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GG Aleste 3

Started by Sliver X, March 11, 2021, 01:39:23 PM

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Sliver X

As a whole, I've never been particularly crazy about the Aleste/Power Strike series of shmups, but GG Aleste 2 on Game Gear is one of my favorites for any system.

Last year the company that bought Compile's IP (M2) put out a release for PS4 and Switch containing most of the series called Aleste Collection. What makes it interesting is that they created a brand new sequel running on the Game Gear called GG Aleste 3, so I really wanted to buy it just for that alone.

Despite having both a Switch and PSNow, Aleste Collection isn't available outside of Japan currently. And while the Game Gear ROM has been extracted from the game already, it uses various layers of protections to prevent it from running on a real unit or any emulator aside from the one built into the compilation.

Undeterred by this, I finally hunted down a Switch dump of the game and, after a bit of screwing around to find optimal settings, got it running flawlessly in the Switch emulator Ryujinx.

I'm fairly impressed: It's definitely one of the most graphically impressive Game Gear games (The birds flying out of the trees on the ground at the beginning of Stage 2 in particular impressed me), and it also has a really good sound track. There's no bomb type weapon like in GG Aleste 2 and the overall difficulty is much higher than the previous GG games (The boss fights in particular make you think a hell of a lot more than in 1 and 2), but all the subweapons have been adjusted to where each is a truly viable choice for going through any section of the game (Whereas I would stick with the Neo Napalm gun in part 2 due to how overpowered it was compared to anything else). Number of lives is also adjustable up to 9. The built in emulator also has a bunch of scaling options as well as variable blur and scanline modes.

The only real downside is that it's really demanding every last bit of power from the Game Gear and comes up short most of the time: Slowdown can get excruciating at times, particularily when firing most of the fully powered up subweapons. Well, and the lack of a US release. If they bother localizing it for the western market I'll probably buy it for Switch (And continue to play the bootleg copy I have now) just to thank M2 for making a new Game Gear game in the 21st century.

I highly recommend trying it if you like Shmups or the Game Gear in general.


Definitely will try it once I can on PC.

I like Power Strike 2 and Spriggan 1 the best with GG Aleste 2 not far behind, then MUSHA, Super Aleste and Aleste 2, then Robo Aleste. But there aren't any bad ones to me.
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Sliver X

I never knew MUSHA was a part of the Aleste series.

Oh, after poking around in the (very Japanese) menus I found an option that overclocks the emulated z80 and removes the GG's sprite limit. The game is amazingly smoother with this enabled, yet also amazingly harder.


Oh how I wish this could get patched to run on real hardware.

Sliver X

I initially wanted to run it on a standard Game Gear emulator as well but after running it with most of the hardware limitations removed I can't imagine playing it like that.

This is a short video I made showing how it can run under Aleste Collection: