Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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I don't know if can be doable but I think would be helpful a shortcut system for the battles in Breat of Fire 1 for the SNES/GBA, sort of like some buttons can be assigned to be a shortcuts for the menu, these would be for making the battle flow to be a lot faster, like a button just for choosing the enemy to attack upon entering the battle and skipping the first menu, others for items or even a escape command by pressings two buttons at once like in Final Fantasy games.


Quote from: DarkHero3791 on November 12, 2022, 09:41:40 AMHello there, I'm looking for a complete bugs and glitches fix for the games Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon Yellow.

Please <3<3<3

Quote from: DarkHero3791 on November 12, 2022, 01:15:28 PMI only found the fixes for Pokémon Gold and Silver :(

This one has the bugfixes for Yellow I think, I don't know if its a complete bugfix though.



Quote from: Midna on December 04, 2022, 10:56:25 AMYeah, SMB2J is a glorified expansion pack, just new levels for people who had mastered the first game. Some additions and tweaks like Luigi physics and wind, but nothing major. There's a reason it's unnumbered over here. Sure, SMB2US is a gussied-up Doki Doki Panic, but it introduced enough gameplay concepts and characters that would go on to become staples of the series that I think it's earned its place.
It's also the game that introduced us to the Red Piranha Plants, which were more savage than the green ones since they always show up even when Mario stands next to their pipes. May I ask how best I could incorporate them into SMB1, and after the hard mode flag (world 5-3 and up) is set?

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Sprite hack of Moai Kun on NES. Chocobo Kwehst is perfect as it has new levels. But i was thinking Mighty Bomb Jack as the main character as you use bombs in the game. He could head butt or shoulder hit. And last boss and enemies could come from the game too. What do you guys think? I think it could work perfect.

Antonio Nero

Chuck Rock. A hack for Genesis, SegaCD, SNES, that re-implements the censored content and the intro from the Amiga version.


ROM Hack Request:

Game: Super Street Fighter II (SNES)
Requested Hack: Swapping fighting sound effects and speed from SFII Turbo and adding to this game, hope this makes sense. 

Hope someone is willing to perform the hack.

I apologize in advance if this is not in the correct format and location.


Game: Pokemon Scarlet/Violet
Requested hack: hard difficulty/Nuzlocke mode
All trainers, gym leaders, the Elite 4, and the Champion have teams of 6 Pokemon with competitive sets
Something akin to Emerald Kaizo or Radical Red.


A functional TX-55 Metal Gear for the NES game, just like the original one from the MSX version, with moving lasers, this would be fantastic if someome could manage to do this! :woot!:


Fanfare Music Restoration in Super Metroid Hacks PLEASE HELP!

In the last couple of years the habit of eliminating fanfare music in Super Metroid Haks has been created, but at the same time I have been able to see how many of the fans of the hacks are not very comfortable. With respect to those who do not like fanfare music, fanfare music is something classic that has been part of the saga in Supernes, it is something that generates victory emotion. Now, my question is, does anyone know the way to restore the fanfare music using Windex32 or another hex tool in the hacks? Very grateful for those who can help and please many.  :-[  :-\


The same thing that people do for silencing hacks would also be in play for this.

If you want to silence something

Change song used to 0 volume if there is an internal software volume (not sure what exists here). Still plays in the background but if a tree falls in the forest.

If the thing starts in silence then loop it 9000 times and by the time it gets to something then chances are something else will have played instead. Likewise shoving in a hard end of track command or otherwise chopping down the length it plays as soon as possible is an option.

Change samples used to silence. Harder for a little song that might share samples than vocal stings that might be self contained but an option. Can also be combined with the looping above. If the whole song can be repointed to silence (repointing being a popular means of changing songs to be others on later systems) then that is an option too.

Change the calls within the game such that it is not played. A harder hack than the above but if something like disassemblies are made or extensive knowledge of the game is available, and not that hard if you are already versed in assembly.

The would be undo hack would have to figure out what was done for this, or I suppose add in a whole new call for a new track or whatever (more a thing for extensive undubs where the calls were removed for the non Japanese versions or something but the principle carries here as well). Hopefully there is some knowledge of what makes up the sounds in this game (it is perhaps not as well understood as Mario but it is still a well regarded first party Nintendo title) so you can at least see if the samples, volumes and baseline pointers are fiddled with, and possibly overwritten (space is always tight so if you have lost a track then why not use the now unused space). Telling what assembly is changed might warrant some skills here as there are many ways to skin a cat in assembly so it might not be just one instruction to look at as much as several dozen with even more options to achieve the end result, though I suppose it would be easy enough to restore it to the original code and not need understanding of the underlying reasoning.

