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Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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So far, Super Mario RPG Revolution seems to have to closest thing to what I'm looking for. But not quite.

I'm looking for something that cranks up the difficulty to kaizo levels and FORCES you to use everything at your disposal to beat the game.

Bob-omb mafia makes the game easier because of how you can grind against the carrots and purchase flower cases to instantly max out your FP. The last thing this game needed was LESS challenge.

Most "challenges" in this game effectively revolve around intentionally and arbitrarily handicapping yourself, such as using only one character for all battles, or not fighting any battles that aren't needed to progress the plot.

But even then, the challenge goes away once you figure out how to do it, due to the turn-based nature of the battles. For example, in the aforementioned "no optional battles" challenge, I know how to beat the Hammer Bros. at level one; all I have to do is jump on each of them once, then punch one to kill it, and use the last of my FP to jump on and subsequently kill the second, "valored up" one. Boom ... done. There's no "challenge" once I know what to do. I'm just going through the motions, just like a vanilla run.

I'd like to see a romhack that makes the game harder, even if I use everything at my disposal. Attack items ... Toadstool's healing ... Bowser's "terrorize" and "poison gas" techniques. I'd like to be forced to use Mallow in some cases, since some enemies will have really have defense but be weak to shock. Of course, I wouldn't know which ones those were my first time playing; that's basically what I'm trying to rekindle - my childhood memories of playing this game for the first time and trying to figure out what I need to do!

And I'd like to get rid of the OP items. This is the biggest part of my request that Revolution doesn't yet meet.

In vanilla, if I just slap the lazy shell and safety ring on Toadstool, she's indestructible. Use her to heal the other two fighters, and then, even against Culex and his crystals (let alone normal enemies), it quickly becomes a matter of "how long will it take to kill these guys," rather than "what will it take to kill these guys?"

Other examples of OP items include ... the Kerokerocola ... the Rock Candy ... the amulet ... and red essence. The attack scarf and super suit can stay, since getting them is so difficult that they are deserving of their OP status. Same thing with the Quartz Charm (as long as beating Culex is actually difficult, by stripping me of access to the lazy shell and safety ring as mentioned above).

No all-encompassing accessories, either. Each accessory can prevent ONE status ailment. The safety ring is the biggest offender, here, but there are plenty of other OP items that prevent instant death and/or all status ailments. I should have to use Psychopath on an enemy to find its weakness, then let them kill me, back back to my last save point, and equip the accessory that prevents whatever their status ailment is.

On the same vein, how about some accessories that increase the strength of my elemental attacks, or items that can be used to weaken enemies to certain elements? Make me be strategic with my equipment and inventory!

Give the enemies some higher stats to make it harder for me to beat them. With maybe the exception of goombas, every enemy in the game should be juiced up, and should also have their resistances and weaknesses shuffled around (in order to make me have to figure out their patterns all over again), as long as it's still lore friendly (e.g. keep the spikey enemies' immunity to jump, and keep the koopas' weakness to jump). Make a simple fight against a K-9 and two Frog-ogs feel like the equivalent of a vanilla boss fight, and make my first croco battle make me come out of that battle nearly completely deprived of mushrooms, syrups, and able juices. Make me have to USE that Pick Me Up the store manager gave me before I went to bandit's way!

Speaking of the store manager, make money valuable! Make me have to farm for frog coins, and make it so that I'll actually NEED 999 coins in order to stock up on essential supplies such as Mid Mushrooms upgrade my weapons and armor. In vanilla, my first trip to the Mushroom Kingdom store was the ONLY time in the game where money felt even remotely tight. Mostly because I'm just stocking up on maple syrups I'll almost never use (because as long as I have FP, invincible Peach can just use therapy, group hug, and come back; who needs mushrooms, pick me ups, or able juices).

And speaking of items, my next point: No more cure-alls. Syrups restore FP, and mushrooms restore HP. Fine. But able juice and Freshen Up can cure any status ailment. Why not make me have to buy different items for different status ailments? Antivenom for poison; coffee for sleep, beer for fear (since alcohol is sometimes referred to as "liquid courage") and so on. Make me have to manage my precious 29-slot inventory! If you insist on still having Able Juice and Freshen Up, make them expensive and/or rare, in order to make them deserving of their "cure all" status. Meanwhile, therapy and group hug should be exclusively HP-restoration spells, not status curing.

I could go on for hours, but I think you get the idea. Make Mario RPG grow up along with the audience who played it when it was new! Make me feel a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment, when I beat Smithy for the 9,001st time!

