Dreamcast - RENT-A-HERO No.1 - Translation project!

Started by VincentNL, February 15, 2021, 04:01:33 PM

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Enjoy! :D


Rent-a-hero No.1 text format has been finally reversed, allowing for editing text in Dreamcast JAP version!

If you are a fellow reverse engineer, programmer, translator or just want to help out testing / support, please send me a PM!


Please consider porting the English Xbox script and correct as needed, the way Vandal Hearts on the Saturn was done. Thank you so much for this. I gave up hope after the SEGAGAGA project fizzled out...


Xbox script use the very same text format, but packed into different files and scene order.

As per updates, last week all of 1st chapter Japanese text have been extracted and converted to ASCII. As of today remaining Xbox english text lines are getting converted as well, probably will finish in a couple of hours!

Next step will be to locate and replace all 66 lines of first chapter.

Regarding SEGAGAGA I'm not familiar with the scene, but after Rent-a-Hero will give it a look :)

February 17, 2021, 04:09:21 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Waiting for text extraction script to finish, I've moved on reversing menu format and got surprised to know it does mix .NJ 3D models with game text format!

For additional details:


RENT-A-HERO No.1 - First Chapter in English!

Actual Dreamcast DC hardware and other emulators such as Demul / NullDC are also working!

For more screens and updates:



Another major update!
With today's progress, beta-testing phase is getting near.



Progress update:

"General use text" stored in game executable has been reversed!
This was necessary in order to have an english working interface ( menus / items / moves..).
As Xbox stores it differently, an update to "binary--> ASCII script" is mandatory

If you know Python or any programming language, Rent A Hero No.1 is looking for your help!


Just sent you a PM. I can't believe I missed this thread until now - this is a super exciting project!


Thanks to USC's phonomenal contribution, it is now possible to edit text in a GUI :D

We are currently reviewing dialogues, if you are a writer / translator or simply wanting to contribute with text insertion, please send a PM!


This one were totally unexpected, but it happens when a talented reverse engineer by the name of Nanashi joins the party!

After performing a number of tests, Nanashi defeated compression algorithm of ENDING.CGD, allowing us not only to extract credits scenes, but to recompress the new modified PVRs with an even better ratio than the original!

Egregiousguy is on it for translation, so rest assured it will be quality work.
FONTS.CG have been extracted as well, so the only reversing task left is changing Variable Font Width to be used for the whole game.

Regarding lines, USC made huge improvements to RAH Text Editor and we are now able to seamlessly modify .SNR + regular text chunks, with FANMAIL.rhs editor already on its way!


Glad to see you guys are getting more help on the project, and that things are moving forward!
(Hopefully this week I'll have some time to finish up the FanMail editor...)


Impressive. With the completion of this, the already existing leaked NA Xbox version, and the fan translation of the original Genesis version, English speakers will be able to play every single version of this game with ease.


Really looking forward to this one. My Dreamcast doesn't get much play time these days, but you can bet I'll be dusting it off to do a full playthrough of this one when it's finished! Nice work so far, things seem to be moving along nicely!


Cheers guys, we're really pushing this through! :D

In the pic you can see one of those nasty (and few) remaining functions using Fixed Font Width + Extra spacing, this prevented mail text from being correctly rendered.

Took me forever but it's finally done!

If anyone wish to help out by reviewing text or has a Dreamcast + GD-EMU for testing, please feel free to send me a PM.



The biggest part of VFW, if not all, have been taken care of in the past week.

Thanks to our combined efforts but moreso Nanashi's new functions, wide fonts are now using an optimized halfwidth space which is perfectly integrated into the game!

On translation side, CurtainFire joined up the Writers/Translator team alongside Zychion and Ghaleon, so we do expect to progress even faster on text review.

If anyone wants to help out in text reviewing or simple coding (Python or C), it's your chance to get your names into RAH Credits Screen!


This week we really pushed  through a major milestone which deserved some celebration!  :beer:

New mail menu required:

* .RHS format reversing & rebuild

* Mail menu function reversing / disassembly / hacking

* New JIS font spacing assembly function by Nanashi

* New 3D models for rolling monitors ( MAIL / EXIT / SAVE / WORK ) by Egregiousguy

* Text Editor by USC

* Text Writing & Extra formatting  + colour by Curtain Fire


Hey Great Job

but I want to ask, what are you going to do about the intro?


Are you going to put subtitles or replace the intro with the unreleased English version for the Xbox?



Personally, I like the clean version more than the one with the vocals.


The time has come to put our work alltogether.

General use text, stored into game binary have been remapped in order to best fit larger english text chunks.

In order to do that I had to create new pointer lists for english text entry point, map every single text chunk function call and relocate it to new offset.

Finally, coded a QBMS script to automate rebuilding of new chunks / pointers / calls + .GDI within a single click!

Curtain Fire has been hard at work on FANMAIL text reimporting, whilst USC just finished updating his awesome text editor with brand new functions that will allow even more control over text lines.

Regarding your question FuxorLux, will check that out once game text side has been completed.


Quote from: FuxorLuck on May 15, 2021, 01:36:41 AM
Personally, I like the clean version more than the one with the vocals.

Agreed, and it would require less work for the team too. No need to worry about subtitles.


The intro with vocals is straight up classic tokusatsu, no way you should remove them subs or not. That's like asking to remove Goemon 64 intro.

Great progress shots btw!