Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Antonio Nero

Hack for "D no Shokutaku".

Instead of the short Western title "D", a hack that changes the title in "D's Dining Table".


Quote from: Antonio Nero on August 20, 2022, 12:58:50 PMHack for "D no Shokutaku".

Instead of the short Western title "D", a hack that changes the title in "D's Dining Table".

Better yet, an undub that adds in subtitles for any voiced dialog.

5 Blue

Would it be possible to convert the arcade game Vs. Tetris to a NES version? Thank you very much!

Antonio Nero


Hey guys, I would really like to get a ROM hack of Duke Nukem for the GBA (and other FPS games, depending on the price) in which the controls are changed. As it is, the controls of all GBA FPS games are garbage and almost impossible to use in my opinion. I think it would be great to modernize them, whereby the D-Pad would be to move forward/back/strafe, A&B would be to turn left and right, R-bumper would be to fire, and L-Bumper would be to jump/use. Just wondering how much someone would charge for something like this. Thanks!


By and large charging for work is not something that is done or allowed to be asked for around here -- money makes those lawyers perk up.

I will note Doom has an open source version ported to it these days which also got retrofitted to work with the commercial release if you actually wanted that.
Would be easier to compile changes there if you wanted Doom or anything that falls from it (Doom 2, version wads, chex...)

Otherwise controller editing works much the same on most systems.
In a bit of a rush right now but covered control hacking recently in https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=35457.msg433221#msg433221 , though you are not concerned with initialising controllers in this.

Even with control tweaks I generally find most FPS games on the GBA unplayable, as do most others (I was truly shocked people went in for Doom at that point in time for the link above) so finding someone might be more of an uphill battle there.


I heard Metal Max 2 Reloaded was built upon the same engine as Metal Max 3, but with QoL improvements. So, my idea is: Why not port back those QoL improvements to Metal Max 3? From TV Tropes, this is the list of QoL lifted from TV Tropes:
  • Your characters can move in a diagonal direction.
  • Hunter Magic skill is passive instead of active so hunters can fire their human weapons inside the vehicle as much as they want.
  • Most skills for soldiers are usable on bikes as well as on foot so soldiers do not need to get off from their vehicles to use their skills if they are riding bikes.
  • Each character can select a subclass and learn skills from other classes to augment his/her strengths further or cover his/her weaknesses. If you pick the same class for your subclass as your main, you get more usages for each active skill before having to rest at the inn.
  • Camo Shield, which decreases the encounter rate while your party is in their vehicles, does not turn off when you exit them and get back in.
  • Depending on a ride, multiple characters can ride it at the same time, meaning you can make use of multiple armaments of one ride each turn without having to rely on the C-unit or skills.


Mother 3

A hack that turns off the really annoying soundbyte when a character attacks in battle.


Is Mother 3 a sappy using game? I know there are some interesting aspects to the audio in this game but sappy was still a very popular format and this is somewhat in house developed
https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/948/ (though there are some newer forks out there)

We could cover disabling sound calls and other things that fall from it*. However if you can replace base sounds with silence, drop volume to 0 (not as nice as the SDAT format on the DS but there are still software defined sound levels in aspects) or set a loop point to 0 and thus disable it that way (more the sequenced stuff than wave samples) then do that and achieve a result worth having.

*easiest would probably be find enemy health and set a break on write to that, work backwards from there and at some point will be a call to the audio engine to do such a thing. At that point disable it (best but might have downsides) or overwrite the audio with silence/set volume to 0 depending upon what is easiest.


in harvest moon snes there is an event that appears a golden hen that gives you a golden egg that is worth a high price. it would be nice if you could raise golden hens on the farm using a patch.


in harvest moon snes you can ride a horse only on your farm. it would be nice if there was a patch to be able to ride horses through the city and mountains and the horse could walk faster too


Hi all, I signed up to put this idea out there for all fans of Bemani.

I did see a patched rom for Drummania V2 from @Sakamoto_Neko, so I wonder if they can help?

