[Archived] Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Punch out 2 turbo needs to get hacked to replace zelda with another boxer that would actual be in little max's punch out world. All other characters fit fine. It's really the only problem with this hack. Hit me up if anyone needs ideas for easy small hacks, things that just need to get fixed ect.



Someone needs to make a Kaizo difficulty Kirby game.


Sensible Soccer International Edition can be hack modified?
It just needs to add more teams and change the tournaments group from the recent fifa rules.  ;)
I don´t know if there is a way to add more then 64 teams on all tournaments. It could be amazing.

About Sega Soccer, i will wait.


Plok : Playable Edition

  • less damage taken
  • +1 life per continue
  • when using a continue, you respawn at the level you just died
  • +5s in all Bonus races against time
  • when you're standard Plok (not Grandpa nor in a vehicle), you can use 42k points in exchange for a full health and a random costume (L+R on pause screen with an in-game clue, something like that)

I would have put a $ bounty if it was not against the rules...  :police:
Anyway, Plok needs some love in this community for sure.


Here are a few more romhack ideas of varying possibility, and usefulness!

NDS – New Super Mario Bros: Pressing Select now activates your reserve item, instead of pressing its icon on the touchscreen.

NDS - Nanostray: Weapon select is remapped to L&R buttons instead of switching weapons with the crappy touchscreen icons.

PSX - Crash Bandicoot: You are no longer required to complete stages without dying, and can get a gem as long as you simply break all the boxes, Or meet the normal requirements for other gems.

PSX - Strider 2: Basic attack sound effect (consisting of Hiryu yelling, and a loud slashing noise) is either not so loud, removed entirely, or replaced with a different sound effect from the game.

3DS - Ocarina of Time 3D: The word "Navi" no longer flashes at the bottom of the top screen for ANY reason.

SNES - Outlander: The ending text is changed to be less... stupid and nonsensical.

SNES - Kirbys Dreamland III – "Lazy arse mode" Basically, all those special level goals requiring you to complete a weird cryptic task no longer matter, and you get credit for completing them whether you actually do them or not.

GB - Final Fantasy Legend III: Random encounters are reduced by half. A menu option allows you to turn off/on post-battle dialogs asking if you want to "eat meat" or "install parts".


After watching a bit of gaming history with this franchise, I say that Cosmic Fantasy is in need of some love and recognition and I wish that someone did a full translation of the Cosmic Fantasy games (along with an undub Cosmic Fantasy 2).


A patch that reduces the volume of Ridley and the final bosses screaming in Metroid Fusion would be nice. :thumbsup:

Complete Safari

Pokémon Emerald with NPC dialogue changed, where fitting, to provide quotes/proverbs from history. Art and music replaced with classics.

Please let this become a reality! I made a hack called Complete Safari to be able to finish the game inc event tickets obtained in game.

May work towards some text editing, would be great to be able to provide citation of author and date. Music is probably beyond me atm.. art too.. gl fc


In Lost Vikings 2 there are some secret power ups you can get in the level HRDR. One of these moves lets Baleog to swing in mid air by pressing Y+down but it crashes the game even on real hardware. While I'm on the topic of this game when using Sluffy's patches for it it won't work on some emulators like Mesen Snes. If these were to be fixed that would be great.

The Beaky Buccaneer

Quote from: Nekogal on May 13, 2022, 01:08:28 AM
Someone needs to make a Kaizo difficulty Kirby game.
It's not listed on RHDN, but would "Kirby's Puresabe Adventure" fit the bill, here?



Should be pretty simple and would improve the game immensely: Xeno Crisis on the Sega Genesis does not let you roll while you are shooting (I think grenades can't be thrown if you are shooting too). A hack that allows you to do it, that's all.

Stupidly enough, all other ports of the game can do this natively.  :banghead:


Quote from: niuus on May 17, 2022, 03:35:46 AM
Should be pretty simple and would improve the game immensely: Xeno Crisis on the Sega Genesis does not let you roll while you are shooting (I think grenades can't be thrown if you are shooting too). A hack that allows you to do it, that's all.

Stupidly enough, all other ports of the game can do this natively.  :banghead:
Strange omission.


Another Mind-blowing idea for a hack is hacking Final Fight 3 for NES.

You could change the characters to similar characters of King of Fighters. And change the levels to kof ones or just generic levels. Using from kof NES and Street fighter iv comes to mind.

Custom artwork would be needed for the story and cutscenes. But it would be awsome for a KOF beat em up on the NES for the first time ever. If you guys did all that work on Street Fighter 2, i know this can get made as well. Would take years i guess but all the tools are here. Could call it,  FINAL FIGHTER'S 95.  8) frankenstein this sucker lol


Here's some idea i made it on Kega Fusion 3.64 Version.
You need: Sensible Soccer - International Edition (E) (M4) [!].gen Version
For now i just clean the Custom Teams all over.
What this will do? It is simple, it's a save game data it will give you the chance to edit the entire game without being removing each team name and make it editable.

I did not remove yet the European Teams and the National Teams, for now i just clean the Custom one's.
Open the gen rom and load the .gsx file.

Link: https://anonymshare.com/P9Pd/sensible-soccer-international-edition-e-m4-cleaned-version-020beta.gsx

This link is safe, because there is no website can able to handle this file forever online.
As i can see other websites deleted or blocked after 30 days. Sorry if i upload on a anonymous website, but it is safe.  ;)


The Bad Guys in SMB2?


- Mario turns to Mr. Wolf
- Luigi turns to Mr. Snake
- Toad turns to Mr. Piranha
- Peach turns to Mr. Shark


Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0 - Save prompt hack

These would be simple hacks for the GC versions of REmake and RE0 but with same prompts added before the disc swap screen


I Thought it would be rather funny to convert Kung Fu on NES to the "14 Beers at Chilis" meme. :)
Co-Host of Translator's Notes
(Live translation of Machi!)


GEN/Megadrive - Thunder Force II: Alternate Controls for the overhead stages.
During overhead stages, you can now hold down a button to stop your ship and lock it in one direction.
While stopped and facing one direction, you are able to continue shooting and you can freely maneuver your ship in any direction, including flying backwards.


I hope someone can fix this bug for Mega Man Xtreme 2


QuoteIn Mega Man Xtreme 2, in the final Sigma stage, enter any (and I mean any) of the boss refights, and press Exit.

You will instantly warp to the credits of the game.