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Cyber Shadow

Started by PolishedTurd, February 18, 2021, 01:33:21 PM

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Because it's such an obvious nod to Ninja Gaiden and a few other golden NES games, I watched this game for a couple of years before it was finally released last month.

Aaaand I'm disappointed. The controls are sluggish and imprecise. Split-second timing is hard to achieve and not rewarded. What kind of ninja cannot crouch!? Boss battles are mostly boring. The music is sterile and weak, lacking the punch and vigor of a good NES soundtrack. Most of all, the level design, AI and controls do not seem to foster the "flow" experience of a good platformer.

Honestly, the Deadpool hack of Ninja Gaiden was a far more enjoyable experience, which I have put much more playing time into. (As well as other notable NES hacks here, such as Metroid Rogue Dawn and Contra Red Falcon.)

I am disappointed that creators / hackers here do not have the exposure or financial acknowledgement of their labors of love, when their work is enjoyed by others.

Can someone recommend a better retro ninja-like game (preferably available on Xbox One)?

And is it against the terms or spirit of RHDN to offer or solicit donations for hacks?


Mayve you know this already, but The Messenger is a really good one.
Another one I really enjoyed is Death's Gambit.

Some that I have pending are Katana Zero, Mark of the Ninja, Strider (2014)


Have you tried The Messenger?  People seem to like it.
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The Messenger plays better for sure. I'm not a fan of the kind of humour in that one personally, but I liked it more as a game. Same thing as with Borderlands for me, you play it for the loot, not the plot.
As for older games - you can try the Shinobi series if you haven't yet (Game Gear/Genesis) or Shadow of the Ninja (NES).


I should also mention Ninja Five-O, the hopelessly obscure GBA game that seems to be widely acclaimed. No way that's going to be on XBox, though.
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The Messenger definitely controls great. Though I also did not like the humor and I really didn't like the level design/pace. The first hour of the game is so slow and mind numbingly easy that I couldn't really stand it.

Been wanting to try out Cyber Shadow for some time. It seems cool by looking at the trailers.


The Messenger is next on my list. I'm currently on my second playthrough of Cyber Shadow unlocking the "feats", warming a little to it. But I can clarify my main gripes now.

#1, slow controls. We've had games with great player physics and tight controls since Super Mario, so it's hard to endure less responsiveness. It's like trying to play Super Meat Boy with Castlevania controls sometimes. #2, several levels involve waiting for AI and various moving level geometry for the right moment to proceed. If I wanted to sit around and wait for things to happen, I would go to the department of motor vehicles and read a book. As a ninja, I want to run and jump and slash and kill everything in sight. #3, lame boss fights. You're never really challenged to figure something out or react with good instincts. Once you learn the patterns, even the harder boss fights are a matter of doing the same thing over and over with few mistakes, like 8-bit Mega Man. I know that's true to form for NES, but it's not satisfying to me in a modern game. #4, music problems. It has glitches in timing between sections or repeats that sound like missed loop points, a distracting and sloppy problem. And it does not get you fired up to destroy. It sounds more like taking a drive on the highway.

It's still a ninja game, so I have to play it. Maybe I'll come around more as I tackle the harder feats. If only they had consulted me as a play tester...

Thanks for mentioning the other newer games. I'll check them out.

Sliver X

Shinobi III on Sega Genesis is an extremely underrated game that I've found myself replaying multiple times over the past few decades.

Shadow of The Ninja on NES is pretty good.

There's also a surprisingly decent Ninja Gaiden game for Sega Master System.


Quote from: Sliver X on February 19, 2021, 10:10:59 PM
There's also a surprisingly decent Ninja Gaiden game for Sega Master System.

Forgot about this one, it's actually easier than the NES games and looks quite good. Speaking of SMS, maybe Alex Kidd in Shinobi World would be decent too. It was my favourite Alex Kidd game, personally. Also - the newest Shadow Warrior games, for FPS fans (I liked the first one more myself).


Sorta like they started creating a game and it drifted from their apparent intent. The atmosphere is awesome, just more Batman than Ninja Gaiden.

Honestly I got used to platformers with uncharacteristically mellow music long ago. Ever since Mega Man 8. :P


The modern version of Strider also comes to mind, as well as Mark of the Ninja, but I'm really not sure if those are the same kind of game.
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