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Started by AgentCPU0, April 27, 2021, 08:17:23 PM

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I have a Sega Genesis ROM I need help converting. One of my emulators requires the .gen format to run games, due to limitations. Most of my games are all in .bin format. I've found plenty of sites and programs that can turn .gen to .bin, but not the other way around. I've tried a simple file rename, but that caused issues. Anyone have suggestions?


Compare files before and after, figure out how conversion works, do the same thing backwards.

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Long time ago, I've read about extensions in SMD ROMs while I was coding my own SMD ROM Converter (*.bin, *.gen, *.smd, *.md/*.mgd), and as far as I know, *.gen and *.bin files are exactly the same (byte-to-byte). I don't know which emulator you are using, but try to rename the extension of your *.bin file to *.gen file and see if it works.

If you have a *.gen file that works perfectly in your emulator, try to get a *.bin file and check the differences between them using a good hex editor that compares two files (I personally use HexCmp, but this tool is paid):


Just for curiosity: Which emulator are you using?

Good luck!


I think it's PicoDrive, not exactly sure. I want to run it using TwiLight Menu++. Simply renaming it from .bin to .gen worked, but at the cost of sound and a few graphical glitches. Not only that, but some of my games are ROM hacks, and can only be patched to .bin files, meaning there's not .gen version


I was thinking this might be something handled by https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/383/ , but alas, no. UCON64 doesn't look helpful either.
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Did some looking around. Still nothing, but I did figure out something. Sega games aren't the only ones who use .bin. It's more of a generic extension. Your system can't tell a ROM .bin from an image .bin from a document .bin. So an emulator requiring a specific format that isn't .bin makes sense. Since I am using TwiLight Menu++, it makes sense I can't just import those, as they could be used on literally any of the emulators. I will say, I haven't tried any other format, and I can definitely do that, but not having any proper conversion software to turn a file into something more useful, it makes no sense



Try using a program like SBWin to convert the .bin rom to .smd and then rename the .smd extension to .gen. See if that works.
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SMD is an old format that should not be used.
It's one of those original-era copier formats that swaps the bytes around for who knows what reason.
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Quote from: KingMike on May 07, 2021, 02:00:38 AM
SMD is an old format that should not be used.
It's one of those original-era copier formats that swaps the bytes around for who knows what reason.

Bytes are swapped for burn directly in EEPROM and make REPRO carts. But there are no more SMD format roms distributed on internet.