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Author Topic: Translations: Champions of the Digital World! English translation of D-1 Tamers is now available!  (Read 3034 times)


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Update By: USC

As the current game description so eloquently puts it, "Digimon! In COLOUR! Yup."

Mere days after the events of Tag Tamers, Ryo and Ken are once again drawn into a fight for the Digital World. Three of the Digimon Sovereign have been infected with evil and now threaten all Digimon. The remaining Sovereign thus takes the only sensible option available - hosting a tournament to find the strongest Tamer in order to team up in battle! In your quest to win the tournament and prove your strength, you’ll train Digimon, fuse them to form stronger Digimon (with more reasonable requirements than Tag Tamers), and face off against Tamers and Digidestined alike!

Much like the original game, this translation patch was built on top of earlier efforts from Tag Tamer. All of the English graphic and coding enhancements from that patch have been ported over and expanded for D-1 Tamers. Additionally, several features that required link cables and other peripherals have been enabled for solo players as well.

RHDN Project Page

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You know, there never have been any attempts at dividing fan translations into American English and British English...


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You know, there never have been any attempts at dividing fan translations into American English and British English...

It's pretty much always American English, yeah. Can't even think of any BrE translations off the top of my head, though there probably are a few. I think it's because: a) the most popular consoles in the UK (like, Master System, Mega Drive etc.) had way fewer JP exclusives than Nintendo's consoles, popular in the US. b) microcomputers were much more popular in the UK at the time, so consoles didn't have "quite" as much market, honestly. c) most popular genres that actually need translation (JRPGs for example) were often panned by the British press, compared to CRPGs or point and click adventure games. Europe got way fewer localizations than the US. For example, IIRC FF7 was the first officially released Final Fantasy game. In other words, BrE translations are generally not needed as much. Different gaming tastes and all that.

This distinction is also quite visible when it comes to Brazilian Portuguese. Probably 90-95% of all translations are based on that variety; I guess there's more of a distinction between European Spanish vs. Latin American Spanish.

As for the project - well done, can't wait to try it out over the weekend! Might provide some feedback when I finally get to it. :)


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Yay! Some pretty colors! :D

Thank you for your hard work to bringing more digimon into our lives!


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Congrats on the release.

Is Mednafen the only decent option for debugging tools? If that's what you're using, I'm impressed that you've accomplished so much. I tried using it to poke around and I just couldn't do it.


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Yep, congrats. At least we can play the translated games this way (even though some parts kind of contradict the Anime a bit like when exactly Ken got his Digivice and the absence of mentioning his brother Osamu/Sam in the game for examples). Otherwise, great job on it


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gamingcat02261991: That's an interesting thought. I'm curious what the split would look like.

cccmar: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it when you have time to play. As a heads up, I just posted an update with a few bug and typo fixes, so I'd recommend using that one to patch the game.

kaiisen: Haha yes, that was one of the biggest complaints about Tag Tamers (that I have absolutely no control over). Hope you enjoy the game!

Pennywise: Thanks! As far as I know Mednafen's all we have. It's actually the first debugger I learned how to use, so it's my base line for comparison.
(Plus, it's better than nothing. I originally figured out the graphic compression for Tag Tamers by changing one value at a time in the ROM, then reloading the game and noting the changes.)

Julayla: Thanks! Those parts can be explained away to an extent (Ken doesn't get or even see the original Digivice in these games, so they could have occurred before he gets his own). The conflict with Our War Games is the real sticking point. :)