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Author Topic: Super Metroid: Samus Combat Armor V1.1.0 coming to RHDN real soon!  (Read 874 times)


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02/04/21 - 1.1.0 is "in the oven" as it were: Just waiting for the mighty RHDN Gods to give the new version the thumbs up and it'll be in your hands :D


- added new main menu icons to replace the Power Armor Helmet
- Replaced Samus' visor shot in introduction messages for custom face model
1.0.4: pose tweaks to walljump touching-the-wall poses and the grapple touching-the-wall poses
1.0.3: fixes broken frame in Mother Brain fight when Samus tries to stand after being zapped
1.0.2: enables Samus to hit enemies/doors immediately adjacent to her.


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Re: Super Metroid: Samus Combat Armor V1.1.0 coming to RHDN real soon!
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2021, 09:56:59 am »
do you think about making any graphical improvement in it? a question the whole game is she without the armor or she will find the wardrobes to complete and have maximum power, I always wanted a game like this, I did a quick test, I realized that it was not a good idea to use weapons on the select button that before she on the select button, think about it because the gameplay was really bad :thumbsup: