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Creating IPS files

Started by rurinix, May 27, 2021, 07:49:29 PM

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I was always really bugged that Shredder on the NES TMNT game was orange.  I manually changed the pallet hex for all the sprites that that made up shredder throughout the game.  I have no idea how IPS files are created.  Is it possible to create an IPS from my modified ROM file (maybe some kind of diff function)?  I am looking for any information from anyone who made an IPS file, since I have no idea how one goes about making one.


It is completely trivial; you can do it with Lunar IPS or any number of other programs.  Just direct the program to your modified ROM and a copy of the unmodified ROM, and it will make a patch. I'm not sure what you're expecting?

Just make sure that your unmodified ROM is a recognizable dump that is readily available on the Internet. You'll also want to calculate the hashes for the unmodified ROM using or something similar. (That way other people can make sure that they're using the unmodified ROM for which your patch is intended.)

If your patch ends up being approximately the same size as the original ROM, then you've done something wrong – but the only thing you can really do wrong is selecting the wrong unmodified ROM.
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I feel completely stupid.  I didn't even see that "Create a Patch" button in the upper right.  Thanks a lot!