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Adventure Island II editor?

Started by Alpdrucken, March 12, 2021, 03:05:15 PM

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I'd like to make a small hack for AI2 but I noticed there's no editor for it... CadEditor can only edit the tiles from the first level, and I don't know too much about the format it uses for that:

Is there any other way to visualize the levels while editing them?


Hello, what you visualize with CadEditor are not the levels really, but the blocks that the game uses to build these levels, so to edit them you must discover where the game stores that information ...

On the other hand, I have created the rest of the codecs so that you can start your project, luckily I recently translated this game so I had some idea of ​​how to edit it ...

Even so I had never done anything like this, so it took me longer than I thought, I hope they are useful to you :thumbsup:

Hudson's Adventure Island II
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OMG that's awesome! Thanks a lot  :angel:
Can I edit the enemy position too?
Would you say this is easier to hack than AI3?


I'm glad you liked it, on the other hand, I'm sorry, to edit the position of the enemies you must investigate how to do it on your own, although you can try to start by looking at the addresses contained in the configuration files...

Which are basically 3:

Individual blocks (bf), each screen made up of these blocks (E98) and how the pallets are distributed in said blocks (64):

  public OffsetRec getScreensOffset()   { return new OffsetRec(0xE98, 35, 64, 8, 8) ; }
  public OffsetRec getBlocksOffset()    { return new OffsetRec(0xbf, 1  , 0x1000); }
  public int getPalBytesAddr()          { return 0x64; }

As you will notice, each block of information is very close to each other, which indicates that the rest of the data is probably also in the surroundings  :thumbsup:

Note in the config files there is also other data, but this only indicates which graphics should be loaded and which palette should be used to view them, I did not mention it because it was not relevant to the case...

About hacking Adventure Island III, I have no idea, I don't know why he thought I would know something about it  :-\

What I can tell you is that there is nothing that is achieved without effort, good luck with your project  :beer:
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.