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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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This sounds silly, but a Gunvolt or Copen (both chars from Azure Striker Gunvolt series, Copen even got his alternate timeline game) hack for NES Mega Man games could be a quite interesting challenge.


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Is someone already adding those to game? If not I could probably do it on the weekend.

Would be really cool if you do!


So here is a thought that I think no romhacker really thought of yet now that we have playable zero for X2.

If you all recall there is a distinct gap of time where Zero must have been elsewhere after he was rebuilt and before he rescues X from Fake Zero and Sigma. Why not turn Megaman X2 into a Side-story that is a retelling of the First Mega Mission depending on the romhackers intentions?

Replace the three X-hunters with Schmitt, Curtiss, and iX(another type of Copy-X if anyone is curious)
Turn the Mavericks of X2 into their limited forms or replace them all with the X1 Mavericks with their limited forms (or mix them both)
Have Mother Limited corrupted by Sigma as the Final Boss for Zero (when Zero goes to find the Super Computer).

Basically the goal here is turn the First Mega Mission to be part of the video game canon, but done very differently. Example would be iX continues to exist in Card Series after X2, but in this format he'll meet his end prematurely (thus never heard from again in the later games).

iX would be like a mirror to Fake Black Zero, basically Dr.Doppler in the background trying to get surveillance and combat data from both X and Zero.

It will also set the stage for X3.

X2 I think is the only game where you could theoretically put a fan side-story compared to the rest of the games.


If you're entertaining requests, I would prefer if it was the NES "sequel" to Kung Fu, which I think was not released in the US. Wish I could recall the title.  But it looks like a superior game.
Edit: It was Spartan X 2.
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Is someone already adding those to game? If not I could probably do it on the weekend.


Final Fantasy IV - VI : A small 1 and 2 on the hand cursors to differentiate players (some people play with an online audience)

Chrono Trigger - Allow input from both player 1 and 2



A restoration hack of Return of Double Dragon similar to the one done on Super Ghouls'n Ghosts where most of the slowdown was removed would be appreciated. There's already a hack on here that removes the 30FPS framerate limiter so the first big hurdle is already cleared. I just think it would vastly improve that game.




I'd love to see a lot of new translations (like Racing Lagoon, Toukon Retsuden 1-4, Wrestle Kingdom 1 & 2, King of Colosseum 1 & 2, ... ) but the Hacks I'd like to see the most are FPS hacks/improvements of StarFox and Stunt Race FX


NHL 94 Sega Mega Drive is possible to edit all teams, but why not FIFA Versions?  :'(


Here's 2 hack ideas

Hack Target: Renegade (the NES port) to be more faithful to it's "Micro" roots
Hack Renegade or Target: Renegade and convert it wholesale into "Renegade III: The Final Chapter" (yes, it exists - look it up!)


A hack of NES Bomberman or Bomberman 2 where the maps have varied placement of the indestructible blocks. From what I have seen in hacks so far, every map features the same grid of safe blocks, so Bomberman is never farther than one square away from safety. It would be more interesting to see randomized or designed maps, where the density of safe blocks decreases as you progress from one level to the next.


A hack that removes the player's shot sound in Elemental Master for the Mega Drive (for all of the player's weapons). The game has an awesome OST that is completely ruined by the obligatory constant shooting.


A random level generator for "Batman - Return Of The Joker" (NES)?


I wanted to edit sprites in Mega Man X2 and X3 to start out wearing the armor from the previous games, ie. start with the light armor in X2 and start with the X2 armor in X3. It looks like All that would need to be done is to edit all of the base Mega Man sprites. The upgrades (which looks like a tougher job) wouldn't need editing at all.

I attempted to use yy-chr, but the sprites don't align; they're jumbled up pretty badly.

In the past, I edited a Proto Man Sprite edit to look better (or worse? lol) in the NES Mega Man games. I think I used a Mega Man specific rom editor, though. That was a LONG time ago.

Another idea I had was to edit the Super Mario All-Stars version of SMB 2 so that when you jump, all 4 chars hold their arms up whether or not they're holding anything.

It would look better and be more faithful to the NES version. It looks kinda stupid for them not to, imo.


Hello there, Romhacking community!

Lately I've been going over a lot of the game I love and played the hell out of them throughout the years.
While I still have many projects left to be done (mainly Zelda 1 & 2 Redux), I have ideas for other Redux projects which I am not sure might even happen, but I'd like to share the ideas in case someone adept enough decides to take these ideas into a fully fledged hack.

