Utilities: S-RAM Comparer (SoE) v034 Update

Started by RHDNBot, March 16, 2021, 06:59:36 PM

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Update By: XETH

S-RAM Comparer (SoE) v034 has been released.

Come join the quest to map out the entire save-ram with us!

* S-RAM format updated (unknown rate dropped to 32.4%)
* Savegame file watcher integrated
* Save slot summary display (& export) added
* Self-update mechanism added (optionally auto-update)
* In-app website links added
* Spanish localization added
* Minor comparison display changes


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Win 32 bit


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Offset-Edit |

Q: What's the Evermore Format Exploration Project?

A: The S-RAM-file can be generally read and manipulated. Although that's good, the only problem is that some parts of SoE's save slot format are still considered to be unknown, meaning that we don't really know what those bytes control.

To change that some SoE fans started a project to create a complete documentation, usually called Rosetta Stone. A RAMsetta Stone if you will.

Q: What are the goals?

A: If the S-RAM format is completely known, a future savegame editor can enable/disable everything what is controlled by a savegame.

Q: What are possible features of such a savegame editor?

A: Most likely candidates are:

Reset of (already performed) boss fights

Reset suspended ingredients for a map, chapter or the whole game

Reset opened boxes, pots and gourds or walls for a map, chapter or the whole game

Specifying the in-game save point location where your savegame should continue from

Q: When will it be available?

A: Well, that's mostly up to the amount and quality of contributions by the community.

We are spending our free time achieving that, but we alone won't be enough to finish format exploration it in the near future.

If you want to speed up the process and explore S-RAM by yourself, see here how it works.

RHDN Project Page

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