Any suggestions of downloads I can do?


There's an old saying "If you want something done right, do it yourself". Maybe you could do it. Try contacting everyone who's made a Mario RPG hack and asking them for technical advice / assistance.
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So I had an interesting idea that I have been experimenting with. I have been looking at Smash Brothers 64 being played on a Wii or on the computer via an emulator and I was curious if it would be possible to program tap jump off and/or a C-stick setup for the setup.

I think the easiest way to set this up might be to make the D-Pad function as a direction+A to mimic the C button (and then you can assign it as needed). The only issue I run into here while testing on emulators such as Sixty Force and using dual mapping, I come up with a C stick that does not function as I would desire it. It acts to counteract the control stick presses (ie: C stick left while holding right will get you a neutral aerial instead of moving right while performing a left aerial). It would essentially need to function in a way where it the D-pad would be the priority input but immediately stop until put back to neutral, therefore allowing the main stick to take over the function.

It might be an interesting coding challenge, but I wonder if it could be done.


Someone should turn NES' Die Hard into Hotline Miami... somehow. Yes.
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Quote from: stebbinsd on January 16, 2016, 06:47:19 AM

You may want to try SMRPG Armageddon.  There's more than enough difficulty to keep you busy in that hack, especially endgame.


I had a cool idea for a hack of Megaman 6. Basically, it would be Steven Universe-themed hack, and instead of Megaman and the Power and Jet forms, you could play as the Crystal Gems, with the goal to save Steven from Peridot or Jasper.

Garnet would be the power-type one, able to break blocks and punch short-range. Pressing Foward + B in the air would make her do a charging air punch, where she rockets foward while punching. Pressing Down + B would make her slam straight into the ground, eliminating enemies within the blast range of the attack.

Amethyst would be somewhat normal, with a mid-range whip attack that can be used in 8 directions. Pressing Down + A in mid-air would make her do a Spin Attack, which makes her fall straight down while curling into a ball, and when she hits ground, she rolls off like Sonic the Hedgehog, destroying enemies.

Pearl would be the quick one, with higher jumping. Pearl would attack at slightly longer range. Pressing B while standing still would make her fire a fireball (only one can be fired at a time), and pressing B while holding a direction makes her stab in that direction using her spear.

The eight Robot Masters would be replaced with some of the other Corrupted Gems from the series, like the Mother Centipeedle and such, and the goal is to poof and bubble them, and perhaps each Gem gets a different power or ability afterwards.

When you lose a life, you get poofed and your character's gem falls to the ground. Respawning after getting poofed shows the regenerating.

It would be cool if outside of the main gameplay, pressing select on the level select screen makes the Crystal Gems return to the temple/house, where you can go out on the beach or go into the rooms. entering the temple door as Garnet lets you enter the Burning Room, where you can see the gems you bubbled as a small detail, Amethyst's Room would have a bunch of junk as well as show any special items you may have gained, and Pearl's room would be for keeping track of your stats throughout the game (Time, enemies defeated, how many times you were poofed, etc).

If anyone made something like this, I would give them a cookie. :cookie:


StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge (NES)
-Make the jumps work more like in the prequel, to make platforming parts flow better.
-Remove most of the delay that happens when turning. See Zelda and other action adventures.
-Either increase the invincibility time or remove the hit stun. It's too easy to get hit more than once when an enemy touches you, unlike in the original.
-Remove or shorten the annoying "low on hearts" noise.
-Make it possible to detect holes in the snowy valley etc. Less trial & error.
-Make the first boss a bit faster so you can't kill it before it becomes a threat.
-Make wall cracks slightly more subtle.
-Make the sub weapons a bit stronger. They're almost pointless currently. 
-Make king Arthur's castle (inside) and the following dungeon a bit brighter and warmer looking. Most of the game looks kind of bleak already.
-Make the spike floor during the dragon boss fight fill in a bit faster. It's too easy to beat way before they become a threat.
-Replace the colors of the village on C-Island and the water in the C-Island dungeon with the ones from the original
-Make it easier to get the potions before the boss rush and add color to the bosses themselves. The rush creates a bit of a difficulty spike.
-Add some more tile variation to some overworld areas or make them a bit more compact. See HVGN's review.

