Hack Super Monaco GP MSU Mega Drive - By ArcadeTV feat. peixemacaco's help

Started by peixemacaco, February 18, 2021, 12:31:03 PM

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In fact, not my project, only helped with audio files to create the image that plays on Console via Everdrive or Retroarch with new Genesis Plus GX core.

MSU on Mega Drive is a wonderful thing that will revive a lot of MD games with poor voices like Super Monaco GP or if you want to put a movie theme in a game per example, as this was done with Ghostbusters.

How I can share with you? Now the game is amazing with Arcade songs and much better voices. ArcadeTV still trying to fix a bug when you put the gear down, or in a start of a race, the sound disappear for a brief moment.

There is this github link  https://github.com/ArcadeTV/msu-md-supermonacogp , I think I have seen other links like this on romhacking downloads.

To this present day, there are dozens of Sega Genesis games on MSU format

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Super Monaco GP... It garnered an at-the-time unprecedented 10–10–9–9 rating from Electronic Gaming Monthly's Review and wasn`t a F Indy title.