I should also note if it is an option in whatever editor is out there then do also make a hack featuring just that option and compare to the original ROM. At that point you might even be able to make an IPS file to restore the original ROM (careful about uploading it depending upon what is done as it might end up containing copyrighted data) as a generic patch you can at least try on any hack that alters it (I know all the above and can work with assembly, unless with good reason not to I will take the tool that I click a box and press save, same applies to most hackers).


Will someone make a hack for the game outlander for sega genesis with the snes controller layout? It's so bad the 3 button controller for the sega genesis has you shoot the shotgun, machinegun and missiles all at the same time. Would love to use my snes controller for the genesis version and use the L and R buttons to shoot left and right out of the window like in the snes version  :)


Hi! Since I saw the "red blood" hack for The Ninjawarriors Again for Super Famicom I've always been waiting for someone to do the same to Contra Shattered Soldier...

I guess that for PS2 games would be a bit harder to achieve that but there are so many PS2 game hacks that look so much complicated than that...

For some reason the blood in this game is green even when you can see that the guts of enemies are red. Well, maybe the giant flying alien insects could remain green but in all the other cases just looks weird.


With there being a huge amount of demakes and all that, I wonder if it's possible to have Mega Man X4-X8 have their own demakes as well? I mean it'd be difficult and there'd be a heck amount of new sprite work for each character, but if someone could succeed with demakes with Mega Man 7 & 8 for the NES, I'm sure the same could be done for the other games to the SNES style.


Tempest 2000 (Sega Saturn) & Tempest X3 (Sony PlayStation): A hack that will change most of the gameplay mechanics to make both games feel and play more like their Jaguar counterpart.


Quote from: Pethronos on November 16, 2022, 10:09:06 AMHi all!! I don't know if many of you are aware of the existence of optimization hacks for Rockman 4, 5 & 6 by Puresabe.

I'm not a hacker but I think that MM4 & 5 deserve optimized versions for their US versions (MM6 is dispensable because the Jap to Eng translation by Her-Saki).

Would be there around a talented hacker that feel like porting these hacks to be US compatible??

You can find the optimizations here: https://borokobo.web.fc2.com/#Rock4

It's absolutely possible to convert it to the International versions. I'm not sure if Puresabe release any source codes for compiling purpose. If your skills aren't average as everyone else, all you need to do is open up 3 hex editors and compare the original Japanese, the hack and the International Mega Man games and better yet is to know basic 6502 assembly.
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So i have another easy hack that can be made. The bootleg NES game Amusement Park: Jumping Kid, could be made as Jumping Adventure in Magic Kingdom.

Main game:

Just change the main character walking and jumping sprites to Alex from magic Kingdom and add magic kingdom music or any nes disney music. And the title screen to Jumping Adventure in Magic kingdom.

Alex is from this game: Adventure in Magic kingdom

The game is simple i know but it would be a nice collection to the NES Disney collection and also i think Alex should get his own game don't you? And the game is in a Amusement Park its perfect. :beer:


I would love to have the NES Donkey Kong's kill screen bug (level 134 and up) be fixed, please.

I wonder if I could rewrite the BPL instruction at 0xCB99 as a BCS, so that instead of checking the negative flag (which is the apparent source for the kill screen on level 134) it will check the carry flag, since that's what it's really supposed to do? That is, we want the bonus timer to stop incrementing after we reach level 4, so that from this point on the starting bonus is always 8000 points.

In addition, I also want the level number to stop incrementing after we get to level 9. That would involve writing two additional lines of code following the LDY $54 (address 0xCB8A) and before the INY. That is, we would add:
0xCB8C CPY #$08  ; have we reached level 9 yet? (new code)
0xCB8E BCS $CBA0 ; yes, stop incrementing (new code)
0xCB90 INY  ; no, level 1 thru 8, so continue (original code)



Thought of doing a hack of Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell on Famicom that turns it back into Momoko 120%.

A hack of Pac-Land that remaps the movement to the D-pad and a hack of Donkey Kong Original Edition that makes it work on most NES emus without corrupted graphics (DK Original Edition is really sloppily done according to TCRF) would be cool too.


Quote from: KKHell on December 19, 2022, 11:26:41 AMA hack of Pac-Land that remaps the movement to the D-pad
I already did that one years ago, I even made it an option that could be changed with Select (like the TurboGrafx version).

Though I have recently been told you could also just play with the player 2 controller.
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I've looked at the many Sailor Moon games and considering that Sailor Stars only has a puzzle game for the Sufami Turbo SNES, I have been thinking: Wouldn't it be interesting to have a Sailor Moon hack of Super S to create a Sailor Stars fighting game? I know a lot of people would be interested in that.