Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) Improvement Hack
Control/interface fixes:
-Sword attack and other fast attacks aren't canceled when landing if you attack right before landing
-Faster falling speed acceleration
-Can make an already summoned supporting char stay in place or vice versa and they don't start following you as quickly
-Can place markers or notes on the map screen or it auto-marks points of interest
-Can jump or duck cancel out of an attack animation (can back dash to cancel it)
-Shop menu wraps around and you can quickly browse lists with l and r
-The CPU controlled ally won't attack while out of range of an enemy and won't face the wrong way when using a sub weapon with them while they're summoned (they're also more consistent about mirroring your jumps)
-Can jump out of a slide and it's no longer kinda slow at the end
-Shop menu shows clearly if an item is currently equipped or not
-Can see the damage of a sub weapon/attack in the menu
-Dive kick overrules double jump if pressing down in mid-air
-Can perform a critical attack in mid-air
-Can use spells in mid-air (at least if maining Charlotte)
-Can dive kick and high jump as Charlotte
-More forgiving hit detection when dive kicking enemies since you want to use it to get past them
-Can spam dive kicks to travel faster (can jump cancel the roll at the end)
-Charlotte doesn't stay after being temp-summoned for a stat boost spell
-Can make the supporting char jump with a button combo such as L1+jump to not have to use the stylus

-Somewhat longer invincibility time to help with the fast repeated attacks that can take you out super quickly
-Non-static difficulty in the late-game with a minor boost to enemy and boss stats depending on the order in which you beat the four last painting sub areas.
-Switching chars between attacks with to hit faster if timed right is more viable with slower weapons for those who like to use this
-Rebalanced use-based leveling for Jonathan's sub weapons - weaker shuriken and darts; stronger grenade, ice needle and other ones gained in the late-game are a bit stronger. Mastery is easier to get with each one and the mastery ring is a bit cheaper
-Charlotte can move while charging a spell to its strong version to make maining her more viable
-Rebalanced gear so that there are more distinct ones and fewer redundant or soon to be redundant ones
-Can only carry 6 of each regular potion, 4 of each high potion and 3 of each super potion
-Some HP/MP is restored when leveling up
-Can dash out of ducking. Longer backwards dash (or you can spam it quicker) and improved sliding are added as a passive upgrade in the mid-game instead of being tied to gear. This could replace the push upgrade since it's kinda lame. These and the easier dodge roll should help with the Whip's memory boss so you don't have to cheese it
-Can't bounce on the frankenstein's monster's machine gun shots
-Can't slide through the whip's memory boss without taking damage
-Simpler dodge roll move (back, down, forward then A for example) so you can use that against enemies like Whip's memory
-Somewhat tougher enemies early on (can't just destroy axe armor axes with regular attacks for example) and fewer enemies can be hit through platforms
-The upgraded vampire killer whip is the strongest weapon and/or gives an INT boost of 10 while the holy claymore gives a boost of 8
-Less tight timing on stopping the train at the beginning of the 13th street area
-New enemies sometimes appear in already explored areas when backtracking later on (see CotM; not having them makes backtracking less interesting)
-Harder fourth painting area boss and somewhat easier Stella boss
-Second phase of dracula does his triple throw attack more consistently
-Enemies like gunmen can turn around
-The miser ring's damage boost is faster to accumulate (1 per 20k instead of 100k) while the max amount of money is lower

-Redesigned painting sub areas so that some or all of them connect to either one other sub area or another part of the main castle. You can also get the movement ability in each one that has one before facing its boss.
-Better side quest descriptions and less grinding involved in some of them
-Killing enemies with critical attacks refills MP to encourage their use
-No delay before a rocket slash activates plus Forward lunge sub attack doesn't make you bounce backwards as much so you can follow it up another attack - no forward dash in this game
-Hard mode unlocked by default
-Quick save/sleep feature allows starting at the most recently visited save point if you want)
-Added air dash for the owl transformation
-Can stand on petrified enemies
-Hercules ring works against all attacks
-A few more team puzzles to make better use of this mechanic
-Higher default luck stats and/or drop chances. This makes it easier to get the item that reveals breakable walls (or visual clues can be added to these)
-Can finish stuff like the statue's tear fetch quest without first activating it
-Similar sub weapons are grouped to speed up mastery (see Secret of Evermore rebalance hack)
-Casting sanctuary successfully on the sisters is easier but you now have to weaken them first
-Removed large rusty block hindering your progress which is found early on since you'll soon end up on the other side of it and can teleport between the two areas it blocks the path between anyway
-Toggle for the chars' shouting each others' names when switching
-Added enemies to most of the empty rooms and some corridors are made more interesting, perhaps with spike pits and/or disappearing blocks
-Removed invisible roof in the sky outside the pyramids
-Added parallel worlds theme as it's done in DoS for at least one of the sub areas (can enter mirrors in DoS to explore the "other side" of certain rooms - an underused element which could've been further explored here)
-Key spells and morph spells carry over in new game+ and player starting level can be chosen
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Meanwhile, hello to all Hackers.

