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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Has someone ever considered making a restoration patch for Final fantasy VI advance? The SNES version has one, so why not the GBA version too? There is one but only for the dialogues and not the censored sprites. The GBA version also doesn't have the fix for the unobtainable Fairy Ring in the Phantom train.


A few ideas for Getsu Fuuma Den:
1. Have the game remember which Attack and Defense item you have set, and also:
2. Make it so expendable Attack and Defense items needs to be activated by pressing Select+A/B (Select+B activates Attack Item, Select+A activates Defense Item);
3. If a non-expendable item has been selected, have it always be active for as long as it is in the corresponding slot;
4. Have Compass always active in the dungeon crawling segment if you own it.
5. Add a map for the Dungeon Crawling part.


Here is also my idea for Final Fantasy VI Advance:

Fix the onobtainable fairy ring bug in the Phantom train by adding the chests where the tent and ring are
Replace censored sprites of bosses and espers with the uncensored ones.


The game of Okamiden was all right, but I think the translation could use some rework (mispelling, name errors, etc) and maybe a few touch ups here and there


There's one Final Fight SNES hack called Unlicensed hack that had everything that was cut like the 2p mode, Guy, Poison and Roxy, etc. The hack was abandoned and unfinished. The only thing the hack needs now to be a finished product is the Industrial Area stage and Rolento. Could it be possible to somehow rip the missing stage and from the GBA port and put it into the SNES one? If so that would be awesome. Please someone pick this hack up and finish it  :'(     


Quote from: lightbulbsun on February 05, 2022, 04:34:44 AM
Try the following with a hex editor:

  • To jump to the game number, at offset 0x33927 you should find the following bytes: 21 05 0b d7 3e.  Overwrite those with these: 3e XX c3 b4 79.
  • In order to fix the checksum, at offset 0x14e overwrite b9 95 with YY ZZ according to the following table:

Pop'n TwinBee01ba 7e
Bikers02ba 7f
Goemon03ba 80
Guttang Gottong04ba 81

Appreciate the info! I'll have to putz with this when I have a moment as I'm not exactly familiar with hex editing myself, but if it works then you're a total boss. It's just always rubbed me a bit wrong that someone uploaded patches for all three other volumes to do these things but just... didn't for the third. Thanks again!


A Final Fight 2 hack that improves the 3 playable character's damage output. Their damage output is so bad that it takes forever to defeat enemies making the game drag out longer than it needs to. And maybe add the stuff from the japan version like the two female enemies that got replaced by Leon and Robert and the cleaver that the first boss Won Won is supposed to be holding. In the US version, I noticed that he swings like he still has the cleaver in his hand, but it's not there and you can even hear a slash sound when he hits you. He looks silly, so please put the weapon back in. 


Quote from: cartridge_rom on November 01, 2020, 05:12:26 PM
My MegaDrive is Japanese model, I wanted to try a copy of the Street Fighter II Champion Edition prototype "Rom"
The prototype has region lock (Genesis only) and I can't find a GameGenie code that allows playing the prototype on Japanese MegaDrive :P

Try the following with a hex editor (for the Jul 30, 1993 prototype):

  • At offset 0x3268 overwrite 6a 12 with 4e 71 (to get rid of the region check)
  • At offset 0x018e overwrite ac 8d with 90 ec (to fix the checksum)
Alternatively, here are the game genie codes that do the same thing:



5 Blue

Would it be possible to add the missing music to Wolfenstein 3D on GBA? Thank you very much!


Maybe even Squaresoft RPG's on Game Boy with small police like in two Harry Potter games on GBC to make more texts.


I've been playing the Spyro Season of Ice DX hack that came out a while ago and the game is fun, but I noticed the fairies you rescue seem to use the same 4 or 5 designs repeated over and over, with the same palettes and everything.  I think it'd be interesting to hack the hack to load a unique palette for each one and vary up the designs a bit more.  Maybe a palette randomizer?  Not sure how hard it would be, it seems feasible... maybe I'll try it myself sometime.
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Game: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Type: Improvement
Idea: Implement music into the Arena area so that it isn't so eerily quiet. It may be one track or more - my idea includes a total of three tracks: Nightmare for the room with the arena's description as well as all non-combat rooms aside from the one with the final reward, Fate to Despair for the combat rooms, A Vision of Dark Secrets for the room with the reward.

Game: Castlevania: Dracula X (Vampire's Kiss in Europe territories)
Type: Improvement
Idea: Combine these hacks: Richter's Death Restoration, Remove final boss room pits and Stylish Richter Hack into one hack. Or at least tell me how to apply these three onto the rom (and in what order) so that I don't break it :-P

Type: Modification?
Idea: Well, nobody was specifically seen turning Annette (if she is not saved), and since she effectively replaces Death, then maybe add Death's netflix alter-ego [spoiler]Varney, so a vampire with long-black hair wearing a coat[/spoiler] doing the turning right before Richter's eyes. Versions: standalone and one integrated into the combination idea above.


I'm thinking a cosmetic Zelda-themed hack of Power Soukoban could be neat ! The action RPG / sokoban puzzle mashup works really well, I wish more iterations of this kind had been released.


