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Author Topic: [GBA][Graphical][Technical] Castlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle (J) Hack  (Read 554 times)


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Hello Everyone.

I am currently close to completion of porting the Castlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Japan hack to be compatible with the USA version of the game so that it may be enjoyed in English.

There area  few things that I do not have the knowledge/ability to change/fix that I am in need of assistance with:

It was suggested in my Castlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Japan to USA port (located here: that the SIMONX hidden character get a sprite fix for his "slide" and "jump kick" attacks.

Currently the issue with those two attacks is not able to be fixed with simple sprite replacement with Tile Molester/YY-Chr because the "slide" attack shares the sprite of Simon's "death" and the "jump kick" attacks share sprites with 'idle-Simon' (straight-down jump kick and diagonal-downward jump kick).

Here is a GIF showing the attacks as well as another issue:

The other issue shown in the GIF has to do with the SIMONX character's actual hit-detection (hitbox?) of the jump kick.  It currently is broken and does not register on enemies or attackable things such as candles.  It seems that it DOES work if you do a Super Jump to the ceiling FIRST, and then try to do jump kicks afterward.  But even that is not reliable all of the time, and getting hit from an enemy (possibly taking damage) seems to reset the need for the Super Jump to allow hitting to register again.

What I would need help with would involve not just adding a "slide" and "jump kick" sprite for Simon in to the game, but to also actually associate those sprites to the commands and make sure they don't continue sharing the previously mentioned sprites.

Here are the sprites that were suggested for use:

Also, if anyone knows how to fix the current hitbox issue of the "jump kick," fixing that issue will make the bonus character more fun to play.

Lastly, not as important, but more on the lines of fixing a nitpick, if anyone knows how to make the change:

Currently, the character of Megaman is loaded when entering the name ROCKMAN in a new file.  Ideally, since this is the USA release of the game, I would like to change the name to MEGAMAN on a new file to load that character.

Fixing these issues in the original hack, should also allow for them to be ported to the USA hack as well.

Thank you, I look forward to any assistance possible!  :)
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