While the list is just a handful, this doesn't mean I might make them, but nevertheless here are some of the many ideas I have for other hacks:

Ocarina of Time Redux:
OoT Redux Ideas

(Based on Randomizer v5.1):
* Randomizer-based to have all the QoL from it (Toggle boots from DPad, Ocarina on DPad, bugfixes, faster text, bunny hood accelerates Young Link like in Majora's, etc.)
* Remove all code related to cutscene removal
* Remove Rando Title screen code
* Remove seed hash code from File Select screen
* Have all items in vanilla locations (Seed: S11YGOB8C3 / id=267188 / Settings: AJCYTKJSB2FMAA2WCGAAAAK2DUCA)

From BetterOoT instead:
* Add Ocarina to D-Pad down
* Port Bunny Hood code (for BetterOoT maybe?)

Metroid (NES) Redux:
Metroid Redux Ideas

* Combine Metroid+Saving v5 with Metroid: Mother
* Check all text and fix possible wrong tilemaps with text after combining them
* Fix the 8 Energy Tanks making bottom selection on File Select disappear
* Check ending and fix whatever's needed
* Make "Metroid Mother" graphics optional
* Unique animated sprites for lava, doors and others for vanilla Metroid graphics

Pokemon Crystal Redux:
Pokemon Crystal Redux Ideas

* Use pokecrystal as base
* Redefine all Pokemon locations based on GSC and RBY for a full 251 Pokemon in one game experience
* Unique party sprites per-pokemon from the Wiki: https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/wiki/Add-a-new-party-menu-icon
* QoL changes (Fairy type, physical/special split, etc.). Check pokecrystal wiki for more changes
* Running shoes
* Other changes based on Perfect Crystal

Pokemon Yellow ++/Redux:
Pokemon Yellow ++/Redux Ideas

* Use pokecrystal as base. This way all of the Gen 2 features are used in Yellow Redux (better inventory, Pokedex, GameBoy Color palettes, etc.)
* Remake RBY assets in Crystal. Get rid of Johto altogether
* Merge locations for Pokemons from RBY for a full 151 pokemon in one game experience
* Unique sprites based on the best sprites from RBY converted to full colour assets for GBC/Crystal
* Follow Me script for Pikachu
* Pikachu reactions script
* Pikachu Surfing Mini-game script
* Implement Silph Scope behaviour for the Pokemon Tower from RBY into Crystal
* Unique party sprites per-Pokemon: https://github.com/pret/pokecrystal/wiki/Add-a-new-party-menu-icon
* Physical-special split, Fairy type, etc. Check pokecrystal wiki for more changes

Any ideas for a Majora's Mask Redux would be nice, I tried thinking of some but couldn't really come up with anything besides being able to use the Song of Double Time to jump to whatever hour or day you want, like in the 3D Remake.

Let me know what you guys think, or if you have other Redux ideas!


Hey Shadow!

Would you consider a Robocop Redux?  Basically a port of the arcade game to NES.  I know a guy that could do the sprites.  :laugh:

OG  ;D
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Out of those, Metroid Redux sounds the most enticing to me.

That said, I'd really love to see what you could do with an Ys I Redux. The NES port delivers the core of a great Ys experience, though it definitely has some issues. Despite these, it remains one of the best action-RPGs on the platform. Simply making it so that you don't have to be so near to the screen's edge before it begins to scroll (a rather huge problem in a game with bump combat) would massively improve things.


John Enigma

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Maybe a Metroid II Redux would be nice.
Yes please.

Hopefully with a map system that you can activate on the Pause menu, if possible.

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And since we're on the same topic as other Redux games, I can recommend you three more games (two of them happen to be really obscure):

  • Mother 1 GBA (from Mother 1+2) Redux - basically, all the great stuff from the 25th Anniversary Edition hack ported to here, plus the music fixed
  • Castlevania: Dracula X Redux - this particular entry should've been an exact port of Rondo of Blood, and that never happened
  • Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Redux - since you brought the topic of TLoZ: Ocarina of Time, I figured I brought up this incredibly obscure title


Heya, this is a request for assistance for those experienced with Mario Kart DS... I'd like to disable the 'rubberbanding' routine for the CPUs, so that they always drive at normal speed. I noticed if you run a CPU in Time Trial mode, it will always drive at normal speed as there are no opponents on the track. Does anyone know anything about this? It sounds simple but probably isn't...

All I've managed to do is find the place in memory where the CPUs are stored during the race, and found a few addresses I can edit, but nothing relating to the rubberbanding.

If you can help, thank you very much!!