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Author Topic: Tales of Phantasia PSX2PSP CWCHEAT  (Read 361 times)


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Tales of Phantasia PSX2PSP CWCHEAT
« on: June 01, 2021, 08:11:54 pm »
Hmmm hey i just want to share this since no one make this and i got tired of searching for this kind of cheat on every forum or website and all i get is bullshits.. so i did it myself instead.. its only Max HP and MP though.. its enough to enjoy the game without heavy grinding..

_C0 Cless Max HP
_L 80086f0c 0000270f
_L 80086f0e 0000270f
_C0 Cless Max TP
_L 80086f12 000003e7
_L 80086f14 000003e7
_C0 Mint Max HP
_L 80086fac 0000270f
_L 80086fae 0000270f
_C0 Mint Max TP
_L 80086fb2 000003e7
_L 80086fb4 000003e7
_C0 Klarth Max HP
_L 800870ec 0000270f
_L 800870ee 0000270f
_C0 Klarth Max TP
_L 800870f2 000003e7
_L 800870f4 000003e7
_C0 Arche Max HP
_L 8007010a 0000270f
_L 800870fe 0000270f
_C0 Arche Max TP
_L 80087052 000003e7
_L 80087054 000003e7
_C0 Chester Max HP
_L 8008718c 0000270f
_L 8008718e 0000270f
_C0 Chester Max TP
_L 80087192 000003e7
_L 80087194 000003e7
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