add it but it would be damn useful. The Globe view is slow in movement and is kinda pointless. A big map laid out flat that shows you all the continents at once with your current location would have made much more sense.

Also it would be cool if all the smaller islands actually took you to something when you landed on them. Like if they had special unique items in chests, or super powered enemies that gave you tons of EXP like the Black Rabite in SD3.

Having all those tiny islands that you can't even land on seems such a waste.


The fact that there are so many in depth user friendly tools for Super Mario World specifically but we still can't change the color palettes of the bosses besides Big Boo, Lemmy, and Wendy is maddening to me. There's tools for the platforms iggy and larry stand on but not iggy and larry themselves.  Is it really impossible?
Somebody alert me when a user friendly BS Zelda hacking tool is made. I will give my soul to work on a faithful SNES remake of Zelda 1.


2 more hack ideas:

1) 4 Player TMNT arcade game for NES
2) A Halloween Hack of Friday the 13th.


Patch to enable the control pad for all SuperScope :P games (Bazooka) in Super Nes. :police:


HACK Idea:

Blaster Master Zero 2  - NES Demake.

The Game storyline would be exactly the same, going to different planets and selecting the Planet areas.

And going back to other planets later when you have the right upgrades to unlock further level, but more simple for an NES version. 

'Think of Bucky O'Hare Nes type Planet Selection'.     
It would use the Same exact Engine as the Original Blaster Master game, Only, all the bosses graphics would be changed to the

Bosses in the Zero-2 game.

Notice: The game would not be Titled as 'Blaster Master Zero 2', but Instead just (Blaster Master 2.)

It would have all the Levels of Zero-2  'Except for' but the Sideview boss battles, the only thing that could maybe be

implemented is the side-view Tank battles with the space vehicle tank Rivals and all the Big Main Monster Bosses would just be Top-down regular battles including the Final Boss..

But it would have the same exact ending where all the tank people help you defeat the final boss blasting it.

Comic Dialog cut-scenes would be copied from Zero-2 game but implemented in also for the NES Demake.



Example Of the First Two Overhead battle Bosses Below:  in the New NES Game.

-Zelda Classic Game Designer,  Developer of Zelda (Mystical Harps)
-Messing with Metroid Planets,  -Messing with Mega Man Maker,
-Blaster Master Hacker Etc.*  -Insane Futurist Comics Novel Artist.

Lord PichuPal

I just thought to check about it (and possibly request it, don't know if it's already been done for real) since I have no skill for hacking myself. But I've seen a lot of Streets of Rage hacks (especially for 2) both on here and on Steam, namely those fake hacks that look like actual characters people want. As it were I've wanted to see about if somebody out there could do an actual hack of adding Lucario to SoR 2 (or 3), whichever is possible. If it's not too much trouble, maybe even add a couple other Pokemon to replace other characters.

Sorry if this has been asked for before already, I've just always wanted to see that hack be made real after Steam got my hopes up for it.


With the new translations of Goemon, here's something I think would perhaps be neat to spice up Impact segments: a chiptuned version of "I AM IMPACT", either based on the NDS version (should be easier to lift and convert) or N64/Pachislot (Pachislot's is cleaner-sounding).

Nightshift Nurse

I'm still waiting for the day when somebody remembers that Final Fight 2 exists and either restores the censored elements to the U.S. version or creates an English translation for the Japanese one.

I realize I'm in a minority here, but I always preferred Final Fight 2 over 3.

Beyond that, just title screen hacks for Bare Knuckle 3 and the SNES Goemon sequels.


Since the Switch version of Link's Awakening has some of its own issues (floaty controls at times, added Pegasus Boots charge time, filter), why not make a Link's Awakening DX hack that simply adds all the Switch QOL changes (text speed, less annoying powerup sound, sword/boots/shield assigned to buttons), and possibly its other content?


I would like to see a hack for Wave Race 64 that adds the improved soundtrack from the Shindou edition to the original version.

I also would like to see a hack for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) that adds the improved sound effects & music from the Japanese version to the American version as well.


Absolutely crazy idea but how about a hack that replaces all the spritework in Secret of Mana with the fancier looking sprites from the iPhone port?

Could give the game a nice fresh look.


Rodimus Primal

Quote from: Nightshift Nurse on January 27, 2020, 08:31:03 PM
I'm still waiting for the day when somebody remembers that Final Fight 2 exists and either restores the censored elements to the U.S. version or creates an English translation for the Japanese one.

I realize I'm in a minority here, but I always preferred Final Fight 2 over 3.

Beyond that, just title screen hacks for Bare Knuckle 3 and the SNES Goemon sequels.

YES to all of this!


Heres some hacks that shouldnt take long. Dragon Ball Advanced Adventured and DBZ Supersonic Warriors (in Japan)both had the anime theme song playing in the menu. Overseas we got a lame generic tune for both games, due to copyrights. It would be cool if someone hacked the USA/EU versions to play the anime songs on the menu too.




would it be possible to hack in the mini map from the sega ages phantasy star release into the original rom?


I am not going to say impossible but that would be a fairly serious hack. Displaying something on top would already be fun enough, especially on a master system, but you would also get to remake the graphics for it.
Or if you prefer there is a reason racing games and these sorts of games tended to opt for a circle moving between islands of squares, squares connected by variously shaded/coloured other squares, possibly on a secondary screen. Doing some kind of uncover the map on top of this only makes things more fun.

In an emulator you can tickle with lua or something you control the high level code for then that is a different matter.

I think it will probably come down to if you can't (be bothered to) remember the mazes that some of those games ended up having then play the new stuff, print a map from a faq or kick it really old school and draw your own.


Quote from: niuus on January 20, 2020, 01:43:29 AM
A Cooly Skunk translation and conversion to a standard ROM, since it was originally a BS-X game.

Your wish has been granted. Check the Personal Projects section. 8)



So, I stumbled upon a post you made last year about Dracula X for the SNES.

I actually reinstated the cross and Richter's original death palette around the time I was working on my Megaman VII translation. It's been sitting on an USB device since then. I didn't think much about it because I also wanted to restore the Warlock's tombstones and Death's blood and, uh, death from the japanese version, but could never do it. The tombstones I can somewhat find with the Konami decompressor but the compressor never seems to work with the game; and Death would require programming knowledge.

If you were serious, I can upload it as is to RHDN.



What's funny is I was working on a restoration hack for both international versions of Dracula X as well, the only things I was able to restore is the red blood for both Richter & Death and the original sprite for the cross weapon.

Just like you, I'm having problems restoring the tombstones, Death's original defeated animation and the cross weapon sprite icon that appears in Richter's life bar, I have no idea where they are in all three ROMs.

@Nightshift Nurse

I did some improvements to the Japanese version of Final Fight 2, I changed the numbers of lives you start with up to 8, changed Rolent's name to Rolento, changed the colors of his uniform to his FF1 colors, fixed up the text for some of the items and the format of the time shown on the names of the stages.

The only things I can't do is change the cut-scene text to English and change "YOU ARE SUPER PLAYER!" to "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!".