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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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that wasn't meant to be disrespectful i dont think

if i said Super Mario Bros. 2 needs more power-up that not disrespectful to the original

so saying a romhack needs something isn't exactly disrespectful, just an opinion.

some people might think that hack is perfect as is, some people dont want mor power ups in SMB2.


The difference is that this isn't something a huge video game publisher put out, this is a small amateur passion project made by a Sonic fan who doesn't expect anything in return for his efforts. Saying that the helper character he put a lot of effort into programming "annoying" and calling his artwork "horrible and ugly" seems more than a little ungrateful.


greetings midna

my comment clarifies that it is a great job, but that it has certain playable faults and specific graphics that tarnish a bit the final result

- I clarify that the sprites of the bosses are very little worked
- the character bomb in my opinion is annoying the gameplay

is a constructive criticism of improvement, for a better future hack

The best of the title hack of Sonic 2 in the main character Metal Sonic, his sprite is perfect, great creative animation and amazing new skills :beer:

corrected and edited comment, it is not intended to offend just improve the work



I am thinking about changing the voices for the Megadrive game: Dragon Ball Z using Megarive Voice Editor, but I think I need help with that, or maybe someone can point where to continue:

If I open the rom using audacity (importing as brute date, using 8hz as a test) I can find the voices starts at 03:53, you can actually hear them!
Using the editor, I was able to find the first voice: Goku Kamehameha. The starting Bank Address is 1F8000, Number of Voices: 1, so you can actually hear the Goku voice. I just tried to export the voice (it sounds nice on audacity) then replace back but is unsucesful, using Gens+, the voice is played as noise.

So... anyone can help to replace the voices? Due I am lost using the tool?

Best Regards.


Can I request a hack of Tengai Makyou Zero Far East of Eden Zero similar to the hack for Star Ocean that removes the need for the special chip in the cart.... consequently expanding the ROM size to 96Mbits (12MB) to allow you to play the ROM on real hardware where it'd otherwise be impossible?

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Would also like to request a hack that allows you to play the translation of Kaizou Choujin Schbibinman Zero on a flashcart like Super Everdrive or the Super UFO Pro 8 SD.


a sound patch hack of voices for dragon ball z buyu retzuden of megadrive sounds great, you could apply the original samples powerful and clear of the special attacks with patch to improve sound

this user can help ( Steff ), I already work on a sound patch for street fighter II CE also for megadrive rewritten the PCM sound driver of the Z80 chip




Playing Grandia II Anniversary Edition, and a few improvements came to mind pretty quickly:

--Seriously improve area names. Most dungeons have each section simply labeled "[Dungeon Name] 1/2/3/etc" and this just seems pretty lazy to me, especially since certain ones (like Valmar's Body) have proper names for each section.

--Slightly increase the difficulty by adjusting enemy placement in regular engagements. I've noticed that having the initiative and getting surprised have enemies spaced out accordingly, but entering battle regularly spaces them out a bit more--but not enough for me to hammer 3/4 of the enemies on the field with an AOE spell off the get go. I think if someone had the monsters spaced out a bit more so you could max out hitting 2 of 4 or 1 of 3 enemies in these formations the game would become slightly more challenging from a resource management perspective.

--I think the current hard mode is good (with a few boss battle exceptions that are utterly ridiculous), but I think slight uptick in enemy stats is still warranted.  Not like a 50% boost or anything, but I think 20% more hitting power would make some of these fights more challenging.

--Dear god cut out some of the save points.  You can't cut a ton out because of the bazillion points of no return, but I find it hard to justify 1 save points per section in some dungeons, especially when they act as full-heal stations.  Maybe change that part of them too!


i have an idea for a full game romhack but...it might be more suited to baddest hacks...


NSFW Easter Egg found in Dynamite Dux

would "why not?" be a good enough excuse for such a romhack?


Someone should realize Predator Aliens Rambo Contra, PARC, like seen in this wonderful mockup by Revility:


Super Mario Land 2 - speed hack
Makes mario and the enemies move a bit faster for a more exciting and challenging game, more on par with SMW. The og speed was fine if playing on an actual gameboy, but the game is too slow and easy in an emulator or on a modern handheld.

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Speed hacks can be kind of tricky. Nice thing you might be able to do for the would be hacker is narrow down how much faster you reckon it should be -- you don't just have to use the speed up button to send pokemon to 300% and many will give you the option to sit at a more sedate 110%.


