Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Quote from: FiZiX on November 13, 2019, 01:33:37 PM
A hack to fix the misplaced pixel in the title screen logo for Super Mario World. Example:


Open SMW in a hex editor, and change $5CA20 from 7F to 3F. You're welcome. :D


I think it would be pretty neat for some games to have title screen hacks that refer to them as the name they might've had if they were localized back in the day. Like the Romancing SaGa games being called Final Fantasy Legend 4-6, or Final Fantasy 5 being called Final Fantasy Extreme.


It was the '90s, surely the spelling would have been like Final Fantasy X-TREME (with Randy Savage emphasis). :D

Wasn't Romancing SaGa (3?) once rumored to have been considered for a "Final Fantasy IV" localization? (that would've been a super-late consideration)
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Meh I'll just leave this here. Maybe someone can use it.


Castlevania The Adventure - Smoother Engine

I feel the only things that keeps it from being truly great lies in the way it's programmed: it runs slightly too slowly and a bit inconsistently so, too. On hardware other than the original DMG Game Boy screen-tearing is also apparent. Since its sequel Belmont's Revenge fixed almost all of those issues and games like Super Ghouls n Ghosts got fan-made patches that reduce slowdown significantly, I was wondering if fixing The Adventure would be possible, too.

Or maybe even a port to the Belmont's Revenge engine would be feasible (which I assume to be a modified version of The Adventure's engine)?

There is a speedhack available, but since it only makes the player character faster and nothing else, it ruins the game's difficulty balance and also doesn't address any of the aforementioned technical problems the game has.



I respect your effort - it's good for what it is, essentially being an easy mode.

But for someone like me who enjoys the challenge of the original it makes the games too easy, since enemies still move at a regular speed. I also prefer to have weapon downgrades intact and I'm rather fond of the original power-up icons.

edit: Just played through your hack again and in addition to what I wrote before I'd also like to add that I feel it makes the player character actually move a bit too fast (personally I feel like Belmont's Revenge had the perfect amount of speed). And while for the most part the added velocity makes things easier it also makes some jumps actually more difficult, since it's more likely to jump too far now, to "overshoot" so to speak. I appreciate the effort making the items look more in line with the rest of the series, but the redesigns lack clarity, especially when played on a smaller screen. The original designs on the other hand were nice, clear and distinct.

I hope you don't take this criticism the wrong way, since the hack works pretty well for the most part and I could see it making the game more enjoyable to some people. And the fact alone that you even bothered to make a hack for this "black sheep" game is very much appreciated. It's just not quite what I'm looking for.



Streets of Rage 1 Hacked version from Streets of Rage 2 (Master System): Change all music from all levels in to the first game, as we can see the 2nd game is not that good compared to the first, one. I wish was able to play a better Street of Rage 2 on Master System anyways.  :(

I found this anyways: http://www.smspower.org/Hacks/StreetsOfRageII-GG-GG2SMS


That sounds not bad, would be good to see it made as streets of Rage syndicate wars


I have a lot of simple good ideas for romhacks like:

N Warp Daisasuken for SNES with Zelda OoT weapons

Mario Kart GBA Tracks

FZero Kart - like a Super Street Kart...FZero with guns

Top Gear with Horizon Chase tracks

Metal Warriors 4 players hack

Yuyu Hakusho Final easy moves


SoR hack - Comix Fighters

This project is a crossovers of comix characters of genesis like Turtles of Rage

Plot: Sket Turner use his powers to make a team to save the "Comix world" from a vilain (Lord Dracon from Power Rangers a white ranger Sprite edit)

Cast - Sonic/Shadown(Archie) Spiderman/Venon (Separation Anxiety)
Sketch Turner (Comix Zone)
1 of TMNT (or all 4)
The Tick (Darkhorse)
The Mask (from SNES)
Punisher/Fury (Capcom)
The Shadown (Movie)
Batman (Justice League Taskforce)

Details - just the same of Turtles of Rage but with more enemies from others SoR hacks like Gouki from Udon Street Fighter or the big robot of RoboCop or Terminator to makes like a Kingdom Hearts of Comix , the use of Comix Zone onomatopoeia, change name of Stages and elements from others games in background with a linear way

More is much here

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Easy moves

Yu Yu Hakusho Final

Art of Fighting 2

Eternal Champions

War of the gems

Front Mission Gun Hazard robots in Metal Warriors

Mario Run SNES

A "Smash Bros" like game editing Bomberman 5 game with top view chars like Zelda - Goofy Troop - Final Fantasy - Logic Bomb -

Biker Mice from Mars bikes in Rock in Roll Racing


Quote from: CrispX on November 20, 2019, 10:15:15 AM
Streets of Rage 1 Hacked version from Streets of Rage 2 (Master System): Change all music from all levels in to the first game, as we can see the 2nd game is not that good compared to the first, one. I wish was able to play a better Street of Rage 2 on Master System anyways.  :(

I found this anyways: http://www.smspower.org/Hacks/StreetsOfRageII-GG-GG2SMS
Isn't the biggest problem of SoR 2 on SMS that it is so slow? Optimizing it might be less work than copying the music or making a GG to SMS conversion hack.


Like the Chrono Trigger fan sequels, and prequels that exist, I propose a interesting idea regarding Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy I currently has a fan prequel to describe possible events that may have happened before the events of FF1 so this is out.

Final Fantasy II I believe has no loose ends.

Final Fantasy III I think has no loose ends either unless someone wants to explore the Warriors of Darkness.

For FF games that can have a story extension:

Final Fantasy IV has room for a fan game prequel which I believe doesn't exist yet.

