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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Gameboy Color Version from:

Wario Land
Kirby 1 & 2
Megaman 1 - 4
Kid Icarus


You know, the NES game Werewolf: The Last Warrior feels kinda like a Wolverine game, yet there's no hack of it for that... Why not have a hack for that game where you play as Wolverine? And while on the subject, remove the power downs (blue W), and make HP regen a thing.


Quote from: Gary_Oak on January 02, 2023, 06:10:47 PMROM Hack Idea: Streets of Rage 2 x Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

TOEI's Pretty Cure series is all about (most of the time) magical girls beating the crap out of bad guys using good ol' fisticuffs (and kicks!).

Sadly, Bandai Namco (who used to make a lot of Precure games) seemed to have missed the point because most of that series' games are about girly slice of life stuff (eg. cooking, dressing).

The first Precure video game for the Nintendo DS, "Futari wa Precure Max Heart: Danzen! DS de Precure Chikara o Awasete Dai Battle", was a traditional beat 'em up akin to the likes of Streets of Rage.

And that got me thinking: Seeing as people seem to enjoy making character hacks for Streets of Rage 2, how about one that puts the Cures from "Futari wa Precure Max Heart" as playable characters?  Spriter's Resource seems to have all of their sprites ripped, so that's less one thing to worry about I suppose?

To keep the "all girl protagonists" theme of the series, Blaze could be the only SoR character to be playable alongside them (Axel, Skate and Max would have been kidnapped as a result of Mr. X teaming up with the villains from the Dotsuko Zone).


Wow. A Pretty Cure Streets of Rage hack would be amazing. Although I would love to see some Smile Pretty Cure characters in that hack game (though part of me wants the Bad End gang as playables for some reason, Wolfrun especially).


Quote from: TakuikaNinja on January 01, 2023, 08:24:20 PMThat is more of a graphical limitation than a code issue. The 8x8 sprites which make up the enemies (including moving platforms) are constantly shuffled to work around the 8-per-scanline limitation. It's just that the platforms are so wide that the scanline limit is already maxed out in most scenarios where multiple of them are onscreen.
I also wanted to point out that, maybe, this issue in the original NES SMB was so complicated, that when they re-did World 4-3 for All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., they just took out the next three pulley lift groups we see in the second half of the level and replaced them with six "flimsy" lifts, those that drop down as long as you had stood on them. For the same reason, the springboard at the end of World 2-1 was removed and the brick platform to the left of it replaced with a hard floor tile version.



I see. The 2-1 springboard change was likely because of a bug which can cause the springboard to despawn (fixed in PAL version of SMB1). I believe the All Night Nippon version is based on SMB2J & Vs. Super Mario Bros.?


Quote from: TakuikaNinja on January 04, 2023, 12:01:50 AMI see. The 2-1 springboard change was likely because of a bug which can cause the springboard to despawn (fixed in PAL version of SMB1). I believe the All Night Nippon version is based on SMB2J & Vs. Super Mario Bros.?
Yes, it was an amalgam of the two, using SMB2J's "engine." In both SMB2J and the PAL version of SMB1, this check was done so that the springboard would not spawn if too many enemies were near it on the same screen, which for the NTSC SMB1 would have messed things up badly.

The PAL SMB1 also had these other changes:
* Worlds 2-2 and 7-2, the water bonus stages in 5-2 and 6-2, and the water section of 8-4 all have the one-tile gap above the exit pipe filled in, to fix a glitch that prevents Mario or Luigi from progressing until time runs out (also corrected in VsSMB and ANNSMB).
* Your player's vertical speed is nullified to zero when underwater.
* Some enemies now have a larger hitbox.
* The vertical difference deciding whether your player stomped on or collided with an enemy now depends on the enemy; originally, for the NTSC version, doing this added 12 pixels to the player's vertical position.
* Your player's vertical acceleration on the springboard is now defined.
* Your player's initial downward acceleration is much faster.
* During the ForceInjury routine, the value for the soundbyte that occurs when your player is hit (when he shrinks from Super) is now set explicitly, instead of via an ASL (which multiplies the current value stored in A, which in this case was for the value of the temporary invincibility timer after you've been hit) for the original NTSC releases.
* Bloopers can now get closer (four pixels less than in NTSC) and can actually hit your player while standing when he's Super.
* In World 8-2, the starting position of one of the Koopa Paratroopas at start is earlier.



Rather than making a new thread I'll post it here. Also since I found the checkpoint data for Mega Man X my thread I made should be closed down and will not accept any more replies since the question I asked are answered and found via rom corruption.

This question is related to ASM 65816 coders. Is it possible to create a table like this image below?

First, I was able to change the address from AE 81 1F to AE 7A 1F at rom address x1A0D, then change the BD XX XX to any free space location. That loads the same music sets for each checkpoints for each level and 6 checkpoints are the most in Sigma Stage 3. BTW, I'm using the Mega Man X version 1.1 rom.

Using the JMP opcode where the AE XX XX is present into the rom's free space, how do I make a code where you load the 6 checkpoint tables for each stage? That's some advance coding with no knowledge of understanding or skill and no known games uses different music for each checkpoint stage.

