Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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LiberoGrande (PSX)

- Real player names.
- Real player menu portraits (if it's possible).
- Real player faces in game (if it's possible).
- Real 1998 national team kits (if it's possible).



I would imagine on the PS2 that it is going to be game specific all the way down. The things on newer systems that allow an easy remap tending to be them having hypervisors or indeed whole operating systems which the games speak to and that hackers target as part of modding and those can be messed with at that level (emulators being functionally the same thing for the purposes of controls). The PS2 does not have a hypervisor like this as far as I know (maybe the original xbox could have this, though for most it would be the wii, 360, 3ds and PS3 when looking for this sort of thing, certainly when they got reasonable well worked up into practical things).

Control hacks are not necessarily the worst thing out there (find thing that reads control states, or indeed debounced* state, play with masks or the reads to that themselves. If the game has some measure of control remapping, even just some prebaked selections, then you gain a few more options) but as any aspect of the game can reach out and touch them (minigames, main games, sub games, menus, credits, secondary characters...), and things get to be done in addition to it then some kind of generic patcher like you might have for a simple cheat patcher is not going to happen.

*if you have ever had an old mouse that maybe double clicks when you only clicked once then this is switch bounce in its failure form. Even without that then brand new a switch will not be immediately on or off/pressed or depressed and instead flicker between things a bunch of times before a solid connection is made. Game devs know this and so will copy the controller state maybe once a frame and operate off that for the next frame or maybe more.

I would sooner look into making a modded controller -- if you only want to invert things then it is likely just some wires or encodings you are changing and that can be accomplished with a few switches and some wires and maybe cut traces. All the same things people do to make turbo controls or remap buttons also apply to sticks. I don't know offhand if the standard PS2 controller uses resistance or an active encoder (perks and downsides to both approaches) but both only marginally more annoying than basic buttons to reroute. Also comes with the bonus of working on any game without the need to patch it, go to a friend's house and them not having a modded console and able to swap around according to the whims of the players (though I guess a hardpatch program could possible also encode a "press this button combo to swap stick layout" a la "press this combo to refill health".
Alternatively you could probably make a device that sits between the controller and whatever and intercepts the commands and rewrites them that way. Don't know if any exist for the PS2 but others for other devices do, and the principle behind it is the sort of thing people learn electronics with.


Make "Darkwind" on the PS2 playable by modifying/adding a control scheme for a standard PS2 controller as an alternative instead of relying exclusively on a Gametrak controller in order to play it, as it might be the only game on the PS2 that cannot be played via dual shock controllers.
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A friend and I had a ball last weekend playing tournaments of Family Feuds, Wheel of Fortune, and Monopoly on the SNES. The latter made me wish there was a romhack that implemented the 2005 Super Add-ons For Monopoly by Radgames.

What that expansion does is add an inner board on top of the game board, and two forks on the road to enter/leave the inner board. Basically, whenever you reach one of these forks, if you rolled an even number, you switch track and hop onto the inner/outer board, and if you rolled an odd number, you don't switch track and keep going forward as usual. Because the forks on the road allows players a chance to dodge certain properties, you can't just build that death trap with the orange and red properties, you must invest on both boards.

I couldn't find a hi-res picture of the original board itself, but here is a picture from a modified DIY version:

If you walk in front of the Transit Station, you may (or may not) switch track depending on the odd/even results of your roll.

This DIY version use the same mechanics as the Super Add-ons, but removed a lottery square (that injected ludicrous amount of money into the game with no investment required) in favor of the Stock Exchange square (another Monopoly expansion that can adds (or remove) money into the game but requires the players to purchase stocks in order to earn dividends later).

As you can see, the inner board contains twelve new properties split into four lots, and two additional public utilities (If you own three public utilities, the rent is 20 times the value of the dies, and 40 times the value of the dies if you own all four utilities). The additional properties makes games with 6 to 8 players much more enjoyable, since every players has at least a chance to build something before all the properties get sold.

In addition to that, it also has a Chance and a Community Chest squares (with additional cards to suit this new board); a Go kind of square (that gives 250$ if you pass it or 300$ if you land on it); a Tax Refund square (that functions like the Free Parking cash house rule, but the refund is only 50%, not the entirety of the tax money pool); and a bunch of others squares too long to explain.

You can find additional info about the Super Add-ons on the Monopoly wikia:

Heck, additional rules to speed up the game could also be implemented, like the possibility to build depots on the train stations to double the rent, presents in some special editions of Monopoly.


Quote from: gandra on April 16, 2021, 10:36:19 AM
BASE: Pokemon Emerald Version

This is the most unusual hack idea but please, bear with me. It essentially is inspired by the following hack: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1966/
You're kind of a mile behind here, something similar's been done twice.  Check out Battle Frontier Adventure or the Frontier mode in Emerald Enhanced, thank the disassembly and new battle engine.

