Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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US Championship V'Ball (Arcade): A hack that will restore the unused graphics for both the New York & Los Angeles stages: https://tcrf.net/US_Championship_V%27Ball_(Arcade)#Unused_Graphics

OutRun (3DS & Switch): A hack for both ports that will restore the Ferrari Testarossa back to them.


Quote from: ShadowOne333 on February 08, 2019, 10:17:02 AM
Here's one which I particularly would love to see.

Make a hack of Super Mario 64 DS which maps the analog controls that are used for the touch screen, so that you can use said analog controls with the analog stick on a 3DS or any emulator, effectively revamping the whole gameplay to SM64 levels of smooth playability.

i play this one on my GPD XD+ with analog movement, but it is glitchy AF to get to work, and it only works with the built-in left stick (no controllers do it)

and i have to use a mod Skellux made that you patch to a SM64DS rom (it makes the cursor on the bottom screen not move around at all, after it appears. this is MUCH better on it's own, and functions similarly to the "analog stick" on the lower screen in Rayman DS)

and then i use the floaty button things to make the left analog stick move the touch cursor on the device to the (simulated) DS touch screen.

basically it's like mapping the analog to the touch screen of the device, and make sure the touch screen of the DS lines up with it.

it's not an easy setting to get to work, and if i open other DS games it throws off all the settings again.

so basically i got it working and figured out. the side flip move (one of my faves in 64, and almost impossible to even do on the DS) i can do them one right after the other (just like on the N64 version)

maybe all DS games could use hacks or "emulator settings" to get them to work right.

i mapped the Dementium controls to work with both analog sticks (AWESOME) and you can still use the touch screen for puzzles, it is just a real butt-pain to have to change all the settings every time, and i couldnt get the Fire (trigger) to work while the right stick "mimicked" the touch screen,

(the N64 emulator is the only one i know of that lets you map different settings for every game, and i know about "front ends" or whatever i've just never played around with them.

but this could be useful for a lot more DS games too. any game that needs analog movement (left stick) or analog "look" (right stick, for FPS games) could get little control patches that get them working better.

but SM64DS is a game that should have never had a "run" button to begin with. it's implementation is SUPER shoddy as well.  the game needed a button (preferably the "L" button) to be the "slow" button.

here are my ideal controls for SM64DS (these could be applied so these controls work on real hardware, AND for things with analog sticks, like my GPD XD+ or any tablet)

D-pad - movement, always full speed (hold "L" to do the tippy toe slow walk)
R - crouch/SAME

Y - Punch
B - Jump
(so these 2 mimick the B and A on a 64 controller)

X - camera Left
A - camera right
(so these mimick the C-Left and C-Right buttons)

start/select - same

the camera zoom in/out could still be in the right lower corner of the touch screen (but i would prefer it be added to the select button (too), so wouldnt have to have ANY touch screen controls)

this would be the best version of the game. best way to play on a DS and 3DS especially.

i think it was Nintendo's policy to try to add tacked on crap to games (wacky new touch and waggle stuff) so that may be why they didnt give us an "always run" option. that would have helped at least.


Quote from: ScissorsBeatsKonan on February 10, 2019, 01:12:16 PM

Since it looks like this already has an English localization on Sega CD, it is more of a hacking issue.
None of these games look text-heavy so if you find a hacker, I would be willing to do them.

im glad your willing to do them but I dont know any hackers like i sad im new to the whole posting thing I mainly just know how to patch and play the game lol


Hey! I always thought it would be nice to take out all the boring levels of Shadow of the Empire or even the new "Empire Strikes Back" and just make it a pure reductive action game that repeats the same major levels again and again (like the AT-ATs and asteroid fields, etc.) The inspiration came from the Atari 2600 grind game "The Empire Strikes Back." Something about that simplicity that makes it fresh. Alas, I have no romhacking skills. But I'd be willing to help someone on the idea end if this project is feasible. The dream game would be to take "Shadow of the Empire" and redux it as "Empire Strikes Back" and just cut out the boring scenes. Maybe even change the text or characters to be consistent with the movie, like changing Dash maybe into Wedge? Stuff like that. If anyone is interested, hit me up here! Cheers


Top Gear 3000(SNES) - There are lots of bonuses you can win during a race, however the b bonus is inaccessible, it would be great to have a hack where you can get the b bonus or hell, just discovering why it is inaccessible and what would trigger it would make my day.

Driver(PS1) - Alter the police AI in the last mission "The President's Run" so they behave like they do in the rest of the game and the mission can be actually doable.

