[Archived] Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Zero Dozer

Quote from: ShadowOne333 on January 19, 2018, 04:04:35 PM
There is already one Super Mario World hack which completely redoes the graphics:

It does look like a more handdrawn style compared to vanilla Super Mario World.
It's been out for while, thought you already knew of it (if you didn't).

Yet it's not like this idea presented here. The one presented here takes nice cues from the graphical power Super Mario World 2 demonstrated.



Super Mario Bros. 3 Redrawn ( Nes graphic improvement hack )

A complete sprites graphic improvement for a Super Mario Bros. 3 Redrawn Nes hack as the IceGoom user's GFX patch style

a graphic improvement patch, that changes all the sprites for others more style cartoons, of some GFX package, there are many quality sprite packages available for Super Mario Bros. 3 of Nes like Sics

some user who faces the project of mounting this hack, can not contact IceGoom to communicate the project


Quote from: PresidentLeever on January 20, 2018, 10:40:37 PM
Well it's cool that you've had a look at it, it's quite bad in that one.

Interesting, I'll check it out. I had the impression that it was usually fairly simple to change, since a code was made for the Mega Drive Double Dragon port.

It is not difficult in the same way some hacks make for changes that have all sorts of odd effects within the game and you have to hunt down and change each one.
It is not difficult in the same way some hacks need say a fair bit of text compressed and inserted back and the hacker then gets to hunt down space and crowbar it in where they can, or otherwise having your code running on the ragged edge of possibility if you have to get in within a vblank loop.
Equally it is not something one can possibly do the hacking for and palm off to someone else -- I build a text extractor and inserter, or same for a sprites or music, and I can then wander off and let whatever more linguistically or artistically inclined person do whatever they feel like doing and probably not even have to bother me.

It is more that
Say you have a game that keeps your character in the middle of the screen all the time. Enemies come in and owing to sprite sizes and speed you might have an unreasonable quarter of a second to react, with a bounding box such that you can be three quarters of the screen away and thus say a more reasonable reaction timeframe (such a thing could fundamentally alter a game, no argument there at all, possibly far better than instead slowing things down which could be another solution).
Trouble is you now have to define a bounding box (if bounding box does not make much sense think instead like a dead zone in a joystick) for a game which never had even the notion of such a thing; if you have ever seen a widescreen hack and the enemy only starts operating when the normal standard width kicks in then something similar could apply here. You then get to possibly sort this out, which might be harder if the original devs could quite rightly assume the player is always going to be in the middle.
If the game already has a bounding box then you might be able to pump up the size of it, or maybe change it for one of the other styles mentioned, or maybe set the player's normal position three quarters of the screen length from the right (assuming standard left-right scrolling game). Though changing location might trouble things if you are prone to being attacked from both sides.


I'd like to see a text cleanup / restoration of Soul Blazer. After reading these notes of the original unwatered-down version:


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Super Battletoads Arcade for Game Boy :o

someone to be released or hacked into a patch this ROM

it seems that it is not released officially, it is awesome for a Game boy


Quote from: sluffy on January 25, 2018, 11:26:36 PM
I'd like to see a text cleanup / restoration of Soul Blazer. After reading these notes of the original unwatered-down version:
There was definitely an intent to make the game harder in the localization.
The first boss room layout was changed so you can't spam attacks as easily, and I get a feeling later bosses were changed to make them harder (I haven't looked at the data, but I got a feeling they got stat boosts. I played the Japanese version once a few years ago and the bosses seemed to die more easily than I remember in the US version), though I'm not as certain.
(not sure if there were further differences in the PAL version other than semi-optimization as in the other Quintet games: they fixed the sound but the game is still slowed down. I could tell from the title screen alone it was slow :P as in the NTSC version the title logo appearing after the intro text should be synced with the music loop.)
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More trips to the arcade room, featuring me. Although, not necessarily the most original idea.
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Hi there,
I'd love for someone with the skills to hack the graphics to Journey to Silius to make it a Terminator game that it original had intended to be:

That would be so awesome and would make the best Terminator game out there!! :)
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Rodimus Primal

Something cool I wish the Hacking community could make would be Bestiarys for the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games. I know space in the ROMs have been a major issue, but it would be awesome if it could be done.

With all of the hoopla about color hacks for Gameboy games, here's my list of what I'd like to see:

Wario Land, Mega Man I-V, Kid Icarus, Operation C, Tmnt 1-3.


I think there should be a sprite and title-screen fix for 'Universal Solder' on the Genesis/MegaDrive.  The game was originally going to be a port of Turrican 2, but it became a lazy tie-in to 'Universal Soldier'. All Accolade did was change the title-screen and some sprites, they also replaced the top-down shooter stages with some of their own levels.

These changes were made late in development, so I figure it should not be impossible to revert some of them

The sprites and title-screen could possibly be adapted from Mega Turrican or the Genesis/MegaDrive version of Turrican


Make a sound replacement for Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. Restore back the Opening from the Series "Makafushigi Adventure" in the intro.

More details on: https://tcrf.net/Dragon_Ball:_Advanced_Adventure

Use the restoring for US AND EUROPE versions. I don't like the fact that restoring patches are made for just one region.


There's no hacks of the Punch Ball Mario Bros. & Mario Bros. Special games and I'm shocked as there 2 hacks of Super Mario Bros. Special here.

These articles tell the whole story on the 2 Hudson Soft games: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/punch-ball-mario-bros/


Hey, the Super Nt will be coming out next Wednesday, and Super Turrican: Director's Cut is built into it. I'd like to see a conversion patch for all three regional versions of the original Super Turrican that puts all of the Director's Cut data into the game, similar to what we did for Super Mario Advance 4 - All 38 e-Reader Levels and the "Drill Dozer EU - MULTI 5" patch we used to have a page for here. Of course, there's no way at all the patch would be hosted here, but I'm just throwing the thought out here for those who want to do something like we've done in the past.



Water Margin (Unl) [New Dump 2015] Genesis

someone knows if this Rom is released, I only find the original title in Chinese, without the hack patch in English

the idea would be to make a new language patch to English and redraw sprites of the characters

for example when running a new sprite animation


You know what would be good? Someone making MSU-1 hacks of the Sailor Moon SNES games


I would like to see a small hack for Mega Man 7 that will give Mega Man his red & white color palettes when you used Rush Coil, Rush Jet & Rush Search.


SSF2 "Arcade Edition" (SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE) :thumbsup:
is not finished, this incomplete missing stages and details
recover this user project maxxfarras to finish it

Super Street Fighter II (Arcade Stages) for sega Genesis


Quote from: cartridge_rom on January 31, 2018, 12:33:09 PM
is not finished, this incomplete missing stages and details
Yeah, like restoring Ryu's Default Gi to WHITE.
I think that alone misses the point of an "Arcade Edition".

Look at this work:
This is the "Arcade Edition" for SNES, and is more faithful. Although I'm not fond of MSU-1 music.