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Bushi Seiryuuden translation freeze

Started by ze10, March 20, 2021, 01:31:00 AM

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I was playing Bushi Seiryuuden with Tom and DDS's translation and the game froze after crossing the bridge to the north of where you fight the Demon Mushroom. I was playing the game on my SD2SNES, and when I loaded my save on SNES9X, it worked fine. There's a cutscene during the transition, then chapter 2 starts normally. On the SD2SNES, it freezes before the cutscene.

The freeze doesn't happen before chapters 3 or 4, so it seems to be something specific to that part. I haven't beaten the game yet, so there's still chance it'll freeze again at some other point, but so far the translation is top notch quality, outside that one problem.

I sent Tom a private message on RHDN forums, but he hasn't been active here for like two weeks, so I don't know how long it'll take him to read it. Maybe someone here can contact him outside these forums and let him know about the bug more quickly. Also, I don't know if him or DDS will keep supporting the patch, but I still thought it'd be good to let people know.


I think both Tom and DDS are more active on Twitter, but recently they deactivated the reply mechanism on their tweets. Perhaps you can send them a private message there (provided thay haven't disabled that too) since they tend to be more active  on that social network.

Or you can always try contacting FlashPV, who has done a lot of work for them as well. I think his twitter account is more lenient when it comes to interact with him.


Curious for anyone using snes9x 1.59 or 1.60 versions, what settings do you have when playing this game?  It is a bit...choppy when full screen.