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Author Topic: Graphics in Ghouls n' Ghosts (GEN / MD)  (Read 589 times)


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Graphics in Ghouls n' Ghosts (GEN / MD)
« on: April 26, 2021, 10:15:44 am »
I'm not totally unfamiliar with hacking. I've made several graphical edits, made a few of my own cheats, and played around with the tools. But I'm also not really experienced, at all.
I want to create an Arcade restoration hack for the Genesis versions of Ghouls n' Ghosts, as I feel the quality of the pixel art is one of the port's biggest issues.
I already opened it up in YY-chr and it seems like there aren't any uncompressed graphics. What tools would I use to find out the location of the graphics in the rom and then decompress them? Is there anything else I need to learn / keep in mind before editing the graphics? Also is this a feasible project?

Genesis Version

Arcade Version