Basically the Guitar Freaks & Drummania series on the PS2 supported the use of an actual electronic drum kit as a peripheral from Drummania 3rd mix onwards.

However, the original "Drummania" and "Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix & Drummania 2nd Mix" only supported the cheap and nasty drum peripheral. Would it be possible to patch the USB interface support from the later games into the earlier two titles?

Who do I have to bribe to make this happen?




i still wonder if, someday, we might get an actual movement control improvement hack for this game.

at least 7 years since it was first discussed here and all that's been done is a couple people rotating the controls. is that really the best romhackers can do with landstalker?

https://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=20088.0 here's where it was first brought up. a thread with some people (including me) complaining about the games bad controls.

and all that's ever come of it? yeah...rotate the d-pad input slightly. is that really considered an improvement when in practice it's a tiny band-aid on an actual problem?

you're still moving diagonally in the game and the character still has no ground shadow to show where he's jumping to.

is it truly SO hard or undoable to give this game full 8-directional movement and...put a shadow under the character when they're jumping?

i call BS on this one cause i have seen VASTLY more advanced romhacks in the time since that one 2015 control "improvement" hack for this game.

edit: giving this game a full 8-direction movement range would *completely* change how it's played and be an unbelievably good improvement because the default controls lock you into 4-direction diagonal movement (something these rotation hacks don't fix).

a 90-degree rotation of the input from the d-pad changes NOTHING! it's still the exact same movement controls for the game except instead of pressing diagonal on the d-pad you now press up/down/left/right. SO WHAT! your character is STILL moving diagonally! NOTHING changed!

actually, now that i think about it...this rotation hack is redundant by default because you could simply edit the controls in an emulator and get the same result.


Muzzle Flash is a Japanese exclusive game for the original Xbox which already comes with a full English localisation. They were obviously betting on it coming to the West.


It's a cool 3rd person action game, with nice sniper mechanics, tight controls, cool story, hilarious bad voice acting, and could have been a classic. Except...

It is brutally difficult. The 2nd mission, set in a snowy tundra, takes an hour or more to finish, has no checkpoints, no mid-level saves, and two or three hits kills you, forcing a restart. It's basically impossible. You need to emulate and quick save, since the game on original hardware is unfinishable.

However, this could be fixed with a difficulty rebalance patch.

Or just make a hack that decreases the damage you take from enemy bullets, and increases the damage you give enemies, because I've sniper shot people in the chest and they still get back up.

I would play it with an Action Replay code or something, but I don't they even exist for this game.

Please, can anyone make this game playable?


Hi everyone,

I have a translation suggestion for the great ZanacXZanac game. Seems like there's no existing translation of it? I Googled har for this, but found nothing.

I know, it's a shmup, there are not so many Japanese texts (a good part of the game is already in English), but translating the small missing parts (mainly the "achievements" screen and the Save / Load dialogs...) would be a real improvement.

A.W. Laris Borromeo

A hack of Brandish (SNES) that restores the Japanese opening theme (the same opening theme as the computer and PC-Engine versions), and Dela Delon's sprites and cutscenes. I know there is a hack that restores the names of Ares Toraernos and Dela and others, but not restoring almost everything.
Additionally an MSU-1 hack that adds music from the PC-98 version or the ones from Perfect Collection Brandish.
I believe the morning sun, always gonna shine again.


Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures - Sega Genesis version

I'd like a hack that boots directly to Pac-Jr.

There's an existing hack that puts Pac-Man and Pac-Jr on the title screen together: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5640/

... but, I'd like this hack to make an unofficial, standalone Pac-Jr (or "Jr. Pac-Man" or "Pac-Man Jr.") Genesis rom.


Eternal Filena but translate the bits that haven't been translated. According to a review, a camp sight scene needs to be properly translated.


retranslate the "rushing beat" saga, I know they originally said more than "let's kick ass"


I also thought that someone would recreate the arcade mario bros on snes, using the super mario 3 (all stars) minigame as a base