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Author Topic: ROM Hacks: Now play TMNT Kaizo the way it was MEANT to be played!  (Read 787 times)


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Update By: eskayelle

Tonight, the Shredder will still dine on turtle soup, but the TMNT have more of a fighting chance!  With eskayelle / Double Z’s custom code dilemma solved, full life bars are restored.
A player’s first life, however, is reduced to create the challenge that follows below.
  • In a one-player game, you begin with one life and one health point.  A roast chicken and a 1up are hidden on the first screen.  Choose your moves wisely, and start your journey with two full lives.  Fail to solve the puzzle, and you could lose everything.
  • In a two-player game, two brothers must decide who will take the chicken and who will take the 1up.  Will you work together to ensure each turtle can kick shell with at least one full life, or will you sacrifice your friend and make a grab for all the prizes?  (There are at least two cooperative solutions to the puzzle...)

How long will you last?  Download the new patch, apply it to a clean SOR2 rom, and find out!

RHDN Project Page

eskayelle]Relevant Link