[Archived] Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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I've been playing Blaster Master: Enemy Below and Blaster Master: Blasting Again and had some ideas for hacks.
Enemy Below:

  • Just like the hack Metafight Alpha, have a hack that changes sprites to match Blaster Master Zero style.
  • Decrease Blaster/Beam projectile limit for both Jason and Sophia or...
  • Make Jason and Sophia's beams much faster to allow extra dakka.
  • Improve Jason's gun levels since the later one really sucks compared to the NES ones.
  • Improve camera to have it "view ahead based on the direction you are facing and allow you to "look down" as Sophia to avoid blind drops.
  • One thing both NES and GBC suffers of: NO MAPS! We could use them...
  • Oh, and one terrible thing that needs fix: the lack of diagonal movement.

Blasting Again:

  • Swap Turn and Dodge between Dpad left/right and L1/R1.
  • Smooth up the turning accelertation to make it easier to aim.


For 2020 we need an Mega Man Wily wars 2 for Genesis Basically the game is Wily Wars but the Mega Man games are 4-6 in the game select menu
Feel free to create this hack asap for all the Mega Man fans out there


Insert "Witty Text" here.


Quote from: sil3nt_j on January 05, 2020, 01:09:02 PM
Hack idea: Karate Kid game based off of the first movie.
Weren't you working on one for Game of Death?


It was just an idea. Why, was somebody wanting to make it?


sil3nt_j: Those look cool, hopefully someone'll make a hack with them. pacnsacdave been wanting to talk to you about that Crow Batman hack.


Hey googie, pm me when you get a chance. I've been meaning to get back to you. Sorry it has taken so long.

I would love to see a Cobra Kai hack of Karate Kid, maybe with Johnny as the main character and with Allie and Mr Miyagi playable. I'm just trying to figure out how it would go as far as stages and enemies.


moved the sprites to the next page.


amazing :o, that today there is no patch available to the English language of this great title of the Knights of the Zodiac.

exclusive to the Bandai WonderSwan Color, based on the 2 titles of Nintendo / NES 8-Bits.



Simple NES Kirby's Adventure Controls Patch

Improve how Kirby is controlled by mapping the first Kirby float to the A button instead of pressing Up on the d-pad. Controlling Kirby would be much better if pressing Up on the d-pad only moved Kirby up ladders and not make him use the float move.


Hey guys, I noticed that gender-swapping hacks are popular these days.
Well, there is a game that really could use one.
Ninja Princess was an old arcade game by Sega.

But for some reason when they ported it to the Sega Master System as The Ninja, they changed the female protagonist into a male one. It would be cool to see the female protagonist Kurumi be restored.


would anyone be interested in making a 2 player hack of karate kid? i think it would be cool to have different characters selectable like: Johnny, Miyagi, Chozen, Kumiko and it would be great to play 2P simultaneous


How about a hack of the original NES River City Ransom with the River City Girls as the protagonists? I wouldn't mind a game hack of that one day.


Quote from: julayla on January 14, 2020, 04:18:29 PM
How about a hack of the original NES River City Ransom with the River City Girls as the protagonists? I wouldn't mind a game hack of that one day.

That'd be pretty cool to play, I'd play it for sure. :D


Could somebody hack TMNT III The manhatten project, to replace the throw attack by pressing up + B, and replace it with the jump slash attack from TMNT II The Arcade? Then Nintendo versions.
I have always been annoyed by doing that stupid throw attack!
If someone does this, thank you so much!


A Super Mario Advance 4 level editor, with all the items added in e-reader levels, this would be on some parts more complete than Mario Maker!


Widescreen patches for bsnes hd beta widescreen modes as non mode 7 games have sprites cut off left and right.


The GoonDocks site has a patch for the European Mario Bros. "Classic" release that adds high-score saving and NTSC support!

However, to enable NTSC you need to hold down the B-button on boot. Which I assume works on an actual console, but I am not able to pull this off with an emulator (using OpenEmu on Mac).

Would someone please be able to patch this so that it is NTSC by default?


Updated the Karate Kid sprites.


Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES - a sequel to SMB1 and SMB2J -

The following images are just mockups, this romhack combines existent romhacks, SMB2J and SMBDX (GBC):

Separated palettes inspired by SMB Beginner hack: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2012/
Also Boo from SMBDX (GBC) is introduced here:

You can see the world maps like SMBDX (GBC)

You can play two players as this Romhack does: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4180/

Left-Right Scrolling to get back any time in the level.
Toad and Peach animations like SMBDX (GBC)

This romhack is possible, sadly is hard to make and I don't have any knowledge.