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Question about Shiki Eiyuuden (snes RPG)

Started by travel27, April 02, 2021, 04:36:52 AM

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Question for anyone who has played this game.

There is a cave you can enter with tons of different stairs near the Great Wall in the NW part of the map, the same map that had that white horse.  Anyway, there have to be 25 or 30, or even more stairs and they all seem to lead to an EMPTY treasure chest. Can anything be done here?  If so, what?

Thanks to anyone who can help!!


It's been a while since I last played this game, but from what I remember, there's a part when a character tells you to go there to find some sort of buried treasure. If you try to go there before, as with the nearby cave with the dragon boss fight, nothing will come of it. Anyway, look at the sign, then count the stairs starting at the top left one indicated by the number of "months and days" on the sign. These stairs are supposed to represent a calendar of sorts. I can't quite remember if simply counting the "days" was all that mattered or if the "months" represented the horizontal set of stairs and the "days" the vertical ones (or vice versa). Sorry that I cant' be any more clear, but I beta tested two other rather lengthy RPGs after I had finished this one, so my memory of it is starting to fade a bit.
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