RHDN is actually very behind in general with Pokemon, but it's kind of okay because it's in the same spot as SMW or Sonic where we don't need everything in the database.


What we need is a bunch of rom hacks(Weed/Hemp based) Such as pot Man 2,4,5,6, Pot Bros 3,Legend of Zelda(he rescues the princess of Hemp)
all items,bosses,weapons,field,ect


Metroid Prime 2 (GC) Improvement:
-Some delay on certain doors before they open after shooting them - sometimes shooting twice works but other times they take 2-3+ seconds to open
-Automatic damage at one point vs the boost guardian
-The wasp nests on the way to Torvus don't spawn more wasps after beating the first batch - have to exit and re-enter the sub area
-Can always lock onto the grapple guardian boss when you should be able to
-Sometimes can't activate a light beacon with the light beam

Control/interface fixes and improvements:
-Prime 1-style menus
-Skippable cutscenes+staff roll
-Right stick aiming option
-Can add your own notes/markers to the map OR a room with an item or unopened gate (such as a denzium obstacle, echo gate or purple crystal statue) in it is marked by a dot or a different color
-Mini-map a bit more zoomed in but also larger+displays while scanning and in ball form
-Don't have to be aiming as close to an enemy or object to lock onto it
-Can lock onto enemies while in ball form
-Map screen saves chosen zoom level
-Quick turn/behind samus camera adjustment button or button combo
-Faster turning and aiming, especially at extreme vertical angles (could perhaps be added gradually as you gain the suits)
-Less easy to get stuck on objects while walking around
-Color coding of the T gates (translator key gates) on the map
-Tighter hit detection when trying to revert from ball form back to normal near walls
-Can still lock onto an enemy if it's partially behind cover/on a high platform
-Can lock onto wasp nests and item containers
-Button for switching targets while locking on
-Side dashing while locking on isn't delayed from holding the jump button
-No delay during get item pop-ups and other repeating messages
-Less overly sensitive/slippery movement in ball form
-The camera doesn't sometimes turn around when switching into or out of ball form
-Don't bounce off of walls as much during the screw attack move and your hit box is while using it is smaller

Tedious aspects:
-Can teleport to restored temples before getting the light suit and after getting it you can teleport either to found elevator rooms or the used world portal rooms with a large portal (the ones you scan to activate) as well
-Can be grabbing most of the 9 sky temple keys over the course of the game (able to go underwater in the dark world without the light suit for lakes with keys in them)
-Activated world portals stay active
-Opened dark beam and light beam doors stay opened or switched to blue doors
-Larger hit box/crosshair for the scanner visor
-Can open a shortcut at the grates in the mining plaza room (wastes) after visiting mining station b, and a shortcut out of the portal chamber room (torvus) in the light world
-Fewer temporary dead ends after opened gates: additional purple crystal gate beyond the torvus gate at the temple hub makes it pointless to go back there after getting the yellow translator key (similar thing happens when opening the purple crystal gate near your ship w/ super missile and energy pod gates and again with the two new dark world areas you can access after double jump where you just walk into suit gates after entering the dark world (high toxicity levels and no beacons) - happens again at plain of dark worship)
-Fewer power bomb doors so you can explore a bit more before getting them (you get them about 2/3 into the game)
-Less drawn out amorbis (3 giant worms) boss fight
-Less backtracking (to restore temples and back to the temple grounds after dark suit - game could perhaps ask if you want to teleport back to the light world energy controller after taking back the energy in the dark world one, back to near your ship after getting the grappling hook, to the underwater part of torvus if you go to the dark temple before getting the power bomb, from the fortress to torvus via the temple grounds for the power bomb (an elevator between these could've been available sooner by not requiring a power bomb to access it), from the dark world fortress entrance if you go there before getting screw attack, etc.)
-Faster fights against enemies that phase in and out/have invincibility periods in the dark world such as hunter ings and some boss phases
-Faster moving platforms for ball form segments (ball elevators for example)
-Less passive armored fish in torvus
-Easier to hit some enemies and bosses with charge shots and super missiles (third emperor ing phase and armored fish for example)
-More common beam ammo drops overall (to counter spongy enemies)
-Some super missile gates are pointless since you can reach to where they lead without super missiles - either remove these or make them not pointless
-1-2 higher default ammo capacity for power bombs
-Tougher enemies are more likely to drop ammo when killed
-The stacked dark+light beam (annihilator beam) opens dark and light doors, not just the world portals
-Game opens up a shortcut to or lets you teleport to the sky temple entrance after getting all the keys
-Constant beeping sfx while near death is shortened to a few beeps
-The optional sub objective hints appear faster so you can't wander off in the wrong direction before they happen

