How to quickly test later levels when modding SMB using GreatEd?

Started by Hiccup, April 05, 2021, 12:03:00 PM

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Unlike SMB utility, GreatEd doesn't have a built-in emulator, so I have to use an external one. But this means that I can't go straight to the level or level page I'm working on. Is there a code or something that can do this? Just editing the "current world" and "current level" in memory works, but its inconvenient as the codes have to be constantly toggled/edited to get it to work right.


With ASM, it's certainly possible to set a starting level other than 0, but I don't know enough about SMB code. An alternative would be to set a save state just at the end of the level before the one you want to test. As far as I know, your changes for the actual level should be loaded as normal and not be affected by the save state.


Reloading the ROM and the loading a save state worked. Thanks.