Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Playing through FF Tactics on the PSP and had my black mage learn a high level spell (thundaja) in battle with an enemy black mage, kinda like how a Blue mage learns its skills from beasts. Was wondering if anyone has decided to put in an actual Blue Mage job and skills learn from enemies.
A log of some kind.
. Videuss (Youtube)
it's not the official way and relies on luck\randomized placement of bears. USC


guys, make a hack GOST n GOBLINS where the sprites will be replaced with sprites from Dark souls.  for example, the main character is Soler, and his spear can be replaced with a zipper


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Isn't the biggest problem of SoR 2 on SMS that it is so slow? Optimizing it might be less work than copying the music or making a GG to SMS conversion hack.

Okay then, but at least the charathers looks to rubbish, i wish i could have them from SOR1 in to the SOR2.  ;)
The reason why i ask the first game.

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I'll probably dive into Mega Man Xtreme 2 soon, and try to see if I can apply an edit that will make you gain items (heart tanks, weapons) for both characters regardless of whom you're playing as, in Extreme Mode.

Similar to what DarkSamus added to his X5 Improvement.
Helicoptering about till I find some ROM hacking treasure.


How would it be possible to reintroduce this effect into SMB 3 that was cut from the US version?

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i think it would be neat to have the title screen curtain come up and introduce each new stage. like opening onto a stage


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i think it would be neat to have the title screen curtain come up and introduce each new stage. like opening onto a stage

Yeah, kinda like what the Super Mario Bros. 3 TV series did to introduce each episode and stage with title card


A nother hack i wish to see it translated in to English or Portuguese, because this game is interresting.
Released by Visco and added in to MAME emulator.  ;D
Need 2 IPS Patches, one is for translation, and the secound one if possible, unlock the charathers.
It seems using cheat.dat it doesn´t work sadly.  :'(
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Going to compile the known list of Final Fantasy II bugs/gripes into an easily readable list, since past posts were a bit rambly and got lost in the flow of this thread. Most of these should likely be incorporated into a single bug fix patch similar to those available for FF1, though single standalone patches would be appreciated if someone is willing to take a crack at fixing even just one thing. Something is better than nothing.

  • Stats, Weapon Skills, and Spell Levels still being checked even when they are maxed. This leads to annoying end-of-battle message spam for maxed out weapons "leveling" any time you perform a single attack. More fundamentally though, this means that you can arbitrarily lose Strength, Intellect, or Stamina in a battle only because the game still checks to see if Spirit, Strength, or Intellect (respectively) increase when they are maxed. This entire routine should be skipped in the case of maxed out stats.
  • Speaking of maxed out stats, there's no actual cap on HP or MP, meaning that HP can go above 9999 and MP above 999. This results in some buggy behavior, as the game attempts to display the values in the stat window using 3 figures, so you end up with hexadecimal values like 9D0 instead of 1030, and in combat it tries to display the full value, but only has 4 or 3 places so cuts off the most significant digit. There needs to be some check to ensure HP and MP do not raise above 9999 and 999 respectively.
  • While testing and in the same vein of Weapon Skills, it appears that there's some sort of bug, underflow perhaps, pertaining to Weapon Skills once they reach 14. At 14 and 15, a single attack will instantly level them up if attacking a Rank 1 enemy formation, perhaps because of the Weapon Skill experience malus. A gripe not as frustrating as the above listed bug.
  • Evasion and Magic Defense levels do not display as leveling up in your stat window after the battle which earned the level up. You must complete 1 more battle before the display is updated.
  • Party-wide magic spells cast by enemies add to Firion's Spirit Up counter.
  • Protect does not affect anyone but the caster, whether target-all'd or targeting an ally.
  • Dispel does nothing. Unclear what it is supposed to do.
  • Ultima is supposed to scale (in an unclear way) based on the skill levels of your other skills. Remakes of FF2 can likely be referenced to adjust this in a way that works.
  • Aura 8 does not grant Undead protection, and Barrier 8 does not grant Ice protection.
  • Wall can be exploited by casting it on monsters to ensure that Toad, Break, Death, and Warp work on them. Wall's effects should likely be checked before any routines handling animation or other effects take place.
  • Healing items in combat are bound to casting on self, rather than allowing a target to be chosen. This renders Phoenix Down, Gold Needle, and Maiden's Kiss useless in combat.
  • Sap only acts on the least significant byte rather than the whole of a target's MP.
  • Healing Staff heals Undead as well as hurts them.
  • Ripper appears to display incorrect damage values, which was fixed in remakes.
  • The middle two characters, Guy and Maria, are biased by the enemy targetting algorithm, taking significantly more enemy focus than Firion or Character #4.
  • That's it for bugs. A standalone title screen patch as seen in Neo Demiforce's translation would be nice to be used with newer translation projects, or even just the base JP game.
  • More involved and potentially game-breaking if changed, but I find it maddening that key items, which already take up valuable inventory slots, seem to remain with you even when they should be consumed within the context of the story. There is no way to dispose of them either, and it makes inventory management more miserable as the game goes on. Why is the Goddess's Bell still in your inventory when it permanently opens Kashuan Keep after one use? Why is the Pass still in your inventory even after its similar single use access? Why is Egil's Torch still in your inventory after acquiring Sunfire? Why are BOTH still in your inventory even after throwing them into the Dreadnought's core? Why are the previous three of the four mentioned items ALL STILL IN YOUR INVENTORY when the relevant plot point blows the fuck up? I'm in the Deist Cavern with a WyvernEgg, trying to hatch it, and I'll bet dollars to donuts even after it hatches and there is a living, breathing Wyvern in the game world, I'll still have that damned egg in my pockets.