Spider Man 2 Enter Electro(PS1) - Restore the content that was cut after 9/11, level names, the last level and it's cutscene where Spider Man and Electro fight on top of the world trade center.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe(SNES) - Enable you to play the championship or world series with 3 or 7 minute matches, while the game gives you the choice of playing 3, 5 or 7 minute matches in other modes, you can only play 5 minute matches in the championship and world series.


Quote from: vinivhsoares on February 12, 2019, 06:05:28 PM
Spider Man 2 Enter Electro(PS1) - Restore the content that was cut after 9/11, level names, the last level and it's cutscene where Spider Man and Electro fight on top of the world trade center.

Considering some copies are reported to have leaked to the public, has anyone ripped an ISO? I would think getting that version backed up if it's not, to be the better solution.
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Yes, someone did ripped the ISO file of it and put it on The Lost Media Wiki site, you can get it there.

I have a legit copy of that version, I bought it from someone on ebay for $20, I was the only one that bid on it.


Quote from: KingMike on February 13, 2019, 01:32:29 AM
Considering some copies are reported to have leaked to the public, has anyone ripped an ISO? I would think getting that version backed up if it's not, to be the better solution.

Yes, my first copy of the game was the uncensored version, however Spider Man runs much faster than in the final version and the image in not properly scaled when you play it on a real PS1, you can't see bars that are in the bottom of the screen like when you are chasing a train with Sandman in your back, so it would be great to have a version that fixes this.


So here is a very simple hack I think even the most amateur can do, find a way to slow down the clock in Suikoden 2 as some of it's content is time sensitive.

To me this was a big glaring flaw with S2 considering what would happen if you don't rush S2.


This is probably a lame Idea, but while playing the regular Crystalis today I had this image in my head that someone out there could make a complete Rom Hack out of it and turn it into a story from "The Tomorrow People"  You could rename the Wisemen from Zebu = John,  Tornel = Tyso, Asina = Millicent, Kensu = Kenny, Stom = Steven, Messia = Jade, and while the Main Character can be named his Default name can go from SNK to say Adam.

The Four of Dragonya's Warriors can be renamed Byron, Culex, Sogguth, and Akhara.  While Emperor Draygonia can be renamed Jedikiah after the Robot Shapeshifter. 

And the plot could be rehashed as some kind of plot between the Thargons and the Sorsons with the Tower in the Sky holding a Nest of Swarming Ngarrah Aliens.   Of course the Swords can be explaned as "Adam" being the only Tomorrow Person that can kill, and the Warp Boots could be renamed into "Jaunting Belt". 

Probably a lost cause but Just an Idea I had.


I'd like to play Wacky Races for NES but I dislike dogs. If the main character was hacked to be a cat that would be so cool!
Now you're playing in... three dimensions.


Quote from: POWCo-op on February 15, 2019, 07:22:16 AM
I'd like to play Wacky Races for NES but I dislike dogs. If the main character was hacked to be a cat that would be so cool!

Like this?


I don't know if there are many Ufouria nes fans here but it would be realy cool to see a Ufouria sprites transfer to Hebereke, because the Pal version feels realy sluggish compared to Hebereke, it would be cool to play both versions in NTSC


King of Fighter 96 (Unl) hummer team for NES

apparently it was predicted that the roster of fighters would be 20 instead of 7 :o, I think it would be the most characters in Famicom / Nes, if it is hacked and recovered all that material removed or damaged

the characters were in total 13 eliminated from the final game, they are all in the Rom, but with broken graphics that have to be corrected to make them appear in the game and have even their roster chip intact in the code

the weight of the game initially with all the content removed would be around 1.25 MB, if someone from the Romhacking community makes a hack recovering and fixing this content, they would have a very decent and more complete game.



- Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (NES):

I don't remember if I said this before, but a shadow for the main character and the floating platforms would be a nice touch.


could someone hack digimon world 3 and transfer the song Miracle Maker from the japanese opening movie to the international (US or EU) version of the game?


can anyone fix the 3 player hack of seiken densetsu 3; it just has bugs whenever the 2nd player faints, and the 3rd player is still awake players lose control. I dont know if its possible to make a game shark code with a joker command to retain control of a character. its the best game for the snes imo; https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/179/


Mega Man X8 (PS2, PC)
Adjust jump height, speed, and wall jumping physics to be closer to how it was in X4-X6


Digimon World 3 / 2003
Keep the game menu on the fly, without "unload" the game screen :p
Check the minute 18:10, the menu its open along the game, that is good, but opening any option this goes to menu and "forget" the game screen, one time yu leave the menu this loads again the game screen :s


Megaman & Bass [GBA]:

The Brazilian Patch somehow ported the localized GBA logo in the main screen and in the player select.

Someone, port that into the AGTP project! I tried to do that, but the ROM crashed tragicomically.