Fester's Quest (NES)
-Increase the walking speed by 20% or so
-Enable strafing (keep shooting in one direction while moving around) by holding Select. No need for a pause button anyway.
-Reduce the duration of the movement slowdown caused by for example the flies
-Remove dead ends and pointless detours
-Make all resilient enemies and bosses take fewer hits to kill
-Make it so that you only need to open a door once, not have to use another key each time
-Make it impossible to waste keys or money when you're at full supply of what you're trying to pick up/buy
-Increase the default lifebar by one
-Make the spider in the southeast not respawn over and over or make it a bit slower
-Add checkpoints before and after boss fights. Starting from the beginning each time is painful.

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I've always felt that the first two Suikoden games would be great candidates for a hard type mod. They're all around great games that are severely lacking in challenge.


I'd like to do a small palette swap on Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rinne (PC Engine CD).

Picture on the left is how the screen looks like on original. As you can see, it's an eyesore. I never understood why they chose green for that background. Looks like vomit.

Picture on the right is my Photoshop edit. I picked some of the same palettes used on that screen. Looks much better now.

Does anyone know how I can hack those graphics into the game? I know it's a minor issue and I may be just nitpicking, but I'd still like to improve that area if possible.


Was it supposed to look like that, or is it an emulation issue?

Either way, awesome game and Maria rules. :)
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I know this might sound crazy, I know that I mentioned this game before, and I know that no one from Romhacking.net will do this or will be willing to do this, but I want Dragon Quest IV remade for the Super Famicom/Super NES using the Dragon Quest V engine, that is if a tool for editing the engine of Dragon Quest V (SFC/SNES) exists. I ask this, because this is the only Dragon Quest game that, by that time, hasn't been properly ported or remade for the Super Famicom/Super NES. The only ones that were made for the SFC/SNES were Dragon Quest 1 & 2, 3, 5, and 6.


Quote from: SunGodPortal on January 22, 2016, 05:34:06 PM
Was it supposed to look like that, or is it an emulation issue?

Either way, awesome game and Maria rules. :)

To be honest, I haven't checked the game on a physical PC Engine, but every emulator renders that area like this.

But I have the PSP port on my physical PSP, and I confirmed it looks exactly like that on that version. Since the game is a straight port, the area most likely looks like that on a real PC Engine as well.


QuoteTo be honest, I haven't checked the game on a physical PC Engine, but every emulator renders that area like this.

But I have the PSP port on my physical PSP, and I confirmed it looks exactly like that on that version. Since the game is a straight port, the area most likely looks like that on a real PC Engine as well.

Hmm. Looks like a bug. I can't imagine them wanting the background to be that color in that setting.
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John Enigma

There is no Dragon Quest V (SFC/SNES) engine editor, is it?


QuoteThere is no Dragon Quest V (SFC/SNES) engine editor, is it?

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Quote from: SunGodPortal on January 22, 2016, 08:04:16 PM
Hmm. Looks like a bug. I can't imagine them wanting the background to be that color in that setting.

http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?CastlevaniaRondoOfBlood_SS_100p_4010 (skip to 40:00~40:20)


QuoteFor console games, the recommended method is to connect your console's output to a DVD recorder and record it. Webcam or digital camera recordings are not allowed. You should use XP or SP speed for the best quality. For Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games, use the Game Boy Player add-on for GameCube: set the screen size to Normal with the filter set to Sharp, use picture frame 20 (the blank one), and do not stretch the image to full screen. Once you have recorded your run to disc, you must finalize the disc so that computers can read it.

They used real hardware to record this.


QuoteThey used real hardware to record this.

I was having problems with the video and wasn't being patient. Haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, this time I was referring to a bug in the game, not emulation (sorry if that wasn't clear).
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It is clearly a bug in the game. That is a very commom color used as alpha. Maybe there is something running in the background? Make it transparent and see what wonders are hidden underneath.


I've probably complained about this somewhere in this very thread, but someone should really go and fix some of the bugs in Breath of Fire 2 (the SNES version--I still don't get the popularity of the GBA version).  Making the elemental resistance work correctly would be a godsend that wouldn't break the game's difficulty.  I definitely wouldn't mind if someone maybe tried to rework the resistance system in the game too.

Also, make it compatible with the retranslation.  And preferably get that romcheck off the retranslation while you're at it.



Is there a site with more information of BoF2 bugs?

I only know of the game freezing after HighFort (the most dickish place for the game to crash!  >:D ) on the GBA version.
Google results have people only reporting it on VBA but I was playing on a real hardware (SP1). Too painful to play again. >:(
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