[Archived] Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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After watching a review of the PC-88 game online, I think it would be something to see The Story of Melroon translated.


Probably a pipe dream right now, but with how much progress has been made in Banjo Kazooie hacking, AND with Donkey Kong 64 hacking finally taking the next step with custom level imports, I want to see if Conker's Bad Fur Day can finally get its' padlocks broken someday. After all, before 2022, DK64 was considered a lost cause as far as major hacking!

In addition, I'd love to see someone take a whack at another attempt to add a playable Donkey Kong into DKC2! One user by the name of Erockbrox (with help from his coder friend Mattrizzle) attempted it with "DKC2 hack: Donkey Kong Edition" over on the DK Atlas Forums, and made some great progress before seemingly vanishing off of the face of the earth. My hope is that someone is able to figure out how they managed to break into the game and try their own hand at the concept!


I'm surprised Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga doesn't have a bugfix+improvement hack nor an English Translation for the Japanese Version (which is not only improved but also bugfixed).


I'm surprised as well, especially it's one of the most popular Mario RPG games.

I'm also surprised that no one ever restore the unused Starbeans Cafe cameos back to the game as well.


A hack of The Legend of Zelda that takes this one's lovely work: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5752/
And Zelda II: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5440/

...but applied to the Famicom Disk System versions of the games. I understand the NES rom making it easier to rewrite the text, but there may be folks out there who wanna experience it with the extra sound channel.

Animation Guru

Quote from: lightbulbsun on February 03, 2023, 05:49:26 PMThe value for the color mode seems to be encoded at offset 0x51ba50 in the US ROM.
By default it's 0x00 for LCD A. Try changing it to 0x02 in a hex editor for TV.
That did the trick!  Thanks.


Being a big jRPG nerd, most of my ideas for romhacks are just QOL patches for different old-school jRPGs.

ATB-Removal patches for FFIV/V/VI
I think ATB, while being a novel idea for the time, did more harm than good to FFs combat and you'd have a better, snappier battle system by just making the bars fill up instantly and freezing time while you're choosing a party member's action. I know Void Divergence for V already does exactly this, but it'd be neat to have it as a standalone mod for the snes titles, particularly if it's compatible with some of the popular romhacks like IV Ultima or Brave New World for VI.

Modern translation/spell names Dragon Quest III snes
Basically an update to DQIII's english translation to make it more in line with modern DQ. Perhaps a port of the mobile translation, but I'm not sure how feasible this would actually be.

EXP share for Breath of Fire II
I don't like this game for numerous reasons, but a big one was the lack of exp share for benched party members, especially since some would leave the party for a while, and upon coming back, be comically under-leveled in comparison to the active party.

Transparency patches for various jRPGs (but especially Dragon Quest and FF)
When I say "transparency" I pretty much mean redoing ability/spell/item descriptions to be detailed, with actual numbers and percentages to inform the player of what they do. For example, a vague description like "increases defense" would become "increases one party member's defense by 20% for three turns" if that's what it actually does, or "deals ice damage" would be "deals 1.5x ice damage to a single enemy".



Final Fight Arcade Uncensored

Regional Differences


International Censorship

    The scene that shows Haggar's daughter in underwear on TV in the intro was cut.
    Blood sprays was removed.
    The line that one of the bosses says "Oh my God!" was changed to "Oh my car!"
    The Whisky item was replaced with Vitamine.
    Poison and Roxy were replaced with Billy and Sid. (Though in Europe they stayed and simply had the length of their shorts increased.)
    The word sexy was removed from the Bay Area.
    The Bar sign was changed to a Club sign.
    A nude statue that can be found in one of the stages was modified for the International release. In the International version the woman's breasts were covered up.
    The character Damnd is known as Thrasher on American consoles because of censorship.


Anti-grind hack for Dragon Warrior 3 NES.
There's rebaked: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/7509/ but it's for japanese version (DQIII)


Hello ,

Super porbotector Snes hack fast rom and Sa-1. ( for those who prefer robots)

Thank you very much


Stunt Race Fx Pal and USA  (Wild Trax in Japan).

A little love to this game would not hurt.

Would it be possible like Starfox to have a 21 Mhz patch and Fastrom that would make the experience more pleasant if not a hit.



Hi Im new here.Anyone please?Change Grandia Justins hair to red instead of brown?And the dubbing too from the Sega Saturn please?