The idea is to create a code so I can load music tables the way that Mega Man 10 does it by loading Silent Rain and Abandoned Factory music after the checkpoint.

The current stage ram address for Mega Man X is $1F7A and the current checkpoint pointer ram address is $1F81.

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Another TMNT project, maybe it's just me but i think this TMNT Battle of the city plug n play is a hidden gem.


Anyway to convert it to SNES or gba rom? If that's to much of a stretch how about getting it to play on Dreamcast disc with mame emulator? I would love to play it on a real system with a real controller.


Walking through crops in Harvest Moon(SNES) to grab that 1 crop that was left to rot in your 3x3 matrix layout


Hello :)

I need your help for the game "Secret of Mana" SNES.

I would like a patch to have the original title screen.

There is already the fantastic project "Secret of Mana: Relocalized".
( https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4324/ )

Can you help me to create a patch with only the "original title screen" ?
I would like the patch will be compatible with the PAL version.

Thank you very much for your help.
Best wishes.


Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PlayStation 2): A hack that will add the three exclusive PSP levels to it and also add all the missing pro skaters from the first Underground to the roster as well.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (Game Boy Advance) (Japanese Version): A hack that will translate it to English and also restore the unused Starbeans Cafe cameos as well.


Is it possible you can port the animation, the sprites and the cinematics or transfer some mechas from other SRW series? Like GoLion? I wanted him on SRW W.

Please reply if we are in the same page, thank you!


I wish Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (or even 20th Anniversary Edition!) had a more conservative balance mod, all the other balance mods are either grindy, change enemy locations or re-introduce god-awful mechanics of the original under the guise of "difficulty" and "challenge" as if the changes such as MP system and presence of later entries items are the problem and not the fact that the game doesn't balance those additions properly and makes you level-up in a much faster rate while not making the enemies catch up with you.
All I really want are the changes and original enemy placements  only changing things such as price of certain items (make Phoenix Downs and Ethers more expensive for example!) and enemy stats.


I have been a wrestling fan ever since I was 10 years old. Every chance I got could play a wrestling game or buy a wrestling game for a home console, I would do it. One set of games that have had a lasting impression on me were the LJN 16-bit games that came out for the SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, & Sega 32X. These were:

- WWF Super Wrestlemania for SNES & Genesis
- WWF Royal Rumble for SNES & Genesis
- WWF Rage in the Cage for Sega CD
- WWF Raw for SNES, Genesis, & Sega 32X

Ever since I began playing these games, I have always wanted to combine the rosters of all these games, combine all of the game modes, & with all of the best features in one game. The SNES & Genesis versions of WWF Super Wrestlemania & WWF Royal Rumble were very different from each other, mostly because of their roster.

Each game also had its downsides. WWF Super Wrestlemania was slow & while the SNES version had a larger roster, it didn't have any finishing moves. WWF Royal Rumble was a significant improvement over Super Wrestlemania, but each version had 5 different wrestlers exclusive to that console. (Although the Genesis version looked a bit more grainy & sounded rough.) WWF Raw improved even further on both consoles, only for the 32X version to have more colorful arenas, more ringside weapons, & a secret character (Kwang). WWF Rage in the Cage for the Sega CD had FMV clips, better sound, & a much larger roster of characters, & added in a steel cage mode, but was lacking any kind of tag team modes, which was odd considering the roster featured three different tag teams in the game.

I think if combined on the SNES engine & if it were to be greatly expanded, it would be the perfect 16-bit wrestling game.

I've only lightly dabbled in messing with TLP for NES games, but haven't really done anything ground breaking with it yet. Is there a tool similar to TLP that works with 16-bit titles? Is there a recoloring tool that will allow you change colors of various 16-bit games? I've also seen tools that pertain to rom hacks of specific games (like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, or Super Mario Bros.), but nothing for the SNES version of WWF Royal Rumble or WWF Raw.

I detailed what I would like to do below, which is very, very ambitious. It might even be impossible with a 16-bit game. I would call the hack ""WWF Deluxe"

WWF Deluxe Ideas:

1. Combine rosters from all LJN 16-Bit & 32-Bit titles from WWF Super
Wrestlemania (for SNES & Genesis), WWF Royal Rumble (for SNES & Genesis),
WWF RAW for SNES & Sega 32X, & WWF Rage in the Cage (for Sega CD).

