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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: NBA Jam 21: Playoffs Edition?  (Read 334 times)


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ROM Hacks: NBA Jam 21: Playoffs Edition?
« on: May 25, 2021, 08:16:12 am »

Update By: ponlork

The NBA Playoffs are here and what better way to kick off the postseason than with a special playoff themed release of NBA Jam 21 by user Ponlork for the PlayStation 1. This version adds Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Julius Randle, Jayson Tatum, Jimmy Butler, Trae Young, and Desmond Bane to round out the remaining playoff bound teams.

Each Playoff team is represented with at least one current player in the lineup giving it a nice blend of today's NBA players with stars of yesteryear. On top of that, the gameplay mechanics have vastly improved from previous releases. The timing of the poster dunks is much more accurate, you can just feel the dunks pulsating on impact.

Check out this Longplay video that showcases the mod in action:

Combine it with Duckstation and Parsec, you can easily get some 4 player action going on with enhanced graphics. The Attributes font was also modified to match the Arcade style, the player stats are much easier to read now.

It's time to pump up your sneakers and rewind the past. Grab a copy of NBA Jam 21 Ver 1.2 patch below:

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link