-More sequence breaking opportunities
-Easier to notice the missile tank placed in a save room
-More health dropped after the surprise boss fight at main research and other bosses where you might be in danger afterwards
-Fix how some enemies don't react if shot from afar and without locking onto them
-The light beam could perhaps be placed after a more challenging platforming segment or puzzle since it's introduced in a pretty mundane way compared to the dark beam
-Better reward for the tricky ball platforming segment in the fortress leading to a missile tank (same with the gathering hall one) - some energy tanks and other items are given easily so perhaps they can switch locations
-Less OP screw attack vs the last two bosses
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Hack idea:
Apply Balloon Kid art to Hello Kitty World and strip the game of all Sanrio references, effectively turning a Hello Kitty game into a NES port of Balloon Kid.


I wouldn't mind a minor hack change on the Chatran game: Maybe make the jump less slow. And also, have a bit of a title change to that of the name "Milo" for American consisting or something (I'd also say include a digital art of Milo and Otis together, but that one looks difficult to do for NES graphics).


FFVII Nes(English version) is overdue for an overhaul to make it closer to the PSX Classic First making it waay easier for beginners such as 10x exp and gil
Plus following the game better by matching the materia they use in the beginning of the game (Cloud has Ice and lightning)Barret has Cure and Tifa used Fire
and mostly improving the graphics,sound,character sprites and profiles

A.W. Laris Borromeo

A hack of Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf (TurboGrafx-16 and Turbo CD) to be like its Japanese counterpart by addding courses from the Japanese releases.
Apparently there are four versions of the same game - but the western versions have less courses than the Japanese counterparts. The North American TurboGrafx HuCard version has only one course but the Japanese PC-Engine version has 3 courses (since it is a port of the PC game), while the North American Turbo CD version has five courses but the Japanese PC-Engine CD has nine courses. The NES version by Konami, however, has the courses from the PC game.
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Idea for MULTIPLE Mega Man games: the ability to choose which final stage you wish to visit once they have been cleared. Specially the SNES X games. Could perhaps work somewhat like Mega Man 11.

John Enigma

If possible, assuming it exists, an NTSC-U patch, plus a 60HZ/60FPS synchronization patch, for the PAL Sega Saturn port of MEGA MAN X3.


Quote from: julayla on April 25, 2021, 09:23:52 AM
I wouldn't mind a minor hack change on the Chatran game: Maybe make the jump less slow. And also, have a bit of a title change to that of the name "Milo" for American consisting or something (I'd also say include a digital art of Milo and Otis together, but that one looks difficult to do for NES graphics).

Here are some relevant addresses with the default values:

Initial jump speed (negative number)

Jump deceleration when the jump button is held

Jump deceleration when the jump button is not held

Max right walk speed

Max left walk speed (negative number)

Suggested changes to make the movements faster:


I know there are more parameters to fine-tune Chatran's movements, but I don't understand them fully.

Edit: if Chatran walks faster, you might want to give him more grip.

Walk deceleration when left/right is not held

Doubling this value seems enough:


I would love to see a hack of these Sega Genesis Mega Drive J-Cart games to work with Multitaps like Team Player and the EA 4 Way Play.
This way we could play these backup games in console with Everdrive + this adapter without needing to use these Sealed J-Cart rareties.

What is J-Cart?

Genesis Mega Drive multitap for 4 controllers.

J-Cart games list that need this hack.

Pete Sampras Tennis
Pete Sampras Tennis '96
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
Micro Machines 96
Micro Machines Military
Super Skidmarks


Sakura Taisen 2 for Saturn needs a fan translation asap since last year the first one was fan translated


A few Bombertastic ideas:
- Translate GBA Bomberman Jetters
- Translate Bomberman GB 3
- Change Bomberman Tournament's title back to Bomberman Story
- Change Bomberman GB (USA)'s title back to Bomberman GB2
- Change Wario Blast's title to Bomberman GB Feat. Wario
- Tone down the difficulty in Bomberman Quest
- Speed up Bomberman a little in Bomberman Quest


We need a Pokemon DS hack (Sword and Shield)using Pokemon White and Black 2 as the base


Busin 0: Wizardry Alternative Neo Rom Hack Translation

I would like to begin by saying that Wizardry Tale of the Forsaken Land is one of my favourite RPGs of all time. So when I learned there was a sequel/prequel it broke my heart when I realised it had never been released in the west and I would never be able to play it due to this.

Well, the game has now been translated by means of a guide.

I was wondering if anyone here could help with actually hacking the Rom file itself to make the experience just that tad bit more immersive.

All credit goes to @diablo1_reborn who has produced the first translation of this huge game which happens to be a massively extensive and detailed guide/translation of the entire game!