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Los Hermanos: an SMB1 hack for two

Started by tapout, June 06, 2021, 02:39:10 AM

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Hey folk, I'm working on an SMB1 hack and came to a roadblock today. I've been lurking these forums for advice for a few weeks, but now I genuinely need some assistance.

I wanted to make this a hack that utilizes simultaneous multiplayer, but don't really know how to implement it and had no luck contacting the creator of the vanilla patch, Corpse Grinder. I'm dedicated to finish this hack, but it being multiplayer was one of the original things I decided would be the focal point of the hack, and I'm not willing to let go of it.

Below are some screenshots of the hack in its current state just so you know I'm not some random jim who isn't gonna finish this. PM me if you want. The original workflow I wanted to upkeep after I finished the games graphics was to design four levels, thoroughly playtest them in multiplayer, make edits, design the next four, and so on until I reach a minimum of six worlds or until I'm out of good ideas. If I get over this I'll update the forum every four levels until the hacks release. Thanks for your attention.