Dreamcast - RENT-A-HERO No.1 - Translation project!

Started by VincentNL, February 15, 2021, 04:01:33 PM

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Keep up the good work!  Looking forward to the release when it's ready!


Very happy to announce one of the most demanded features have been finally implemented in game!

It's an open subtitle system for Opening Movie, meaning you'll pretty much be able to change subtitle, timings and of course text colour with those available in game.
A huge thanks to Nanashi for optimizing my function's size and customizability! :)

Credits to Curtan Fire & Korp for translation, USC for text editor!

Here's the YT full video:



Congratulations! It's really cool to see the progress you guys have made.
(I think I still owe you an update to the text editor)


Dear Heroes,

Looking back over the past 10 months and still can't believe the game is close to fully playable and translated!
It were challenging to reverse game structure, rebuild custom made files and coding new functions, but none of that would had mattered without the wonderful new 3D models / animations, fonts, translation and text editors, made by the awesome guys in RAH Team!

2022 will mark the release of Rent-A-Hero No.1 unofficial translation and I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we did working on it!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year!


So excited whenever a new Dreamcast game gets translated. Best of luck to you all!



...even though I dropped off the face of the earth shortly thereafter. :(

That said, it looks really great VincentNL! I'm glad you all have made such progress, and I'm looking forward to the eventual release.


I can't wait to showcase this and compare to the genesis one


This looks fantastic, and you guys are doing a fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing you guys knock this out of the park.


As you may know, Xbox localization prototype were definitely far from complete, with a total amount of just 8/104 texture edited.

Well.. Until now!

After a hundred of shopped textures edits/redesign, only a couple are left! As always a huge thanks to @Korp13 @Chml @Ensoku for the wonderful translations!

Next stop, finalize game text chunks.


Rent A Hero No.1 is a really peculiar game, even if devs had to cut corners, they tried to pack in as much content as they could!

Thanks to Derek's suggestions for VMU emulator and tile editor, all VMU icons are now translated and will shortly continue to do the same for the 3 mini games.

One last note for Game Saves, which were also translated to properly display in Dreamcast menu!


Wow, you guys are really going all out! The new VMU graphics look really nice.


Extremely excited to play this! I played a chunk of the Xbox build, but it was such an obviously DC game, it felt wrong playing it on that platform!


Dear heroes, very pleased to announce that Hironobu Kageyama & Hiro "End Credits" songs are now fully subbed!
Since most RAM were used to display ending credits images, regular font texture couldn't fit in.

Since debug font is always loaded, the idea were to simply write a dedicate function using nj_print at specific time intervals. So no need to downgrade / load smaller images, plus it has no impact on game performance!  :)

Taking the chance to introduce our new English writer/editor Frogacuda, which is doing a spectacular work on translating RAH typical humor!
One last mention to Korp and Chmcl for their continued quality in JP translation.


ime xcited to play and compare this to the mega drive one on stream!


With translation team working on main game, I've started to draw new graphics for the 3 VMU Minigames that can be unlocked in Rent-A-Hero No.1.

The first one Collect Gachalla is a simple game where you have to hatch a Gachalla egg.
I hope you enjoy extra touches to the new english interface :)

Next one on the list is Mr.F , which seem a more action-oriented game!


Registered into this forum just to say thank you, I'm really curious about this game, it seems Ryu Ga Gotoku sidemissions without the main super drama storyline


Hi everyone,
Very pleased to announce all 3 VMU Minigames have been translated, edited and put back into the game!

Drawing new graphics were a really fun experience and I hope you'll enjoy them on your real DC VMU.
Thanks to Chcml, Korp13 for translation and Egregiousguy for Out-trigger text review!

Next up on RAH to-do list, start betatesting! :D