Help Updating Script Chrono Cross Terminus Traduction Tool

Started by AwesomeHairo, May 28, 2021, 09:50:06 PM

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Hi. I'm working on just simply changing just the name of a weapon to something else, in Chrono Cross. Thus, in the tool (, I would only use Dump_Main, Dump_Termes, and Dump_Script.

I can edit the description of the weapon and it'll show in the game, but anything I edit in "0000 (Objets).txt" (so the changed name of the weapon appears in the list in the Equip screen) and in any of the "0008 (Script)" texts doesn't appear in-game after using the method of:

running Rein_Script.bat
letting it crash
edit the Rein_Script_txt (under 60_Scripts)
then running Rein_Script.bat again to update the image file.

If I simply edit the 3 files in "41_Textes_Apres" and then use Rein_ScriptC/Script1/Script, I'll get letters missing, which is immediately noticeable with whoever the random Member 2 is. The character would say, "There n turnin back, now!"

How do I edit the script in "31_Fichiers_Apres" (everything copied over from 30_Fichiers_Avant) and actually make the changes applied when reinserting? Thank you in advance.