WWF Royal Rumble (SNES)
1 Randy Savage (Alt Attire)
2 Mr. Perfect
3 Tatanka
4 Ted DiBiase
5 Undertaker
6 Bret Hart (Alt Attire)
7 Shawn Michaels
8 Yokozuna (Alt Attire)
9 Lex Luger
10 Razor Ramon
11 Crush (Alt Attire)
12 Ric Flair

WWF Royal Rumble (Genesis)
13 Hulk Hogan
14 Jim Duggan
15 The Model
16 IRS
17 Papa Shango

WWF Super Wrestlemania (SNES)
18 Jake Roberts
19 LOD Animal
20 LOD Hawk
21 Earthquake
22 Typhoon
23 Sid Justice

WWF Super Wrestlemania (Genesis)
24 British Bulldog
25 Ultimate Warrior

26 1-2-3 Kid
27 Bam Bam Bigelow
28 Diesel
29 Doink the Clown
30 Luna Vachon
31 Owen Hart

WWF Raw (32X)
32 Kwang

WWF Rage in the Cage
33 Big Boss Man
34 Kamala
35 Brian Knobbs
36 Jerry Sags
37 Samu
38 Fatu

WWF Steel Cage Challenge (NES)
39 Rowdy Roddy Piper (16-Bit Conversion)
40 The Mountie (16-Bit Conversion)

Early - Mid 90's Non-Video Game Appearances
41 Adam Bomb
42 Ahmed Johnson
43 Alundra Blayze
44 Ax (Demolition)
45 Bastion Booger
46 Bob Backlund (Heel)
47 Bull Nankano
48 Crush (Heel 1994)
49 Crush (Demolition 1990)
50 Jeff Jarrett
51 Kama
52 Koko B Ware
53 Ludvig Borga
54 Marty Jannetty
55 Repo Man
56 Rick Steiner
57 Savio Vega
58 Scott Steiner
59 Smash (Demolition)
60 Vader


2. Include all of the game modes from all of the games in one game.

A. One-on-One match

B. Tag Team match

C. One-on-One Tournament (from WWF Royal Rumble & WWF Raw)

D. Tag Team Tournament (from WWF Royal Rumble & WWF Raw)

E. Triple Tag Team (from WWF Royal Rumble) [AKA 6-Man Tag]

F. Survivor Series match (from WWF Super Wrestlemania & WWF Raw)

G. Steel Cage match (from WWF Rage in the Cage)

H. Royal Rumble match (from WWF Royal Rumble & WWF Raw)

I. Bedlam match (from WWF Raw)

J. Brawl match [for all variations single, tag, triple, & Survivor Series]
(from WWF Royal Rumble & WWF Raw)

K. Brawl Tournaments (Single & Tag Team)

L. Endurance Match (from WWF Raw)


M. Triple Threat (1-Vs-1-Vs-1)

N. Fatal 4-Way (1-Vs-1-Vs-1-Vs-1)

O. Tornado Tag Team (No Tag to Partner Needed)

P. Steel Cage Tornado Tag Team

Q. Steel Cage Triple Threat

R. Steel Cage Fatal 4-Way


3. Use the rings from the following games:

- WWF Super Wrestlemania
- WWF Royal Rumble
- WWF Raw (SNES)
- WWF Raw (32X)


4. Use physics from WWF Raw
- Getting whipped into the upper turnbuckles
- Being thrown into the ring from the outside
- Climb opponent in turnbuckle for a 10-punch
- Have stats for each character (Weight, Power, Speed, & Stamina)


5. Use referees from WWF Royal Rumble, WWF Raw (SNES), & WWF Raw (32X)
- All referees can be knocked down (ref bumps)
- If a referee takes too many bumps, he'll leave the ring (turning
the match into a brawl, like in WWF Raw)


6. Include all ringside weapons from WWF Raw (32X)
- Steel Chair
- Bucket
- Sign
- First Aid Kit
- Brief Case
- 2X4
- Mega Phone
- Night Stick
- Tennis Racket
- Shock Stick


7. Customize number of entrants in the Royal Rumble match: 12 - 40


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A good idea is a Fire Emblem Path of Radiance GameCube Hack since we got a new game for the Switch and also alot of people keep comparing it to the GameCube Game.


Good call i was looking for something like this. i really wana play dark half for the SNES but i cant stand stuff like timers and step counters punishable by death...

is there anyone that wants to rip that thing out of the game?? is it even possible?? I would be eternally grateful. sadly i wont play atelier games for the same reason. i love those games except for being rushed.


What about a vagrant story hack on ps1 that doesn't drop dps on successful chain hits. i never quite understood that mechanic and has stopped me from completing the game many times..


Quote from: SMB2J-2Q on December 18, 2022, 02:36:57 AMI would love to have the NES Donkey Kong's kill screen bug (level 134 and up) be fixed, please.

I wonder if I could rewrite the BPL instruction at 0xCB99 as a BCS, so that instead of checking the negative flag (which is the apparent source for the kill screen on level 134) it will check the carry flag, since that's what it's really supposed to do? That is, we want the bonus timer to stop incrementing after we reach level 4, so that from this point on the starting bonus is always 8000 points.

In addition, I also want the level number to stop incrementing after we get to level 9. That would involve writing two additional lines of code following the LDY $54 (address 0xCB8A) and before the INY. That is, we would add:
0xCB8C CPY #$08  ; have we reached level 9 yet? (new code)
0xCB8E BCS $CBA0 ; yes, stop incrementing (new code)
0xCB90 INY  ; no, level 1 thru 8, so continue (original code)


I think someone confirmed the bcs fix back in 2020