I first typed some number there but realized I don't really know before testing. But something closer to SMW or the first SML in speed would be nice, if doable.

Other option would be a SMW hack, but we just got a colorized SML2 so.

Landstalker in Alundra
Kind of a weird idea I had that probably won't happen, but it would be cool to see Landstalker, which is a spiritual prequel of sorts, hacked into Alundra and how the puzzles would play out with the top down perspective.
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Someone should make a Final Fantasy Adventure DX   color hack!  :thumbsup:


Had an idea for a ROM hack today! I kind of opened up the game in VBA to see what I could find, but this is above my pay grade. ;)

Game: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

Summary: Hack the minigames to make them more simlilar and make rewards more attainable.

More detail:

  • In the Snowcraft minigame in FF2, the timer doesn't begin counting until you make your first selection. The timer in FF1's Ship minigame starts counting right away. This hack would change the FF1 Ship minigame timer so that it doesn't start until you move your first piece (to be more silmilar to FF2's minigame, and to allow players a chance to plan their first few moves in peace). Depending on when the board is shuffled, this might just be a case of revealing the board before you choose "Yes" to start. But if it shuffles after that it might be a bit tougher.
  • This hack would also make all rewards from the FF1 Ship minigame available no matter what your final time is. There are already a few rewards you can get no matter what your time is, this would simply put all possible rewards in that category. In addition, this hack would make all rewards in the FF2 Snowcraft minigame available no matter how many moves you took to finish. In both cases the high-end rewards would still be random, so the rewards wouldn't be that easy to get.

Reasoning: The minigames add both a nice diversion from the game and a way to get some cool items. Right now, you can cheese the minigames anyway by pausing or save-state scumming to give yourself time to think. And to get the best rewards you're basically forced to do so. This hack simply makes the whole process a lot smoother by allowing you to simply play the minigame without stressing about pausing and racing through your moves.

Bad news?: I did a bit of digging and unfortunately it looks like in all of the FF1&2:DoS data I could find there's nothing about the location of mini-game data, or the timer, or the rewards. :( So this potentially would take quite a bit of searching to figure out.


I wish someone, someday, could do something for Dragon Crystal for Master System.

This game is so overrated, even for hacking!


Restoration of Dragon Quest IV party chat (DS Version).


Quote from: PersianImm0rtal on January 04, 2018, 09:45:14 PM
Someone should make a Final Fantasy Adventure DX   color hack!  :thumbsup:

I wouldn't know how to hack it, but felt like doing a quick mockup so I did. Based mainly on the GBA version (there's also a mobile version which looks more like the GB game but I can't find many screenshots).

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I was wondering if someone could do simple text hacks for Mega Man and Mega Man 6 for the NES.

For Mega Man, when you beat a Robot Master and the scores come up, an additional text should appear below the scores saying "You got (Robot Master weapon)".  I always felt something like that could be added to be more in line with the other games.

MM1 Weapons: Cut Man - Rolling Cutter
             Guts Man - Super Arm
             Ice Man - Ice Slasher
             Bomb Man - Hyper Bomb
             Fire Man - Fire Storm
             Elec Man - Thunder Beam

For Mega Man 6, at each of the Weapon Get screens after beating a Robot Master, the weapon names should be shown in full and not abbreviated.  I know this is an odd request but I'm an odd person so...meh.

MM6 Weapons: Blizzard Man - Blizzard Attack
             Wind Man - Wind Storm
             Flame Man - Flame Blast
             Plant Man - Plant Barrier
             Tomahawk Man - Silver Tomahawk
             Yamato Man - Yamato Spear
             Knight Man - Knight Crusher
             Centaur Man - Centaur Flash

Thanks everyone!!!


Quote from: PresidentLeever on January 05, 2018, 02:04:21 PM
I wouldn't know how to hack it, but felt like doing a quick mockup so I did. Based mainly on the GBA version (there's also a mobile version which looks more like the GB game but I can't find many screenshots).

Hate to burst your bubble there, but that's SaGa 2, aka Final Fantasy Legend 2. Final Fantasy Adventure looks like this:


Haha so that's why the avatar looked a bit different, guess I can't always trust google..

I did also do one that is from FFA though, but it's a less complex scene.

Mobile ver.:

Honestly the other one might be a more interesting hack.

Did a more complex scene based on mobile ver.:

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