I would like to draw the attention of all those capable of changing PSX games, especially in translation.

I noticed that all versions of RESIDENT EVIL - DIRECTOR'S CUT
they all have non-original presentation with cut and black and white scenes.
However, I noticed that only in the German version this is not the case, on the contrary, it is even in color.

All this has no reason to exist for me.

Coming to the point of what I mean here, is that there are so many languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable, both original and possible to change with a hacker modification here, and I wonder why not make an Italian version as well?

The game for me is the best, I like it a lot, I'm sure that anyone who sees this game as well as me would suffer to know that this game has these missing details and that the game does not exist in one's native language at least with a translation below, so I want to pray someone who is interested, I would like to see the game in Italian, and the presentation in the * full version * and * in color *, what I would like is this, including others if there are any missing details I have never known, because if I have to tell the truth about this game in German with the full presentation video I have never played it, as I have never tried to play the almost twin version BIOHAZARD in Japanese, (this is with full video but in black and white) it would be nice if in this version in Italian you could choose, with a selection, a BIOHAZARD mode, that is a simple mode slightly faster than normal together with the other three already existing.

I know that what I ask is a lot if I talk about this further added mode, but if it were impossible, it doesn't matter, I wouldn't ask for more, the important thing would be to be able to play with that presentation in Italian with full color video and with, if there were any , other cut details of the full in-game version revealed and with an Italian translation.

The German version is with the writings in the video, obviously if you could not remove those written in German to change them into Italian I want to suggest as help, the full color video on the YouTube network of the video without written below, so in case you can draw from there to change the video of the game in Italian, below, at the bottom of the post I will put the link.

I want to kindly ask everyone who can, to do it, someone help me, if I could do it I would do it and publish it, but I am not capable.

I hope an Italian can read, someone passionate like me of the genre, RESIDENT EVIL - DIRECTOR'S CUT
and he is interested in all of us Italians passionate about the horror genre.


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Hello everyone,

since I previously talked about RESIDENT EVIL I would have a very nice idea for all fans of the genre that plays PSX games and dedicated to whatever version I will take here and now I am going to write in the presentation of my idea ...

You could create a "simple" software (in the idea), a completely automatic software to extrapolate the hacker modifications of the RESIDENT EVIL games for pc (1,2 or 3) to keep them in a modification file to be added to the psx version desired , a software that therefore takes into account how the original game is set up inside the PC game image, already knows the differences between the original PC games, recognizes the modified version for PC, and the differences between the original image used and the version mod. of the pc game, to then be able to build a modification file of this software with its extension, which could be, or transferred directly to a .bin file or could be saved to do this at a later time, where the created file , subsequently it could be applied to any existing version for PSX (RESIDENT EVIL 1,2 or 3) because already inside, the software would already know the differences between the existing versions and therefore would be able to modify each file chosen for writing knowing each type of game version psx (RE 1,2 or 3), whether it is an unlocked or non-unlocked version, so as to be able to create a mod version for psx that uses a RESIDENT EVIL 1, 2 or 3 game version and in any case that a European version is used , US or Japanese or other, Italian, German or French type.

It is a big job I realize, but the result would come out would be a really beautiful thing for all psx players and lovers of the RESIDENT EVIL genre who do not want pc games like me but only PSX versions to keep games and programs for Separate PCs with no OS installations and wanting to play with PSX emulators, of course you could do the opposite with mod versions of PSX games to be transferred into PC game images, but that's another story and I don't think it's very worth it, the mods the RESIDENT EVIL versions for pc are really many while those for PSX are few.

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Hello everyone again

I would have an idea already suggested some time ago, but I propose it again in the simpler version to work with, a simple job that can certainly deflate the most difficult job for those who put themselves there to want to change the maps of SMB3.

As you all know, everyone takes care of it, there is the SMB3 map editor, you know that the screens of the original worlds there in this dedicated software cannot be changed in size, for example let's consider world 1: since there is only one screen, the software for how it was built fails to be versatile and to be able to free the problem of being able to modify subsequent screens when they have more screens already set in its dedicated offset of the map with hex editor, so here I would like to suggest a small and simple change to the software, another small white drop-down menu could be added as a function, such as the one for selecting the world to be modified, a menu that displays the type of set for that map in real time, the value but expressed in numbers of screens, by simply writing 1,2,3 or 4.

It could very well still be a function that takes into account the mapping setting of the SMB3 .nes file when opening one, so I don't think there could be compatibility problems, I'm not able to do that, but if it were me I would do it with absolute certainty, I don't think it involves a big job, it seems to me just stupid, but a very useful one I would say.


A TMNT Tournament Fighters (Sega Genesis) hack that tones down the cheap CPU opponents, makes the bosses playable and makes use of the Genesis six button controller. The game normally uses only 3 buttons. The A and B buttons are used for light and heavy punches and kicks while the C button is use for taunting. This 3 button layout is really bad for a fighting game, so I think that this could be a better layout. X Button - Light Punch, Y Button - Heavy Punch, Z Button - Taunt, A Button - Light Kick, B Button - Heavy Kick, C Button - Taunt     


Can some one translate NES Basse Def Adventure's to English please.