Quote from: 5 Blue on February 09, 2022, 11:08:35 AM
Would it be possible to add the missing music to Wolfenstein 3D on GBA? Thank you very much!

I wish this could be done as well.
The GBA version is the closest to the original MS-DOS release we got, and the music was quite good.
If only we got a way to play the entire 6 episodes campaign on the GBA with the proper songs. :/


Like the Megadrive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo works into MSU, can we make sure PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 works also into MSU?


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Quote from: KingMike on February 13, 2022, 09:59:29 AM
Isn't that what the CD is for?

I think, because as the SNES have a CD-ROM player but it's a single copy and the Megadrive/Genesis have the Sega CD/Mega CD, SNES games and Megadrive/Genesis games works into MSU. And as the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 have the PC-Engine CD-ROM², Super CD-ROM² and Arcade CD-ROM², I said me myself, it could be possible.


Four games:

1) Getter Love!! (N64)

I have recently received a transcript of the entire game (still in Japanese).  Please contact me if anyone would like to translate it.

2) Earthbound (SNES)

Primary changes:

-Allow players to use an item instead of tossing one before collecting an enemy gift.

-Allow players to trade items between characters, instead of having to transfer each item individually.

-Upon selecting an item, set the cursor to whoever has it.

-Weapons and some other items should default upon collection to whoever they pertain to, looping back to Ness if everyone between them and Poo is overloaded.

-Seek and restore cutscenes such as the two showcased here:


Bonus changes:

-Thunder & Storm should have "they/their" as their pronouns. (When numb (likely from Flash), "body is" should become "bodies are", and when feeling strange, "is" should become "are"; similar for solidification, etc.)

-Change Poo's attack command to "Slash" when he equips the Sword of Kings.

-Winters should not be invaded until after Apple Kid is abducted. (More about this upon asking.)

-Set a flag after the party's roboticization, to allow the player characters to hurt themselves with a Rust Promoter if someone uses one while confused. (Another flag should be set after Giygas is defeated, in order to disable this.)

(NOTE: Please contact me for a CCScript to apply to this hack.)

3) Earthbound Zero (NES):


-Empower insecticides against Titanees/Titanians (to match Mother 3) and Magic Snails (since snails are sort of related to slugs, which are susceptible in both EB and M3).

-Restore the Time Machine item and its actual purpose. 
--Super Bombs should be relocated to the Reindeer Dept. Store 5F, where you can already get regular Bombs, which you can't get in the Twinkle Elementary science lab.


-Change Omega Borg's name to Terra Borg.

-At least one line by Ana from Earthbound Beginnings.


-Allow players to trade items between characters, instead of having to transfer each item individually.

-Maintain the "Use" option for unconscious characters' items, but display a message if you actually select it.  (Point is to prevent someone from dropping an item they meant to give someone else.)

-Set the cursor to whoever has an item when you select it.

-Allow enemies to run away individually while their cohorts stick around.

-Specify who actually obtains an item separately from who opens the gift box et al containing it, and replace said second use of the item's name with "it."
--If the first character with free item space is unconscious, specify the first conscious character in the party to put it in their bag.

-Distribute Ticket Stubs evenly across the party.  (Each character in your party should get one, rather than defaulting all three to the first person left with inventory space.  If someone's inventory is full, the war veteran should hang onto theirs until you clear a space for them.)

NOTE: There are a few changes someone else had already made before.  I will send you a copy containing those to work with, before you get started.

4) Mother 3 (GBA):

-Let Thomas' Bazaar restock after Flint obtains the Drago fang, like after any other mini-cutscene.

-Allow Lucas and Duster to maintain items from the prologue and chapter 1 respectively.

-Fix a bug that prevents the Sanchez brothers from all facing a particular direction (can't remember which it is).

-Correct some uses of the word "some" in relation to items.


I'm playing Final Fantasy II SNES and I feel like I'm probably half way into the adventure and I noticed something. The item inventory space, its small, too small.

In the other later versions FF III and FF IV they fixed this issue giving the player plenty of space with the items in the game. But in FF II I'm out of space holding items. Yes, you can sell your older swords and such back for money, but there is a part in the game where you have to downgrade your items because you cannot take metal items into this one cave.

So in a circumstance like this, its nice to have your older equipment around so that you can easily downgrade and then upgrade once you have finished the cave.

I just can't believe that the developers thought that this was enough inventory space. It makes the whole game now (once you run out of space) almost pointless because you open up a treasure chest to only have to throw away the items sometimes without even knowing if the item is good or not.

"Hey look a treasure chest, oh look I got this cool new item, too bad I will have to throw it away now and that opening the chest was pointless."

I get a new item, but now I have to throw out an old item, why? Why can't there just be enough space to hold the stuff that you collect in a normal play through of the game.

Does anyone know how to hack the game and allow for an increase item inventory or does this hack already exist?


I just discovered today there is a FAT Chocobo in a forest island and if it says "smells like a Chocobo" and you give him "greens" then the Fat Chocobo will appear. He lets you store items in his item bin thus allowing you to have extra space in your item slots.

So the game does give you enough space, if you know about this hidden secret.