So I found another fun bug... Clearly they did not expect anyone to level their HP up to 9999 or higher. HP can indeed go above 9999. Imagine my surprise when I leveled from 9992 HP to 99J1 in my menu. In battle, it would try to display the values correctly, but due to the number of spaces available, 10091/10091 became 0091/0091. Add this to the list of things that need to have some sort of check for maximum values.

EDIT: Now I'm forced to wonder if MP can go above 999 as well... It would be really helpful if there were a disassembly of this game to see what sort of spaghetti code is resulting in these bugs.


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I'll probably dive into Mega Man Xtreme 2 soon, and try to see if I can apply an edit that will make you gain items (heart tanks, weapons) for both characters regardless of whom you're playing as, in Extreme Mode.

Similar to what DarkSamus added to his X5 Improvement.
What about a patch to start with Xtreme Mode unlocked 😬


I noticed a consistency isssue is SOR 2 its not huge but i find it odd in 2 you can body slam the fat guy fire breathers by body slamming them while it is nice to do the 1st and last game have him hurt you if you try is it possible to fix this?


Do it... go now. Go look. In the hacks section. Look there, at the "Games" drop-down menu.
LOOK AT IT. Scroll down, not "J".. scroll down, not "M".. scrolling, scrolling....
AHHH the "S" section.
Do you see it, or rather, do you not see it?
All of these brilliant and wonderful people that are way smarter than me and I'm quite sure, way more handsome than I...
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No one has made a SINGLE hack for the SNES version of Shadowrun?
I mean come on.. a futuristic, cyber-punk setting, where dragon owned corporate technocracies control the world.
Somebody, do something here. I'm dying, I mean slowly day to day, but I am dying. Please someone at least lie to me, and tell me there will be fixed pixel hack in the next century.
Thank you for participating in my light harassment.


I'd like to see the US version of Virtua Racing 32X getting the JP ability to save lap times and the mirror mode. I'm not smart enough to create that kind of hack on my own.


The Game Gear versions of Streets of Rage 1 and 2 needs some tweaking, I know they're not going to top the Genesis versions, but make them playable at least. In the GG SOR1, the character's punch combos are way too slow and doesn't stun enemies long enough to finish them, that's if you're lucky enough to even get a punch off to begin with, which brings me to my next issue. When you're trying to get close to punch enemies, you're most likely grabbing them by mistake, leaving yourself open for damage. Another problem is that, there's no invincibility frames when you're getting up from a knockdown, meaning enemies can keep knocking you down, causing you so many lives and continues in a matter of seconds, it's so cheap and annoying, especially when you're trying to beat the game on 1 credit. The GG SOR2 only suffers from bad hit detection and the same problem from GG SOR1, getting up from knockdowns.


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I'd like to see the US version of Virtua Racing 32X getting the JP ability to save lap times and the mirror mode. I'm not smart enough to create that kind of hack on my own.

For mirror mode then are there any screen flip options in an emulator or your OS? Sometimes you will see them just because but those things aimed at projectors and arcade cabinets often have such tricks. Anyway that + mapping the controls to be left is right and right is left and you have it (give or take mirrored locations, scores and whatnot). Afraid I don't know the megadrive and 32x hardware well enough to know if there is such a tricky in hardware (it is right on the cusp of it being a generally seen feature) as that can also do things for you.

Score saving is not the hardest hack but it is almost invariably in assembly territory. Usually amounts to making the cart think a save is present (don't know if you just do it or have to change some header values or get more exotic, and then punting it to and from said imagined area.


Also, isn't Mirror Mode already in the game with a cheat code?
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I think there is a cheat, yes, but the JP version's battery back-up allows you to permanently unlock mirror mode if you beat all the circuits in 1st place, and save that info along with lap times.

You also get a medal even when finishing in 1st place in Easy Mode, which does not happen in the US version.

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Spawn (SNES) hacks:
*Easy moves (did you know that some of Spawn's moves in the game are very complicated?)
*Spawn's moves cost less Necroplasm
*Comic-accurate sprite colors
*New villains based on later issues
*An MSU-1 hack featuring the cartoon opening and the movie soundtrack
*(Optional) Spawn's sprite based on the movie Spawn

Spawn (GBC) Hacks:
*Final level playable in Easy Mode

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I'm uncomfortable calling this an idea when it's really a request for a (hopefully) simple fix. Is there any possibility that someone can add the big and readable font from the Seiken Densetsu 3 translation to Trials of Mana? I was curious enough about the new script that I was willing to replay ToM again, but this right here just isn't working out.


Only asking because I tend to capture screenshots of playthroughs just to have something to look at later on, and that clearly can't happen with the current font.

Edit, just now occurred to me that maybe the font from the translation would create issues with longer dialogue in Trials of Mana. But maybe some other solution for the font size would be possible to add?


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Perhaps now that there is a complete spanish translation of Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, it would be easier to do an english translation :3

Just please dont use it as a base, you can use dictionary and vwf instead of the squishytext and those 1200 tiles for text.