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Started by sveniroth, February 09, 2021, 11:46:22 AM

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Newtopia is a romhack to demonstrate how much you can change the game using konkers's map and chest data, especially in the crypts, Neutopia's dungeons. If someone were to make a level editor or a dungeon randomizer for this game, that would be amazing!
Maps of my edited crypts:
Original maps for comparison:

As you might've guessed, I love this game. I've done speedruns for it, made an amateur TAS for it, and this is my 4th romhack for it. I want to continue updating this to make a more complete romhack, and I greatly appreciate your feedback. (BTW, I apologize for uploading a bad patch at first, I hope anyone who downloaded it will try again now that I've fixed it.)

Goals for future updates:
1. Edit the remaining rooms and tweak the ones I made so far. I want this hack to be something both casual players and veteran players can enjoy, so I want it to be difficult, but fair. I think the two golem fight might be too hard / buggy, and the arrow trap hallway in crypt 5 is not fair.
2. Fix bugs and oddities. I put a ring in a chest in the first room, something you normally don't find in a chest. I think this might be what causes the chest with bombs to infinitely respawn. I made some doors bombable on one side and locked/open on the other side, this causes the bombable side to respawn, which is not game breaking, but does look kind of weird.
3. Figure out how to give the player infinite wings (an item that returns the player to their most recent save location), or increase the drop rate of wings and have those enemies placed where wings would be useful.