Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Hey, I've been playing a ton of the two Pokemon Trading Card Game titles for Game Boy Color recently, and I had a couple suggestions for small hacks.

Randomized Coin Flip: When a human player flips a coin, the result isn't random. If you know how it works and have good timing, you can get the result you want every time. I'd love a hack that replaces this with a proper, randomized coin flip.

Phantom Cards: Both games have two cards called the "Phantom Cards" that can only be obtained via the Card Pop! feature, which is the TCG's equivalent of the Mystery Gift. As there's no realistic way of getting these cards without cheating anymore, I'd love hacks that add proper ways of obtaining them to both games.
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I was reading this stuff about the creator of Castlevania: http://shmuplations.com/castlevania/

The first tidbit talks about how Akamatsu was inspired by Indiana Jones to make the hero use a whip.  I was thinking... how about an Indiana Jones themed Castlevania hack?


I like the idea of a indy Castlevania hack but you might have a problem getting the Nazis past the censors. Most important would be to get Short Round in and keep Shia LaBouf out. ;)
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I'd like to see a hack of Castlevania Chronicles (PS1) which tweaked sub weapon function to an unmapped individual button (triangle or R1, for example) instead of the usual "up + attack button" combination.
The other thing weird is that while there're two buttons for attack - square and circle - the input of square button and circle button can't be chained; the game won't receive command of circle button input if the square-button whip attack is still pulled out. If 1) the commands of two attack buttons can be chained or 2) one of the attack button slots can be mapped to other useful functions (circle for sub weapon, for example) it would be a much more interesting Castlevania title than the shape it currently be. Or a full-scale GUI-based control tweaker in the style of Mega Man X6 tweaks patcher.
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warioware inc style game where you play bits and pieces of random snes games
doesnt really add anything to the games themselves. just a challenge.


A tool to covert psx games from Pal - 50 hz to Pal - 60 Hz. Like the similar snes tool.


Talking about Castlevania, imagine a Metroidvania where the main character would be nothing less than John Constantine (and his yellow-beige overcoat moving in the style of Alucard's cape), who would be asked to investigate an anomaly and 'possession' of an entire building like Empire State Building ...

In this building each floor would become a new and different dimension where the goal would be to advance to the superior (always leaving through the central elevator) facing various dangers and supernatural enemies until you reach the last where you would face the final boss possessed by some devil ...

But this was not really the last battle, after defeating this last boss would open access to an elevator that would take ...

(And just like in Castlevania SotN.)

... to the depths of the Earth, right in hell, where there would be another Empire State Building upside down nailed to the roof of this underworld, where again John Constatine should fight on each floor in a much more macabre version until he reaches the top (or should I say the bottom) to find his greatest enemy, precisely Satan himself ...

What did you think???

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I would love to see a NES port of Clue for the Sega Mega Drive.
Now you're playing in... three dimensions.


Has this suddenly turned into a homebrew/tool ideas topic? :D


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Has this suddenly turned into a homebrew/tool ideas topic? :D

But are not they hacks too?
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I love Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, but I believe the game could be made better with a hack that:

- Makes the Sea of Death stage shorter.

- Removes the last level. The game is long enough with 6 stages. The last one is just a boring battle with multiple Red Arremers and a final boss that is just the previous level final boss but recolored.

If somebody wants to play the original game with the same patch, there could be the option of playing the game with the normal mode and the new shorter mode at the title screen.


Somewhat surprised after so many years it hasn't been done yet, but a re-localization of Persona Eternal Punishment would be most welcome, and some other required changes. It is for the purpose so it can match with the remake of Persona 2 Innocent Sin.


someone somewhere is working on the psp version, i saw it on gbatemp i think?


Quote from: Kallisto on May 17, 2019, 03:09:45 PM
Somewhat surprised after so many years it hasn't been done yet, but a re-localization of Persona Eternal Punishment would be most welcome
A hacker by the name cj_iwakura has done some work on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyQWlgB96d4



A speed-up / slow-down removal patch for Thunder Spirits, similar to that one for Gradius III that was recently developed


Hello everyone, I have a question. I want to know if you have a patch for Final Fantasy VII from the psx that lets with dash auto, I know it may seem a bit lazy, but it's pretty annoying after a while, having to be holding "X" forever. All other games came with this option, and the GBA remake as well. And if this patch does not exist, could someone with experience do it? in fact it's a simpes thing ... Thank you! :crazy: :D  :crazy:


Heeello, I was wondering if a patch for Lord of the Rings Conquest for the DS exist that switches the camera to more of a 3rd Person View rather then top down. I'm asking because in the back of the box, that I have here, shows the game being played in like a 3rd person view.