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Author Topic: SMB1-NES Help: increase the number of tiles to put new objects in the game.  (Read 804 times)


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Hello to all romhacking users, I am new to hacking roms and I was working on a new project for SMB1 but I realized that the changes I want to make in the sprites need more tiles and the rom of SMB1 does not have enough space so here comes my question:

How can I increase the number of tiles in the SMB1 rom to add new features and items and bring them into the game?

I have noticed that some people when they make their modifications (of SMB1 or other NES games) they manage to increase the amount of tiles and thus add new features, objects and manage to exploit the games more and increase their capacity.

Please someone explain to me how you can increase the number of frames to add new objects to a NES rom (in this case SMB1)

What do I have to modify, disarm or what process to follow to increase the capacity of the rom?

Sorry for my bad English, I thank all those users who saw this post and if anyone has an answer please respond.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.


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It's not an easy task for a beginner.

To increase ROM capacity you need to hack the game to another mapper which has more PRG and CHR banks, MMC3 (004) for example.

There are probably existing hacks in GoodNES that convert SMB to another mapper, they have something like [hM04] text in the name if hacked to 004 mapper.

Then you program game logic to swap some CHR banks via mapper registers when needed, in order to change currently unuses tiles into required ones, which will be used for new background/sprites.

SMB disassembly might be helpful
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