ROM Hacks: Neutopia WR speedrunner to play first complete hack

Started by RHDNBot, February 02, 2021, 09:26:43 AM

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Update By: sveniroth

Tomorrow, speedrunner vanni_van will play the first full romhack of Neutopia, made by sveniroth. vanni_van holds the world record for all three catergories and sveniroth holds 2nd place in all three categories. The primary goal of the romhack is to demonstrate an alternative way to randomize the game and solve three flaws of the current beta randomizer:

1) Require all bosses to be defeated, not just the last two.
2) Make weapon and armor upgrades match the difficulty of the enemies.
3) Limit the bell (a skeleton key item) to the final area.

Comments, reviews, and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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To clarify, this already happened. He played it on Jan-Neu-ary 31st to finish off his month of Neutopia content. So you can find the VOD on his twitch channel now.