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Author Topic: Bugged savefile in Super Mario RPG  (Read 260 times)


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Bugged savefile in Super Mario RPG
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:56:28 am »
Hi. I've posted this in the subreddit of JRPG a while ago, but it was deleted by the mods because, aparently, asking for savefiles is not permitted (it wasn't my intention asking specifically for a savefile, it was just an idea I had towards the end of my post. But whatever, their subreddit, their rules).

I've just watched a playthrough on Youtube from where the bug happened, so I don't need help anymore, but I decided to post my savefile here in case a hacker specialized in this specific game has curiosity to see what could have happened to trigger such a strange bug.

Here's what I posted in /r/jrpg originally:

Hi. I've been playing Super Mario RPG for the last weeks, as I didn't finish it back in the day (I got to the last boss but didn't want to grind and I quit). I've been playing it in my cellphone via snes9x emulator, and when I was near the ending, something strange has happened.

After defeating an enemy called Countdown, my game glitches and I get stuck in a loop between two screens and I can't past that point.

I've tried defeating that enemy several times, exiting the dungeon and entering again, etc. But the bug keeps happening after I defeat that boss.

I've included my srm file in case someone wants to try it to see if it happens the same. There are 2 saves, the first one is before reaching that boss and the second one is just after defeating it (a new savepoint appears right after the battle).

I've only used a cheat for quick level gain (256 xp after battle) half into the game, but when I maxed out my party I disabled it).

If this bug is unrecoverable, if someone could provide me with an unbugged savefile near that point, I'd be grateful.

Here's my savefile (edit: not anymore, the free file hosting service has already deleted it):

Thanks in advance
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