Translations: Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals v2.1 Update

Started by RHDNBot, February 28, 2021, 11:06:24 PM

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Update By: Spooniest

Now with more Promo Trailer.

Welcome one and all to Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals, version 2.1.

This is a major update, going over nearly all the text in the game in some way shape or form. It is a continuation of a project started by Spooniest in 2014 and picked back up by him and vivify93 (hence "Spoonify93") using Noisecross' Final Fantasy 5e Text Editor on January 27 of 2021. It is presented for your amusement.

The general idea was:

- Match the tone of a SNES game in 1993 in English, as a rule of thumb. There is no swearing (with the exception of one monster name which may be considered a pg rated swear word).

- Try to give the characters personality through the use of English idioms and sayings, while trying not to stray too far from the meaning and phrasing which is in the RPGe original (on which it is based, special thanks to harmony7 and MyriaKitty).

- Standardize all monster names, spell names, job names and ability names in the dialogue with the menu.

- Standardize formatting of text in dialogues and in non-ironic communications from the game ("Instructions," 'pull this lever' et al).

- Eliminate excessive abbreviation where possible.

- Use GBA lines where it was deemed they were already too good not to use.

The Poem of Light, thanks to vivify93's determination and sharp eye, has now been corrected to scroll more or less smoothly on and off screen, and be centered like the Japanese Version.

"An old man and a girl, all alone? It isn't safe..."

Once again, a warm welcome to Legend of the Crystals. Enjoy!

RHDN Project Page

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Now we need an update to this! Will Spoonify93 rise to the challenge?