Final Fantasy V this definitely has room for a fan prequel and possibly a sequel based on the anime (which not many people know about).

Final Fantasy VI can explore the War of the Magi


I love the work MIJET did translating and hacking Mega Drive games. Nevertheless, I'd like a hack to change Trouble Shooters Vintage to Trouble Shooters 2 or something like that. I find the "Vintage" part of the title a bit confusing and doesn't make it to look like it's a sequel.


I want a hack of super Mario land 3: wario land that changes wario into Mario and modifies the enemies, graphics and story and turns it into a true mario land 3. The title being Mario land 3 but not having Mario as the main character always bugged me.


Or you could just remove the subtitle from the title screen ;) (I'm pretty sure the only reason it had "Mario" in there was for marketing reasons only)

I certainly wouldn't mind a Mario/Wario swap, since it finally would reveal Mario as the greedy bastard he is. But since Wario is supposed to be a Mario parody anyway, I've always seen him as Mario portrayed more honsetly.


I wonder if there would ever be a way to fix Feng Yin Dao on the nes that game is just a broken mess of glitches all over the place.


Similar to Vague Rant's palette hack for Super Mario Advance 4 (which restores gamma, as it would when played through a Game Boy Player), the only other game notable game to sport GBP colour changes is Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - which reduces the contrast a bit.

We've got the suite of GBC-GBA colour patches and this lone GBA-GBP colour patch; but Superstar Saga is strangely absent.


Quote from: redmagejoe on November 03, 2019, 05:32:11 PM


Going to compile the known list of Final Fantasy II bugs/gripes into an easily readable list, since past posts were a bit rambly and got lost in the flow of this thread. Most of these should likely be incorporated into a single bug fix patch similar to those available for FF1, though single standalone patches would be appreciated if someone is willing to take a crack at fixing even just one thing. Something is better than nothing.

  • Stats, Weapon Skills, and Spell Levels still being checked even when they are maxed. This leads to annoying end-of-battle message spam for maxed out weapons "leveling" any time you perform a single attack. More fundamentally though, this means that you can arbitrarily lose Strength, Intellect, or Stamina in a battle only because the game still checks to see if Spirit, Strength, or Intellect (respectively) increase when they are maxed. This entire routine should be skipped in the case of maxed out stats.
  • Speaking of maxed out stats, there's no actual cap on HP or MP, meaning that HP can go above 9999 and MP above 999. This results in some buggy behavior, as the game attempts to display the values in the stat window using 3 figures, so you end up with hexadecimal values like 9D0 instead of 1030, and in combat it tries to display the full value, but only has 4 or 3 places so cuts off the most significant digit. There needs to be some check to ensure HP and MP do not raise above 9999 and 999 respectively.
  • While testing and in the same vein of Weapon Skills, it appears that there's some sort of bug, underflow perhaps, pertaining to Weapon Skills once they reach 14. At 14 and 15, a single attack will instantly level them up if attacking a Rank 1 enemy formation, perhaps because of the Weapon Skill experience malus. A gripe not as frustrating as the above listed bug.
  • Evasion and Magic Defense levels do not display as leveling up in your stat window after the battle which earned the level up. You must complete 1 more battle before the display is updated.
  • Party-wide magic spells cast by enemies add to Firion's Spirit Up counter.
  • Protect does not affect anyone but the caster, whether target-all'd or targeting an ally.
  • Dispel does nothing. Unclear what it is supposed to do.
  • Ultima is supposed to scale (in an unclear way) based on the skill levels of your other skills. Remakes of FF2 can likely be referenced to adjust this in a way that works.
  • Aura 8 does not grant Undead protection, and Barrier 8 does not grant Ice protection.
  • Wall can be exploited by casting it on monsters to ensure that Toad, Break, Death, and Warp work on them. Wall's effects should likely be checked before any routines handling animation or other effects take place.
  • Healing items in combat are bound to casting on self, rather than allowing a target to be chosen. This renders Phoenix Down, Gold Needle, and Maiden's Kiss useless in combat.
  • Sap only acts on the least significant byte rather than the whole of a target's MP.
  • Healing Staff heals Undead as well as hurts them.
  • Ripper appears to display incorrect damage values, which was fixed in remakes.
  • The middle two characters, Guy and Maria, are biased by the enemy targetting algorithm, taking significantly more enemy focus than Firion or Character #4.
  • That's it for bugs. A standalone title screen patch as seen in Neo Demiforce's translation would be nice to be used with newer translation projects, or even just the base JP game.
  • More involved and potentially game-breaking if changed, but I find it maddening that key items, which already take up valuable inventory slots, seem to remain with you even when they should be consumed within the context of the story. There is no way to dispose of them either, and it makes inventory management more miserable as the game goes on. Why is the Goddess's Bell still in your inventory when it permanently opens Kashuan Keep after one use? Why is the Pass still in your inventory even after its similar single use access? Why is Egil's Torch still in your inventory after acquiring Sunfire? Why are BOTH still in your inventory even after throwing them into the Dreadnought's core? Why are the previous three of the four mentioned items ALL STILL IN YOUR INVENTORY when the relevant plot point blows the fuck up? I'm in the Deist Cavern with a WyvernEgg, trying to hatch it, and I'll bet dollars to donuts even after it hatches and there is a living, breathing Wyvern in the game world, I'll still have that damned egg in my pockets.


While Googling to see if I could find anything remotely resembling a disassembly of FFII, I found that ChaosRush had, at one point, planned to do a bugfix patch for FFII. Seeing as how he has moved on from these projects though and recently released a final hotfix for his FFII translation, I think it's safe to say that no one has made any progress on creating a bugfix patch(es) for FFII. Sad days.