Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.

Started by Piotyr, March 23, 2007, 10:11:50 PM

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Quote from: SCD on August 18, 2015, 01:20:16 AM
The best way to do this is someone should hack a English translated patched Bare Knuckle III and replace the title screen with the Streets of Rage 3 title screen and change Sammy's name to his American name, Skate.

That would be a cool hack to see and play.

Didn't RedComet release his Bare Knuckle III translation patch years ago?
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Has there been a Dark Souls hack for a Zelda game? Or for AG's Zelda Classic?


I'd be surprised if no one has thought of that yet. I think Zelda II could be a good candidate for a Dark Souls hack.


I just played TOKI on the SEGA GENESIS, which could be almost considered a Contra clone.
Almost... except that you stop every time fire is pressed, so no true "run n' gunning".

The question is how hard would it be to remove that weird limitation?
To make it move & fire at the same time like a proper Contra game!

And some game play to illustrate the problem:

That's my idea/request, cheers! :beer:


The fire in place is arguably a game mechanic and removing it would rather change how the game plays, it certainly changes things in various other shooters (possibly also a Castlevania game on the GBA or DS) where one weapon might have that and another either allows full movement or slightly slower movement. However all that matters little.
On the swimming level (2:30 or so in that video) you seem to be able to fire and move at the same time so it is probably a control tweak added at some point in development, possibly one to facilitate directional (specifically diagonal) firing.
Two main possibilities.
1) The control handling code is awful and prioritises certain reads, though the swimming level would seem to negate that which is good as redoing control reading/handling code at that level is very annoying.
2) The shooting routine also stops the movement. I imagine it would be approached in a similar way to the true invincibility cheats for some games (or the die in one hit hacks if you prefer those). It would probably trouble the diagonal stuff a bit but again that matters little.

Alas I have not got any simple workarounds you might be able to implement as a cheat or something, save perhaps mapping the direction button to a turbo in your emulator but those seldom work well for movement.


Quote from: KingMike on August 18, 2015, 01:01:52 PM
Didn't RedComet release his Bare Knuckle III translation patch years ago?

Yes he did, but he didn't changed the title screen and Sammy's name to their American counterparts.


QuoteI'd like to see the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 2 hacked into a "Super" Doki Doki Panic
Ha, I love this idea. Or, the reverse, hack SMB2 (US) to be more like SMB2 (J) in length and play and level design. Any combination would be great!
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Quote from: dougeff on August 18, 2015, 09:36:36 PM
Ha, I love this idea. Or, the reverse, hack SMB2 (US) to be more like SMB2 (J) in length and play and level design. Any combination would be great!

That should also be done to the GBA version of Super Mario Bros. 2 as well.


Quote from: SCD on August 17, 2015, 09:59:00 AM
That's a cool idea you have there, there's a few more things that should be done to this game as well:

Better music and sound effects.
Better looking sprites for everyone and everything in this game.
Get rid of all the slowdown.
Maybe try and add some of the improvements that was done in the MM3 Improvement NES hack to this version of MM3.

I would also bring over the Bonus Mode and all the graphical enhancements that were only exclusive in the Sega Saturn version to the PSX version as well.

For the voice acting, I would replace all the English voice tracks with the Japanese voice tracks and add subtitles to the cutscenes as well.

I would also bring over the Japanese intro and ending songs as well.

All these improvements should be done to the PSX version of Mega Man X4 as well.

English voices are fine, just as long as whoever does them can have an appropriate voice for the character. And with that said the Iris scene with the Japanese voice actor in Megaman X4 was rather irritating IMO.


How about a Super Metroid palette hack to use the Zero Mission colors:

I created a demo image, but my photoshop skills don't translate at all into romhacking skills.


Kind of cool but it makes it look like it's glowing in the dark.
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I am sitting here wondering if this is the first time I have seen people want to go "to" GBA colours. Now 2004 is probably late enough to dodge the worst of the non backlit GBA induced trouble seen in many a GBA game/port (and many a GBA palette hack/restoration) but I could be wrong.

For what it is worth though the GBA and SNES use the same palette format (helps for many of the restoration hacks) so you might even have an easier time porting it across.


I'm trying to make a code for Clash at Demonhead that makes it so that you have all 5 hermit abilities once you rescue the hermit. I actually did make a raw code that does that, but I'm trying to see if I can convert it to a game genie code.

The code is 0511:1F (0511:FF also does the same thing in case it matters). I ran the debugger and added 0511 as the break point to find the ROM location, and I got this line:

>07:CEF5:8D 11 05 STA $0511 = #$00

What I'd like to know is, what can I do with CEF5: 8D 11 05 to turn it into a game genie code? Is it even possible? I want to be able to hard-code it into the game with Game Genie Guy or at the very least use the code on a real NES.


Quote from: ewzzy on August 19, 2015, 04:18:33 PM
How about a Super Metroid palette hack to use the Zero Mission colors:

I created a demo image, but my photoshop skills don't translate at all into romhacking skills.

That one should be rather easy.
If you are going for a palette change for Samus only, you can try searching for some info on the Super Metroid ROM to see where the palette for the character is stored, then open the ROM with SNES Palette Editor, go to the offset where the palette for Samus is stored and change the colours accordingly to your mockup.


How about fixing the god awful pirated Sonic game for SNES to represent an actual Sonic game?


The one that is just a sprite hack of Speedy Gonzalez (and with awful hacked "music" for some reason :P )?
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In the Famicom Disk System version of Monty on the Run, Changed things back to in the original forms (Like the main character changed from human back to Mole).


I just mentioned this on Board2 after someone mentioned a MM1 - MM6 collection for NES. (nearly impossible I think)

How about a re-imagined version of Wily Tower as a MM3 hack?
Instead of revisiting the first 3 games, there would be 8 new RMs that are invading a selection of passed levels from a different route.
These stages would have a timer mechanic to represent the urgency to preserve the timeline.
Then the revisit stages could be made into the Journey to the West stages plus a new 4th RM based on Ox/Bull Demon King.
Then Wily Castle would be made into Wily Tower itself.


Well I know I have mentioned this before:


but it would be nice to have a multiplatform utility that can automatically convert NES 6502 to Sega Genesis M68k.


I think I would sooner try to code a NES emulator for the megadrive.

I guess a could try to code a disassembler that used a common 68K assembler syntax. Or possibly even a macro/regex script to convert common opcodes.

I can not see such a thing being of any use to anybody really, well I suppose a magical porting machine would be but that is not going to happen -- a disassembler that can generate a useful disassembly that can be assembled again would be a reasonably impressive trick, useful cross platform assembly conversion of fairly radically different platforms is a god tier trick.