Would there be anyway to improve the scaling effect for throwing Foot Soldiers at the screen in Turtles in Time? The choppiness of that effect is honestly my only real annoyance with the SNES release.


You know a game I would love done for hacking purposes? Magic Knight Rayearth...at least for the SNES. I mean hack it to make it the sequel book that never got adapted in any other format other than the manga and Anime. I would love to play in the Rayearth verse again and go against the other countries that want to be a new pillar after the events of the first arc.


One idea for Metroid I, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission:
Change the low health alert so it is more similar to Metroid II and Samus Returns (starts almost inaudible and grows louder the close you are to 1 HP)


Any one ever considered making a small hack to give all blocks in smb3 to behave like white ones. So you can go behind the background more often.



Here's an idea.

Could someone possibly do a button switch patch for Superman for NES that would trade the placements of the Special Power button and the Jump Button????

It has always infuriated me that Jump is set to UP on the D-Pad, this makes walking left and right without jumping a total pain.

Plus it's just awkward when you consider that MOST games of the 2D era had jump set to one of the buttons, not a D-Pad direction.

Considering other people have made simple button swap hacks for things like Mega Man and Bass to set the dash to R instead of A, editing the buttons for Superman NES should be relatively simple. Right?


Quote from: WeebeeGeebee on March 26, 2021, 04:17:29 PM

Here's an idea.

Could someone possibly do a button switch patch for Superman for NES that would trade the placements of the Special Power button and the Jump Button????

It has always infuriated me that Jump is set to UP on the D-Pad, this makes walking left and right without jumping a total pain.

Plus it's just awkward when you consider that MOST games of the 2D era had jump set to one of the buttons, not a D-Pad direction.

Considering other people have made simple button swap hacks for things like Mega Man and Bass to set the dash to R instead of A, editing the buttons for Superman NES should be relatively simple. Right?
could be simple, but would pressing UP activate the special? (I have no experience with this game)


Hi hackers,
It would be fun for nes "son son" to have a 4 players version. Easy for small kids to have a party!


A hack request for Road Rash (32-bit) on Saturn and/or PlayStation version:

I love the licensed 90s grunge soundtrack of this game but it's wasted to play only during menu screens and not while racing.

I'd like a hack to replace the awful original in-game driving music with the licensed music and also bump up the volume a bit.

For reference, the Sega CD version of the game does this perfectly but for some reason all the other versions use the awful original music.


Here's a new idea, thanks to the last Stinkoman game update: A hack to have Megaman in the Stinkoman levels.


If this isn't the right place for this, let me know.

Anyway, I wanted to call attention to a hack that I think needs a little fix. The hack in question is Mega Man's Soccer Restoration >>> https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4215/

My Review of the hack summarizes the issue I have with the hack.

I would say this is a great hack because it finally gives us the ending and other missing things from the original. But the hackers decided to make the curious decision to buff Mega Man's speed to 55 (it's 40 in the vanilla rom). This makes him the fastest character in the game, even faster than Dr. Wily and makes using any other characters pointless for offensive roles. I was easily scoring double digit wins on almost every match of the first 8 robots.

Like I said, great for adding cut content, but made easier for no reason.

Some examples of how OP and easy that makes the game.

That's a +78 Goal Differential in league play.

20 goals? are you serious???

I am aware there is a way to cheese the game and get easy goals from sweet spots, but it shouldn't be this easy. The defense would almost always run me down at Mega Man's vanilla 40 speed.


Has anyone tried to make a patch reducing Tales of Phantasia on SNES' ridiculous encounter rate? Are there tools that could fix it? I would play the SNES version but the encounter rate is insane.


We need a rom hack for Wily Wars(Mega Man 4-6)also password system for each game


I was trying some R-Type DX for GBC and... Two things bothered me:

  • It takes long between the (in-game) Nintendo logo and getting to game select. It would be nice if the transition played out twice or thrice faster.
  • The player's hitbox is a bit off. That seems to also extend to the GBA port of R-Type III. How I noticed that? Things brushes underneath or the front, nothing happens... But if it touches the void behind or above the ship, BOOM!


Quote from: Retrolife on March 30, 2021, 07:14:51 PM
We need a rom hack for Wily Wars(Mega Man 4-6)also password system for each game

There is a Wily Wars 2 fan game being worked on currently for the Genesis: https://youtu.be/SRM9FXayp7Y
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A hack of WWF In Your House (PS1 and Saturn) which plays the wrestler themes as the stage background music. All three versions have music but the DOS version plays them as stage background music. Also a hack for the PS1 version that changes the flow of the combo meter (left to right) to be like the one on the Sega Saturn version (from the middle). Additionally a hack of WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game (PS1) that plays ingame music during matches - because the PS1 version has music but it did not play during matches (the other versions play them).
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Any chance a a hack can be made for Mega Man 7 (US) to speed up the dialogue boxes? I know some hacks that have that incorporated into their versions but I don't see a hack specifically that JUST has that option...