NES/Famicom KompromiS Adventure (tentatively titled)

Started by djkranoll, April 27, 2021, 06:49:14 AM

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KompromiS Adventure (tentatively titled)

This Is the Famicom/Dendy/NES MMC3 beat em up different game. You collect items on map and move to levels. On Level you kill enemies and fight with boss.
In dreams we have idea for Guitar Hero elements bonus.

Now we searching for programmer and artist for characters.
Characters is our Rock Group KompromiS. OST based on songs and compositions of our group.

Demo photos on link:

Demo song I am post later.



Looks promising! please post some pics of the gameplay!


Now it is all screenshots from levels 1, 2, 3.
Enjoy to demo of OST. Subscribe to channel, ring the bell and rate the likes!

We have received letters with offers of cooperation. We'll answer everyone soon!



It is original game project. Now we searcging for team.



At the moment it is all screenshots. Another 2 or 3 levels and bonuses in the plans.



It is screens of modeling levels. Now we dont have game engine and searching for programmers.

Today we have stream on you can ask questions online.