Translations: Sega Saturn SRPG Vahollian Translated into English!

Started by RHDNBot, September 29, 2020, 12:24:58 PM

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Well, I spent a bit more time on this the other night.  Turns out my drive (WH16NS40) is actually very compatible with Disc Image Creator.  However the DICUI program couldn't dump the disc because it was having problems reading the lead-out when I tried using it, so I incorrectly assumed compatibility was the issue.  Downloading the latest command line version of DIC worked with the default /c2 flag (2000 instead of the 20 DICUI was using, if I recall).  I also flashed my drive's firmware down to 1.02 (confirmed working FW according to the Redump wiki) from 1.04, though I'm not completely sure that was necessary.

Ultimately I was finally able to copy my disc with per track .bin files like the patcher wants, with the output matching the SHA1 hashes from the Redump site.  I've tested the patch through the first battle using the Satiator so there's no real need to merge them back together, though I may give it a try with IsoBuster or CDMage one of these days just to see if it works.

At any rate, thanks once again for putting this translation together.  Looking forward to checking the game out over the coming months.


There was an update for this translation posted a few days ago in case anyone might be interested. Fixes a bug with the character Gerard and some typos corrected.

Though I imagine the difficulty turned most people off after the 2nd or 3rd battle, I do believe the game is very much underrated.


I'll check it out sometime, definitely. Though with a Japanese guide by my side, if the difficulty is that insane. Consider me in the audience for further Saturn patch goodness, everyone. ^^
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Not that this game is super difficult. You just need to play carefully, thinking through the moves in advance. Moreover, you can save your progress before each hit.
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