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Super Mario Bros. 35

Started by cyxodus, April 02, 2021, 01:11:59 PM

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Has anyone thought of trying to tweak Super Mario Bros into a 1-player Super Mario Bros 35? Increasing the amount of enemies to the levels, killings enemies adds seconds to the timer and warp pipes going back to levels 1 & 2.

I really miss the Switch game and thought it added a new depth to the game. Maybe the rom hacking community can bring it back in some fashion.


No possible way a real NES could handle as many sprites as SMB35.
Adding seconds to the timer is surely doable.
As to the warp pipes, I'm not certain but I think the Warp Zones have some pretty specific coding to be able to change the level without breaking things (as why the Minus World level is infinite).
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I think it's doable in a sense. Basically an Endless Mario of sorts like the modes in MM9+10. I posted this in the hacking ideas thread a while back but basically.

-Have the level order be random
-Have the game skip the end of level fanfare
-Change the system for scoring Points to adding seconds to the timer.
-Add the random item box. You'd have to program the POW effect if you included it.

I think something like that is POSSIBLE but you'd need a Herculean amount of ASM work to do it.